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The Lost Princess – Episode 27

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Chappie Twenty Seven


Labby (^^)




A lady clad in blue jeans trousers and blue jean jacket complimented with black heels. She carried a blue suitcase and her eyes were graced with a big heart shaped sunglasses. This lady stood beside her parents and her sister, they’re waiting for their ride.


They stood in front of the famous Anambra international airport ( if there’s any airport named by that?)


“Dad when is the man coming” the lady said to her dad.


“Ann the man has arrived and would you please carry your suit case yourself don’t wear my wife out” her dad replied.


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“Dad! mum said she would carry it for me” she whinned.


“Dad tell her, she’s twenty four and she hasn’t act like one since have known


her,can you imagine just a month Vacation she packed two big boxes” her sister






“Mum warn her, aren’t you the one that offered to help me carry the bag”.


“Ann, Bella you two stop behaving like six years olds” their mum snapped.


“Yes mum” they both chorus.


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“Good afternoon sir” the driver greeted.


“Good afternoon where’s our ride?” Mr Richard replied.



“It’s over there sir” the man said pointing to two Hilux cars.


“But Samson I told mama to send us a bigger ride and now this” Mr Richard replied.


“Am sorry sir” Samson bowed “the limo has been taken to Enugu by your brother so mama asked me to bring this Two cars”.


“Ok’ he replied then faces his children.


“Ann, Bella you take the second ride while I and your mom will take the first one” he informed.


“No” Ann said suddenly “I want to go with mum”.


“No dear don’t separate I and my wife” her dad replied walking towards the first car.


“Well then you are struck with me” Bella replied walking away.


“Hey twenty six years old woman wait for me” Ann yelled running after her sister.


“Don’t you dare call me a woman,am still a lady” she replied placing her box in the Booth of the car.


“Bella please come help me carry one of my boxes” she begged.


“Nope madam I don’t want to leave no stone unturned” Bella replied.


“I hate you” Ann said childishly.


“I love you too” Bella Chuckled.


They both entered their ride and the driver zoomed off.



“Bella don’t tell me you are sleeping or you are faking it” Ann said bumping her shoulder with Bella’s.


“Ann I don’t want to talk to you” she replied.


“Why?” Ann asked “Bella talk to me” she inquired.


“It’s about Christan, he’s being awkward this days” Bella replied.


“How?” Ann asked.


“Sometimes when I call him,he will pick up but the annoying thing is that he hangs up the call anytime,he is behaving like a married man I don’t understand him”.


“And have you talked to him about this?”.


“I did he was just giving me flimsy excuses”.


“Gosh do you want me to whip his ass”.


“No Ann, Christan know me don’t he, he knows it isn’t hard for me to figure him out, it’s not hard” Bella shrugged.


“Bad energy away with you, positive only we are here for vacation,chill forget about Christan and your problem for a month” .


“Yes sis you are the best” Bella smiled.


“Why am I feeling thirsty all of sudden” Ann exclaimed.


“Same here, don’t you pack some water with you”.


“No I didn’t what about you?” She asked.


“I didn’t either, then we have to stop the car” Bella replied.


“Mister can you please stop the car”.



“Why if I may ask miss?” The driver asked.


“My sister and I are kinda thirsty and we didn’t pack along with us a bottle of water” Ann replied.


“Oh ok” the man replied and stopped the car.


“Should I get the drink for you?”he asked.


“No don’t bother mister,we will get it ourselves” Bella replied and they got down from the car.


“Let’s go to the restaurant over there” Ann points and they both entered inside the fancy restaurant


“Good afternoon I need two bottles of water” Bella said to one of the waiter in the restaurant.


The lady only look blankly at her.


“Don’t you get what i just said, I need two bottles of water” she said again.


The lady shook her head.


“Oh God” Ann exclaimed “we need


two bottles of water”.


“I don’t understand what you people are saying but I will call the manager” she said.


“That will be better” Bella exclaimed angrily.





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