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The Lost Princess – Episode 22

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Chappie Twenty two


(^^) Labby (^^)


“Celia we can’t continue doing this, please let stop this” Max begged Celia when she she paid him an unexpected visit at his office


“Max let do this and we will be done in a jiffy” she replied seductively whilst going for his trousers


“Stop” he snapped “Celia am serious about it, don’t you have any other thing to think of than sex, aren’t you tired of this life you are living!” he swat her hands off his trousers


“Oh Max” Celia sobbed “you dare call me a prostitute, I know i am but hearing it from you hurts”


“Am sorry” he replied honestly


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“Max” Celia called searchingly “don’t you know I love you”


“Wait……what? Celia you can’t love me, we’re just having fun and I told you I don’t


fall in love” he stated


“Max what happened? You weren’t like this before, you can’t resist me, what happened?” Celia said pathetically


“Nothing happened Celia” he replied racking his hand through his head “am not getting younger any more”



“Don’t give me that crap Max, who is she?” She snapped


“Who is who?” He asked blankly


“The person you are replacing me with” she replied bluntly

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“Oh ok am not replacing you with anyone I found love” he smiled brightly


“You found love?” Celia asked with mouth agape


“Yes I found love” he smiled and walk towards the window


“When did you start loving? She asked folding her hands underneath her breast


“I found love when an angel bumped into me on my way to my office few months back” Max replied with his eyes glistening with love


“Does that bitch f**k the way I do? Does she treat you the way I did?” She asked scornfully


“What” he frowned ” don’t you dare call her a bitch ok, I don’t love doesn’t mean I will find love with you okay” he snapped


“Am sorry okay” she says


“Max”she called sadly “so this is the end of us”


“There’s no us before but if you say so I guess it’s the end”


“Can I hug you?” She asked spreading her hands wide


“Sure” he moved towards her and engulfed her in a hug


“I love you Max” she whispered



“Oh” Max exclaimed disengaging from the hug, he picked up his phone from the table during the process his hand tapped the screen of the phone there by showing a picture of Ann he used as wallpaper


“Is she the one?” She asked looking at the picture


“Who? Oh yeah” he smiled looking fondly at the picture


“She’s beautiful”


“Oh thank you”


“I guess it’s a good bye then” she sad sadly


“Bye Celia thanks for your time” He Walks her to the door


“Yeah” he giggled “one out”


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“Celia stop crying” Abigail tried to pacify the crying Celia


“Abigail you no fit understand, I love this guy” she cried


“You love am , abeg when did prostitute starts loving” Abigail asked clicking her lips


“Abigail is it a crime to to love, I love him, i was hoping he will love me too” she cried


“So what happened?” Abigeal asked


“He said he loves another”she replied


“So is that why you are crying instead of you to fight for your man” Abigail advised


“How?” She asked with keen interest


“You will scare the babe away from him” Abigail announced


“Ok but how I don’t know the girl and I don’t know her name” she shrugged


“Celia you are too dumb, you go stalk him,then boom you will see the babe will him” Abigail grinned


“Oh it’s true” Celia smiled


“So babe clean that tears and let hit the club”


Since then Celia took it as a point of duty to always stalk Max.


Max on his own part took it as a point of duty to always visit Ann at the office and Ann did not hesitate to send him out.


Ann is bent on having only him to herself but his girlfriends and flings had to go.


Things weren’t Rosy for Ann in the office either as the female workers are bent on


making her life miserable in the office.


They gossip almost on everything about her.


To some she’s just an opportunist who had a relationship with Max just to get to the CEO office but it no news as Max definitely had history with most of them


One of them is Miss Oluwashindara Shinda for Short


She was really a pain in the butt always finding every opportunity to spite Ann


She had a fling with Max and it was one night thing since then she started acting all bossy so Ann coming as the CEO was really a threat to her.


She started by sharing malicious gossip about Ann then she graduated into physical bantering


When Max got a wind of it he ordered that Shinda should be fired immediately which kept the other female workers at their place expect for the gossips of course



Ann warned Max not to come anywhere close to her again


It was one of those days of her sending Max off the office that Celia saw them together.


No amount of begging could make Ann change her mind so this made Max to keep his distance



To be continued



Do we remember Celia



It seems everyone is bent on breaking their relationship







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