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The Lost Princess – Episode 20

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(^^) Labby (^^)


“Oh Ann” Max called shifting uncomfortably on his seat


“Isn’t that the girl that came to your office the other day?” Ann seeths with anger lacing in her voice.


“Yes what about her?” He asked


“Max” she yelled




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“What? Do you say what?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.


“what is she doing here for the past two hours?” She asked


“Ann really! Are you keeping up with the time she came here? ” He walked around her.


” Look Ann” he said trying to hold her.



“Oh please don’t touch me” she sniffed ” I thought you had some decency and the day I asked you were all defensive huh I thought we had something beautiful going on”.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


“Ann please” he begged “it’s not what you think”.


“No ” she snapped ” it not about what I think, you are my friend and I really like you but who go about kissing their friend”


“Ann” he moved closer to her “you like me, that is Good” he smiled.

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“Am I supposed to hate you?”.


“Nope” he laughed.


“It’s not even funny okay,I like you fine, but wait don’t you like me all the kisses, hugs and all”.


“Don’t even say that, I really like you too infact am hoping to start a relationship with you” he holds her cheeks fondly


“Ha ha” Ann grinned “this is good news Max and we ought to celebrate it” she replied sarcastically


“What is it Ann” he asked.


“You know what before I could consider getting into a relationship with you,there are other things to consider” she replied moving out of his hold


“Things like what madam” Max asked getting fed up with her talks.


“First I can’t date a Casanova, because we both know you have a quite number of history with ladies and I can’t walk into a death trap with my two eyes wide open” she shrugged


“Oh ” he breaths “so what now!”.


“Yeah so this is my final judgement” she says dramatically


“Please don’t say no we can make this work” he begged


“Yeah” she replied “we will definitely make it work if you can cut all ties with your girlfriends, flings whatever, I don’t share my man with others”.


“You mark your territory isn’t it” he smirked


“Yeah whatever” she rolled her eyes


“Yeah secondly don’t come looking for me at my house and thirdly I quit” she said


“Wait !what?” He asked with his eyes filled with horror


“Do you know how I feel when all those Nigerian girls come shaking their stupid ass” she pouted


Max moved closer to her again


“Huh huh huh someone is jealous” he kissed her


“Huh don’t you get it” she groaned “don’t kiss me am not your girlfriend”


“Like are you serious about what you said a minute ago?” He asked


“Am damn serious about that, I quit working starting from now,I can’t stand in the same room with you without wanting to kiss you senselessly’and I can’t risk that, you would think I have forgiven you” she replied


“So you haven’t forgiven me?” He asked as he rest his hands on her shoulder


“I haven’t and I don’t even know how I wasn’t freaking out about this” she muttered


“So I will be taking my leave Mr CEO,see you when you are Casanova free” she walked out while blowing a kiss at him


“Fuck!” Max exclaimed





Max went to meet his friend at the bar


“Nelson she is giving me a break” Max complained to his friend as he sat down “Who is giving you a break, Celia?” Nelson asked blankly “No it’s Ann” he replied


“Who’s Ann? Your new chick?” He asked


“Nope why do you guys always think the worst of me?” He groaned “Sorry” Nelson pursed his lips


“Ann the lady you saw me with at the club the other day” he explained


“Oh Annabelle I remember her what about her?” He asked “She’s giving me a break” Max said


“Are you guys dating or something” he asked


“Nope we’re about to date and she said something like she can’t date me” he replied “Max are you straffing the girl” Nelson winked at him


“Shut up idiot am not she actually told me to cut all ties with my girlfriends and flings” he muttered


“What?” Nelson laughed “Guy you are busted”




“The almighty Max Anderson the certified play boy” Nelson hails sarcastically “Shut up Nelson, don’t act as if you are better than me” he snapped



“Oh ok” Nelson laughed


“What do I do? I really like her” he whined “Like or love?” Nelson asked


“Like, love whatever what do I do?” He asked


“Well do what she wants” Nelson advised


“Hell no, you know I can’t do that” he exclaimed


“Then forget about the girl” Nelson shrugged


“I can’t I like her so much” he said


“What do you want me to do?he asked again Someone should please call Ann back


To be continued



Do Max love Annabelle?




Lost Princess

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