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The Lost Princess – Episode 29

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Chappie Twenty Nine


(^^) Labby (^^)


A lady walked majestically to the giant building in front of her. She stopped suddenly when she met the closed gates.


Just like magic the gate opened itself, the lady continued in her journey,she entered inside the building.



‘princess’ the guard and the mid servants bowed. Without a note of acknowledgement to the people greeting her she found her way into the building.


She wandered off into the building until she came across a big room like hall, The throne room. she met a man and woman both elegantly dressed.


The man was dressed in a black flowing robe, his neck was adorned with bead necklaces, he holds a horsetail in his hands

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Same thing as the woman,her flowing dress was white her neck down to her waist line was adorned with beads in form of a blouse same thing with her earrings and head.


“Welcome” they both chorus smiling happily at her.


“You are home but not yet inside, you are close but far away” the woman stated.


“This is where you belong” the Man said pointing to the throne.


“Where I belong?” The lady asked quizzically.


“Yes” they both chorus.


Ann opened her eyes “oh ” she stretched lazily on the bed


“Welcome home” she heard softly in her ears

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“Bella did you say anything?” She asked looking at the sleeping figure of her sister. When she saw that she was sleeping peacefully she concluded that it wasn’t Bella talking to her maybe she was just hallucinating.


She stood up from the bed and walked down to the sitting room, she sat down on the couch in a way that her head was hung low on her knees with her knees hugging her body, she put on the TV and starts watching some sofa before she slept off again.


“Few years ago the family of Ewanzi Lawson rebelled against their youngest son who was the king of Zam Zam a sub region of the ijele’s kingdom, they hated him because he was the one the Oracle choosed instead of the first son.



The reason the Oracle choosed him was because he possessed what his brothers didn’t have that’s wisdom. Ancient times in Zam Zam wise men are used as kings but as these men died their children succeeded them but these children are not as wise as their fathers and these becomes a problem so the gods decided to send someone from the past and that’s where Lawson comes into the picture, he was a promising young man whom anyone could not even think he would become the king because he’s the last born and the last son he was seen but not heard people had been thinking his older brother Eze would succeeded the throne but the Oracle said otherwise these made his older siblings to be rebellious.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


Modernization or not the people of Zam Zam and Ijele in particular still give regards to their tradition whatever the Oracle says is what they would follow. The people had no choice but to make Lawson their king and since his accension on the throne they started planning his death, first they delayed his marriage but he succeeded in getting married they later delayed his child bearing, as if he doesn’t have any heir and he dies it won’t be hard before the Oracle will choose another person but the gods of the land has another plan. The Almighty graced them with the birth of a baby girl. the people mocked a woman can never rule them but they later got wind of it that she will be a threat to them they decided to kill her along with her parents which they succeeded but they were not able to kill the princess. She survived. Seen but never heard of.


The throne rejected anyone not from Lawson’s blood and since then the throne has been vacant”.


“Mama? Why are you telling me this?” She asked.


“Don’t worry my child” the woman said fondly “what I told you today will come in handy some other time don’t be afraid” the woman said.


The following morning Patricia walked down to the sitting room to see her youngest daughter sleeping in the most awkward position she has ever seen ‘what did she came to do here with the TV on’ she wondered She tapped her gently “Ann Ann”


“Mum” she croaked as her eyes flustered open “good morning mum”


“Ann what’s wrong why are you sleeping like that and what are you doing here? Did you and Bella had one of your usual fights?” She asked worriedly “No mum we didn’t I just felt like coming here”


“Ok” Patricia replied



“Mum where’s granny?” She asked standing up from the chair “She’s in the garden” Patricia replied


“Oh ok ” she replied leaving the sitting room for the garden “Granny! granny! ” She called “Good morning ma” she greeted


“Granny I have some questions to ask” she said sitting beside the old woman “Go on my child” granny replied


“Granny what happened to the princess of this land?”


“Hmm” granny sighed “she had an accident with her parents but she’s not dead but we don’t know where she is” granny replies


“Gogo is that the only part of the story you know?” Ann asked further


“Yes my daughter,the royal family don’t share what’s happening within their family to the public”.


“Oh” Ann said disappointed.


“Yes any problem” granny asked concerned.


“No gogo I was just curious” she faked a smile and walked away.


✅Two Days Later✅


Max found his way to the state two days later, he dropped by his parents when he got home he was suprised to Meet the former king elder brother in the visiting room with his parents.


His dad had a grim look on his face and his mother expressions was not decipherable.


“Dad” Max greets walking further into the room.


“Son” his mum exclaimed happily pulling him into a hug.


“Max” the former king older brother greets.


“Good evening sir” he bowed and found his way into his former room.


Few minutes later he came down the stairs



“Dad! Mum! What is that Man doing here?” He asked.


“Max he came to ask for your hands in marriage” his dad replied.


“Huh” Max said with his jaw dropped


“And am not agreeing to it can you imagine, that Man is a cunning bastard” his mum seeths


“Take it easy Choima, I know what am doing our son cannot marry his stupid daughter we just have to be careful,we don’t know what game they are playing and I don’t want to be a prawn in their game”.


“Yes sir” Max replied “mum am going out for a bit” he informed and walked out of the house.


“Babe guess what?” He said unto the phone as he placed a call across to Ann.


“What?” Ann chuckled.


“Am in Anambra and am on my way to your house” he replied.


“What? Are you serious?” She yelled happily.


“Yes I want to take you out” he laughed.


” ok do know our area?” She asked


“Nope but tell me,I know everywhere here” .


“Hold on” she said as she pushed the phone into her mom’s hand.


“Ok ma” he replied and she collect the phone back from her mum.


“Be expecting me and oh hope you packed your swimming suit?”.


“Sure thing boss”.



He hung up smiling to himself as he drove out of the compound to the address Ann gave him.


“Ann are you expecting some one?”Bella asked.


“Yep she replied popping the p “.


“Who?” Bella asked.


“My boyfriend”she replied searching through her box.


Ann packed her swimming truck into her bag and walked to the sitting room to wait for her date.


“Ada are you going somewhere”Granny asked.


“Yep’ she replied happily my boyfriend is taking me out”.


“Huh you have a boyfriend here in Anambra” grandma asked wide eyed.


“Yep we met in Lagos and he is from this state and local government”.


“Interesting” she replied ”i would like to meet him”.


“Pom pom’ she heard the horn.


“Granny he is here’ she exclaimed happily moving to the door she waved at him and he walked inside”.


Ann hugged him happily.


“Granny this is my boyfriend” she drag Max toward the old woman.


“Good afternoon mama”Max greeted bowing slightly.


“Aren’t you the son of Mark Anderson?” She asked.


“Yes Mama” he smiled.


“I see” she replied smiling at him ” how are your parents?”


“They are fit” he replied


“Mama later we are going out, I will make sure to get something for you” she smiled and kissed her cheek before walking out with Max


“Where are you going” Ann asked


“Can you just stop asking and trust me”


“Yes boss” she replied


“Welcome to Meloch hotel” Max exclaimed as he packed his car


“Woah” Ann exclaimed “this is cool”.


“Yeah you that again, let get get to the swimming pool side” he says.


“Max I need to change my clothes remember”


“Yeah I got that covered too” he replied and signalled to one of the attendant “please take her to room 402”


“Oh ok” the attendant replied “please ma’am come with me”.


Ann moved along with her while Max sat down on one of the chairs besides the pool waiting for her.


Ann bumped to a scantily dressed lady on her way to the room “Sorry” she muttered.


The lady looked at her from head to toe before she hissed and walk away, Ann shrugged and continue in her journey.



She changed her clothes and walked out of the hotel. She wore a white blikini ‘woah’ the guys whistles as she swayed her ass.


“Ann” Max exclaimed with his eyes popping out of the socket.


“Well Max you might want to take picture it lasts longer” Ann replied looking around.


“Wow this is beautiful” she exclaimed looking around the pool.


The pool was divided into two parts, it has two shapes divided into two rectangular and circle form.


The swimming pool wasn’t looking like a normal swimming pool (don’t know how to explain it)


The water inside is so clean and clear it has some sweet scent coming from the water.


Ann slid into the water swimming happily from end to end and Max joined her they both swim happily and played with the water.


After some minutes they both slid out of the water. They sat under the shade provided besides the swimming pool slipping their cocktail.





“Unice where are you?” The voice said on the phone to a girl sitting inside her hotel room.


“Am some where dad” she replied playing with the rim of the cup in front of her.


“Do you know Max is here in Anambra” the voice said.


“Seriously?” She asked un enthusiastically.


“Yes and what up with your voice” the voice replied sternly.


“Am sorry dad” she replied “where is he?”



“He’s in Meloch hotel”


“Oh ok” she replied


“Unice I know you are in that hotel now swing to action”.


“Yes dad” she replied dropping the cup in her hands to look for Max on her way out of the hotel she bumped into a lady.


‘sorry’ the lady muttered but she was so determined to look for Max she didn’t reply the lady, she hissed and walked out.


She searched frantically for him until she met him getting all cozy with the lady earlier.


‘it time’ she whispered before walking to where he’s seated.



To be continued



Who is Unice










What Happened In Anambra

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