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The Lost Princess – Episode 31

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Three days later


“Ann Ann some one looking like a drench puppy is looking for you”Bella stated walking towards Ann in the room.


“Me? I don’t know anyone here remember”she replied.


“Can you just go out already”Bella smiled.


“Ok madam, it better be worth it or else”? Ann said.


“Just go ok”Bella shooed away.


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She walked curiously out of the room.


“Ohw” Max what a pleasant surprise.


I thought you want to stay away”she said sadly looking into his face.


“Max Max” she called again.


“Oh” Max said startled you are looking beautiful”he exclaimed dreamily.


“Oh come off it dude am not even on make up”she smiled.


“Woah I guess an angel visited you this morning”he said.


“Ok Max come off it as much as I love what you are saying it actually creepy”.


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“Did you remove your wig”? Max asked.


“Yes what happened”? Ann asked.


“Yes I can see it have been racking my brain now I can see the difference, you are beautiful, who made the hair it for you”?he asked.


“Oh my hair,she said rubbing hand on her head my granny did it for me is it good”? Ann asked.


“Good? It is beautiful, come closer” he said gesturing to her and she moved closer to him, Max Drew her towards him and hugs her, he inhaled her scent while rubbing his hands on her head.


“Princess have missed you”he murmured.


“Hmm”she mumured enjoyed the feel on his hands on her head.


“The hair is beautiful and it suits you fine please don’t make use of those wigs this braid suit you so well”he said.


“Ok” she smiles sweetly disengaging from the hug


“Am sorry mi amour” he Said


“Am sorry too but what are you sorry for?”


“Am sorry for yelling at you and not coming out straight with you but believe me have got no skeleton in my cupboard” he said with all sincerity.


“Oh Max” she said and placed her lips on his.


“I believe you” she smiled


“Thank you” he replied kissing her again.


“You know what let’s go to my Granny’s garden it’s so cool there” she said happily, pulling him towards the garden.


“Wow this is cool” he exclaimed looking around the garden.


“Thanks” she says proudly ” courtesy of my granny”.


“Um Ann, about Unice, when I said she’s nobody I mean it, Unice is nobody to me” he said after they sat down on the chair in the garden.


“Oh when I actually thought you two are kind of in a relationship before or something”


“Hell no” he grimaced ” Unice?, She’s not even my type and I don’t do older women”


“Woah seeing you getting all defensive it means she’s a piece of cake”.


Durr piece of cake my foot at least cake is sweet, Unice is a pain in the ass”. “How?” She asked kissing his eye brows.


“Oh ” he groaned “she’s Marietta’s cousin and we grew up together, scratch that we grew up fine, she’s a witch and a bully plus she’s two years older” he spat.



“Wow easy guy” Ann laughed sitting on his laps.


“Technically you don’t like her and she bullying you means she doesn’t like you either,then why the sudden likeness?”.


“Well she’s an opportunist and it had to do with some stupid thing about the throne”


“What about the throne?” She asked curiously.


“Trust me Belle if I know I will tell you, and the girl is shoking me, I don’t even have a breathing space”


“Oh my poor baby” Ann cooed pecking his lips just hold on for a little while it’s just a month remember?”


yes it is but these few days felt like months”. “Sorry babe” she replied.


“Um Ann have met your parents can you come over to my house to see mine” “When?”




“What today? I can’t go today,I don’t even know how to behave” she shudders.


“Please babe, so everyone will be rest assured that I have a girlfriend that I love” he replied giving her a puppy eye.


“Ok fine” she exclaimed throwing her hands up in surrender “when are we going”


“Now” he smiled.


“Now? Am not even prepared”



“I was not prepared when I met with your parents”.


“Hello!” She replied with an eye roll “you were introduced as my boss not my boyfriend”


“Ok madam eyeroller”


“Yes Mister can we go already” she laughed.


When they got to his parents house. They met his parent in the sitting room watching TV.


“Dad Mum”Max called.


“Max who do you have with you?” his dad asked.


“My girlfriend Dad”he replied pointing to Ann.


“Wow’ she’s really beautiful”his Dad compliments.


“Yes” his mum snuckers.


“Mum” he exclaimed.


While Ann stood there fidgeting.


“Young lady what is your name”? his dad smiled reassuringly at her.


“Good evening sir my name is Annabelle Richards.


“Richards do you say Richards”? his dad asked.


“Yes that’s nice come and have your seat”his dad offered.


“Thank you sir”she replied while his mother frowns at her.


“What do you do”? his dad asked nicely.


“Dad she is the one managing Lawson’s and Co”Max said.


“What? Max are you out of your senses, are you stupid how can you allow your so called girlfriend to manage what belongs to Marrietta”she said angrily.


“Choima” his father said placing a hand on his wife’s hand.


“Well maybe he feels that am fit for that position before Marrietta walks in”Ann shrugged.


“Hey you girl forget about all these facade my husband is putting on your relationship with my son can’t lead to anything he’s betrothed to Marrietta and no one can change that so I can’t accept you”his mother states clearly.


“Mum” Max groaned talking about Marrietta, if you see her can you recognize her”? Max yelled.


“Why wouldn’t I recognize her She’s more or less like my daughter I gave birth to her indirectly and Ann chuckled she replied looking toward Ann.


“Now I remember aren’t you the one dressed like a slut the day I come to his house, I know he couldn’t find a better girl except from slut I knew it you dressed like this doesn’t change the fact that you are a slut”.


“Mum!” Max snapped ” I won’t stand it with you insulting my girlfriend, about these betrothed stuff am not even interested about it, am not, take a look at me am not getting any younger,do we even know we’re going to see her,ten years, fine years, twenty years come on mum it been close to twenty years mum, don’t do this to us”.


“You know I don’t care about what you are saying” his mum replied.while his dad sat down watching Ann’s expressions.


Ann sat down glancing round the room,she saw some pictures hung on the wall ranging from when Max was a kid till he grows up but a picture got her attention. The picture frame was placed above a picture book. In this picture stood a young



Max and a girl Ann could swore looks so vaguely familiar she couldn’t place where she saw the picture.


She stood up slowly from the chair admidsts the bantering between Max and his mum, she moved towards the frame placed it down and opened the book, she saw Max’s parents wedding pictures on the first page,she don’t know what kept urging her to keep on open.


Then she came across a picture of a baby, looking at the picture felt like she was staring back at herself, she kept on looking at the picture confusedly.


She opened the book again then she came across it. A picture of a five year old girl smiling sweetly at the camera but that wasn’t what draw her attention to it, it was that the girl in the picture looks exactly like the picture she took almost twenty years ago which made her wonder if she was a twin.


Just like a flash Max’s mum snatched the book from her hand.


“Don’t you get it, you aren’t welcome here, don’t touch our stuff”


“Please don’t talk to me anyhow” Ann replied softly walking out of the house and Max followed her.


“Hmm this suppose to be a great day but am sorry my mum spoiled the show for us” Max said.


“Ye” she replied absently “Max Who is the little girl in the picture book?”.


“Oh that’s Marietta before the accident”.


“Oh” was all she could say.


“Wait Ann why are you not angry about what my mother did?”


“I don’t know, I guess I can’t get angry at her” she replied.




“Choima you have to take things easy about this Marietta stuff”


“What the hell are you saying Mark, are you having second thoughts about this?”


“Nope but no parents would love their daughter to be addressed as such”


“Well” she shrugged.


“You know there’s something strange about that girl,she has this charisma of a princess and other thing I can’t place my head on, she had a confused look on her face when she looked at the picture”.






‘why am I feeling this way” she thought to herself after Max had dropped her home later that afternoon.


“Bella do you have any of our childhood picture with you?” She asked.


“Nope why do you ask?” Bella asked.


“Am just confused” she shook her head in a way that shows that she’s thinking deeply.


“What are you confused about?” Bella asked.


“You know what don’t worry until am sure about this whole thing” Ann replied.


“Huh gross you can be annoying sometimes” Bella said walking out of the room.



To be continued








What Happened In Anambra

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