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The Lost Princess – Episode 2

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Chappie 2


“Geez am sorry” says the voice with the foreign accent, he looked down to see a pair of beautiful eyes staring back at him.


Annabelle was speechless while taking in the stranger in front of her, “so handsome” she thought,he was clad in Toxido suit with black Italian shoe,so official.


Both stand still, staring at each other


She takes in a deep breath and apologize again “Am sorry”


Max only scrowl at her.


“I…….am deeply sorry, I didn’t mean to bump at you” she apologized yet again.


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Max took a good look at her and yell at her”Are you blind?,huh what kind of clumsy lady is this?”.


“What?” She asked dumbstruck.


“Get the hell out of my way lady”he yelled again


Ann stood her ground stubbornly.



“What is wrong with you lady, don’t you hear me, I have no time for all these rubbish”he yelled


“Just,just, just shut the off ok, haven’t I apologized. And you went on ranting like an idiot”Ann replied staring daggers at him.


“Are you seriously talking to me like that?”he asked bewildered.


“What? I really hate your guts. Who the hell are you?”she yelled.

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The whole reception gasped and there was total silence..


“What? You really said that to my face?”.


“Gosh I got no time for losers like you, just off” she walked out on him and went to sit beside another applicant like her.


Max glared at her for what seems like forever before marching into the conference room.


Ann tried to start a conversation with the application beside her but the lady stared at her like she had grown two heads.


“Gosh” she muttered angrily”what is wrong with these Nigerian idiots”.


She was later called inside when it was her turn. When she entered she was shocked when I she saw Maxwell sitting with the interviewers, but she braced up and compose herself.


“Hi” she greeted, she looked at Max and found him smirking evilly at her which she gladly returned with a glare.


“Good morning” she greeted.


“Please have your sit ma’am”.


“Am Annabelle Richard”.



“Please pass the copy of your CV to the lady in front of you”


Ann did as she was told.


“Interesting, your CV says that you graduated first class in business administration in Standford University,is that true? ” One of the interviewers asked.


“Yes sir” she replied.


“But why did you come to Nigeria? I mean , you will have a lot of companies abroad seeking for your service” the man asked.


“Yes, it has a personal reason though, but coupled with the fact that am a Nigerian, I will like to exercise my ability into the development of my nation, that’s the economic aspect, I believe that I will be of great help to this country and this company at large”she replied smiling.


“Well you sound convincing”the man elucidated.


“Miss, you said it a personal reason”Max asked.


“Yes”she replied.


“So if it not a personal reason, you won’t come back to Nigeria, I can’t employ a person who does not have passion for what they are doing”he said irritatedly.


Ann scoffed and replied”sir am so sorry if this seems so rude to you, but am sure everyone here knows the meaning of personal and there’s nothing strange in what I said and have already justify my self,if I don’t have passion for this job then what did I have?huh I won’t be here in the first place”.


“Now that’s rude” one of the interviewers commented.


“Pardon my manners ms” she apologized.


“Now let get on to the interview” Max informed “Assuming you are on your way in or out of your office and you bumped into a client, though you didn’t know he



was your client and the client turned out to be the insultive type, what will you do?”.


The people at the table Shared a look, definitely Max is up to of them tried to protest.


“Mr David, don’t start” he warned Max smirked”yo lady I got you wrapped in my finger” he thought to himself.


Annabelle took a deep breath then she smiled sweetly at him and replied”Actually sir it’s based on the situation in which I found myself. If it happens that my client is the snobbish type that thought everyone was at his/her bay and call then I will not hesitate to give him a piece of my mind that’s after have apologized and the client decided to rain insult at me”.


“Well” Mr David said “you don’t cease to amaze me, any way you can take your leave,we will call or send a text to you soon”.


Max was so stunned “wow”he muttered “this girl will surely be a pain in the ass and to crown it all she stylishly insulted me but she’s a bit rude,who the hell is she?”.


“You can go ms,we will get back to you” .


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She walked out of the office


“Mr Anderson, we have come to the end of the interview and it time to choose the name of eligible candidates”said Mr David.


“Ok, give me their names so I can sign their letters” Max replied.


“Okay sir these are the names”.



Tell Becky to send them the messages before midnight and yeah they are to start with immediate effect. That reminds me Adiva has resigned so I need another assistant” .


“Ok sir” he replied.


“Meeting dismissed”he said.






On getting outside,Ann picked up her phone and called her mum


“Hello sunshine, I dropped my car on my way here remember?, Please send someone to pick me up, ……….ok mom I will wait….. Haa,no mum not not going


to run….. alright bye.






“Mum I know am not supposed to run but what can I do,I don’t want to be late for the interview” Ann replied her mother who will not stop worrying for her daughter.


“Anna you know you just arrived to the country and I don’t want you to get lost in the street”.


“Mum “she smiled”it’s ok ,am ok you don’t need to be worried,afterall am not lost besides am a big girl”.


“Anna sweetie, you know I don’t like it when you say you are a big girl, you are still my little girl”he mum replied.


She moves towards her mum and hug her”I love you mum”.


To be continued



How do you feel if the guy or lady you admire was very rude to you, how do handle the situation?


Do we like how Ann handle the situation


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