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The Lost Princess – Episode 30

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“Unice jumped on Max much to the horror of Ann”.


Ann sat down looking petrified.


“Oh Max”Unice said mockingly placing a kiss on his lips.


“How have you been it been ages”she said.


“Ok”Ann stood up and yanked her off Max.


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Max shot Ann a grateful look.


Unice landed a slap on her cheek.


“What the”Ann explaimed slapping Unice back in double fold.


“Hen” Unice holds her checks in shock.


“Did you just slap me back”? Unice asked dangerously.


“Yes bitch what are you going to do about that, huh” Ann taunt.


“Wow”Unice scoffed evilly.


“Oh ok bitch let get this straight I don’t know what the is wrong with you Nigerian bitches flocking around Max but you hitting me is extreme ok”.


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“Are you talking to me like that” Unice asked dangerously looking into Ann’s eyes.


“Wait babe am l suppose to be scared of you, listen to me very good am not some low life girl ok so before you show me your bragado know where I stand and you can please move away from here, you just ruined my evening”Ann replied shooting Max you’ve got to explain this look before walking out to change clothes.


Unice glared at Ann’s retreating figure before forcing a smile and looked at Max.


“Max it’s been a long time”Unice asked.


“Yeah it’s”Max said uncomfortably.


“Who is that slut”? she asked disdainfully.



“Oh, ok Unice that’s the height of it I won’t allow you to call her a slut ok” he snapped.


“Oh sorry i don’t know you are getting all protective but listen to me Max” she said dangerously.


“You better find a way to discard that girl you know you are getting married to me and nothing can change that” she said and peck his cheek before she walked out.


“Oh God I guess coming to Anambra is not a great idea after all”he groaned.


“So”? Ann asked on their way back home.


“Who is that girl”? Ann asked.


“Which girl”? Max asked.


“Max” Ann snapped.


“Don’t tried to get all stupid with me, am not foolish who the hell is that girl” she yelled angrily.


“Ok fine she’s Unice” he replied.


“Unice what about her”? Ann asked.


“She is nobody”.


“Why is she all over you like you guys are in some kind of relationship?”.


“Ann” he called sharply “you can’t understand the matter between us is not something you should meddle with and it isn’t something you should bother yourself with”.


“Oh I get it Max, but why do I feel like you’re lying to me huh” she asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Ann you are starting to get on my nerves, you can’t even let me think” he yelled.


“You know what Max, stop the damn car right now” Ann yelled angrily.


“What?” He exclaimed.


“You heard me stop the damn car now” she yelled.


“Ann you are overreacting ok , and am not stopping this car until I get to your house”.


“Oh ok then watch me jump out of the car then” she replied reaching for the door and Max put on the smart lock.


“Ann are you being serious right now?” He exclaimed.


“Please Max do me a favour, off and don’t talk to me” she snapped facing the window beside her.


When they finally got to their granny house Ann jumped down from the car without taking another look at him, she stormed off angrily into the house.


“Date turned bad I guess” Bella joked seeing the sour look on her face.


“Shut up!” Ann yelled laying on the bed.


Max left her house to his house feeling guilty but what’s going on isn’t what Ann can meddle with.


He got home and entered inside his parents house, he was suprised to meet Unice in the sitting room. Immediately she set her eyes on him she starts shedding crocodile tears.


“Mummy his girlfriend slapped me” she cried.


“What?” He asked.


“Don’t worry Unice my son doesn’t have a girlfriend ok” his mum replied.


“No mum I actually have a girlfriend and am not getting down with this two timing bitch”.

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“Max Unice or not you are not bringing any girl into this house”.


“Mum why are you so bent on destroying my life, I guess coming home was a bad idea first I crossed paths with this bitch, secondly you are bent on making my life miserable, thirdly I don’t know what to do about Ann” he yelled and stormed out of the room with Unice on his heel.


“Mum I swear if you don’t tell Unice to stay away from me, I swear by the gods of this land i will kill her” he threatened and he stormed out of the room.


“Mummy I will be on my way” Unice informed and walked out of the house before the woman could reply.


” Ekwensu(devil)” his mum muttered.





“Dad Max hates me, he said if I ever come near him he’s going to kill me” she said fearfully to her dad.


“Shut up” her dad thundered landing an heavy slap on her face.


“Dad!” She exclaimed with tears glistening in her ears ” dad you are hitting me again this isn’t about Marietta”.


“Shut up you can’t even seduce a man yet sleep around and you waste my hard earned money, you thought if your younger sister isn’t married,I would have put her to the task”.


“Am sorry dad I want out, Max doesn’t even like the sight of me” she replied with tears spilling out of her eyes.



“Unice” her dad called fondly moving toward her ” don’t you want to be the princess of this land, Ada obi and her father stole everything from us and this is the only way to get the throne”.


“Yes I want to be the princess” she replied.


“Now do the needful even if it means sleeping with him” he said sternly.


“Dad” he called.


Ann kept tossing and turning on the bed she wasn’t able to sleep “Just pick up the phone and call him already” Bella advised.


“No” she sat down suddenly on the bed ” he yelled at me and you know how much I hate being yelled at”.


“Yes but crony you are disturbing my beauty sleep” Bella replied.


“Ugh you are worst” Ann groaned “is this how I make you feel better when you are down?”.


“Am not in for emotional blackmail this night, am tired and I need to sleep goodnight” Bella replied pulling the cover over her head “Shoot” Ann exclaimed.


“Max just call her will you” Nicole said into the phone.


“What do you want me to tell her,she will ask for explanation” he replied.


“Then give her one” Nicole said.


“Don’t you get it, if I know all these shit would happen,I wouldn’t have come here, can you imagine me getting married to Unice”.


“Do you say Unice?”.



“Yes Unice that slut that sleeps around, she even had the gut to tell my Mama about Ann when my mama is crazy about Marietta, I don’t just understand mum”.


“Should I help you talk to her?” Nicole asked.


“Who? Ann or my mom?”.


“Your mum idiot, you talk to your lady yourself while i will talk to your momma”.


“Thanks bro you are the best” .



To be continued



Who’s Unice




Lost princess



What happened in Anambra

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