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The Lost Princess – Episode 18

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(^^) Labby (^^)


“Hi Sofie” Ann smiled at her friend.


When she got home from the office she decided to talk to her friend Sofie through Skype, she wants to talk to her about what has been going on with her as Bella was not at home to listen to whining.


“Hi bes it been a long time” she smiled.


“Yeah long time indeed, when your majesty couldn’t even call me after I came back to Nigeria” Ann chided.


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“Oh bes,am so sorry have been busy” Sofie apologized.


“Huh am not forgiving you” she pouted “And you know you are the only crony I have aside from Bella”.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


“Am sorry, please,so bes what’s the gist” Sofie asked excitedly.


“Yeah gist,full gist,.


there’sthisthingthathasbeengoingonaroundmeforacoupleofdaysnowandidontknowh owtofeel” she blabbered.



“Woah Ann” Sofie laughed ” bring it down babe, I couldn’t even decipher what you are saying”.


“Oh sorry, I said there’s this thing that has been going on around me for a while now and I don’t know how to feel” she explained.


“Ok so what’s it?” Sofie asked.

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“Do you remember Max? My boss turned friend?”.


“Yeah the handsome dude, what about him?” .


“We kissed” Ann blurted.


“You what?” Sofie asked wide eyed “Ann when did you start kissing your boss” she asked sternly.


Ann flinched.


“Seriously Sofia, you sound like my mum,we are not kissing as you said we just kissed only once” Ann pointed.


“So what?” She snapped.


“Huh huh you should have asked me what happened, come on stop acting like my mum act like the crony you are” Ann complained.


“Ok shoot, how did it happened?” .


Then Ann went on explaining what transpired between them from the kiss to what happened in the afternoon.


“Wow that’s so geeze” Sofie laughed.


“Yeah it’s, the most confusing part is that he’s not talking about the kiss” she complained.


“Hmm, he is to be a gentleman about it” Sofie replied.


“I don’t know what am feeling, have never felt this way before” she stated.


“Hmm it’s true” Sofie stated thoughtfully.


“Sofie what do I do? I can’t just get him out of my head” she complained


“You know what Annie just go with the flow, you have to know if he likes you or not, mind you be very careful you know this is the first time you will be having a relationship with an African” Sofie advised.


“Yeah it true bes” Ann nodded.


“So baby what’s the rule?” Sofie pimped.


“You enter into a relationship with not just your heart, you enter with your brain and your eyes widely open” They both chorus.


“Hum Sofie I will like to run along someone is by the door, bye bes you really have to visit Nigeria sometimes” she laughed.


“Nah I will pass” Sofie replied.





“Oh Max what are you doing here” Ann asked surprised.


“Madam would you at least allow me to enter” Max replied laughing.


“Oh sure come in” she replied awkwardly.


“What should I offer you juice,tea, coffee, liqueur” she asked nervously.


“Juice will be fine madam” he laughed.


“Ok have your seat”.



“So mister who do I owe this honorable visit?” She asked dramatically.


“Huh huh see someone who’s a bit under the weather” he smiled.


“I have gotten better Mister, here is the juice” she handed him a cup and sat down beside him whilst laying her head on his shoulder.


“So seriously why did you come here?” She asked again.


“I come to check up on you my dear PA turned friend” he mocked.


“Huh huh Max do you even know how that sounds right now friends huh?” She smirked.


“Yeah friends” he replied.


And they went on talking on and on about random stuff until he popped up the question.


“Why do I suddenly feel like kissing you?” He whispered.


“What?” Ann yelled with her hands placed defensively on her lips.


“Seriously?” He laughed “Ann you looked hilarious right now”.


“Don’t you know if you kiss me you will turn to a frog” Ann scrowled at him.


“A frog?” He laughed ” let me turn to a frog,if I will continue kissing you it’s fine by me” he shrugged.


“It’s not even funny” she stated in horror .


“Am not joking either,so brace yourself up cause am going to kiss you” he said mischievously.


“Please don’t unless you want me to pass out” she replied.



“Pass out?” He exclaimed “why are you being so dramatic about all these”.


“Ha ha” she laughed nervously “causethisisthefirsttimeforme” she blabbered.


“What?” He asked blankly.


“You didn’t hear what i said?, Thank God” she breaths.


“Yeah thank God” Max replied planting a kiss on her cheeks.


Ann just looked on dumbstruck,she shakes her head vigorously.


“Boom” Bella laughed ” look who’s here Cinderella and prince charming”.


“Good evening to you too Bella, welcome back how’s Dave?”.


“Yeah Dave” Bella stated dramatically, He asked me to be his girlfriend”.


“Woah that’s cool isn’t it?”” Ann smiled.


“Cool? Nah” Bella yelled “it’s isn’t cool,am in a relationship”.


“Ugh there she goes again” Ann added irritatingly “am in a relationship, crony don’t just sit here in Nigeria doing nothing okay, give Dave a chance if if i don’t know the guy” she completed with an eye roll.


“Ladies! Ladies!!” Max laughed “Aren’t you you guys supposed to have this conversation privately, am here”.


“Huh huh huh prince charming finally speaks” Bella stated sarcastically.


“Isabelle stop it” Ann chastised.


“Am sorry Cinderella” Bella replied.


“Hugh” Ann groaned ” she doesn’t even listen to me”.



“Ann i think I had all for today, it’s really nice hanging out with you,I will be on my way now” he said.


“Oh yeah thanks for visiting” she smiled.


“Bye” he replied planting a kiss at the corner of her lips.


Ann stood dumbstruck holding the place he kissed “bye” she replied softly.


“Earth to you lover girl” Bella snapped her fingers.


“Huh” Ann groaned.


“What up with you Ann?” Bella asked.


“He’s kissing me again” she whinned.


“And who is kissing my Daughter?” Their father asked walking into the sitting room.


“Dad Ann squeaked in delight “welcome back home have missed you” .


“Have missed you too honey” her dad replied.


“Dad? What have you gotten for me?” She asked excitedly.


“Hmm sweet you have to stop acting like a sixteen years old”.


“Huh dad” she pouted “I won’t talk to you again”.


“Sorry baby have gotten some nice dresses for you”:he smiled.


“Really” she yelled happily ” I love you Daddy”.


“Dad you know it’s high time you remember you have two kids not one” Bella complained.



“Huh huh huh” Ann mocked “she’s jealous”.


“Oh shut up” Bella replied rolling her eyes.


“Gold have gotten something for you too” their father replied. “What is that” both chorus. (This story belongs to Labby) “Bella why not let make it our little secret” he replied.


“Yeah dad, it’s not everything that this small girl Will know”.


“Bring it down Bella, you are just a couple of years older than me don’t be so proud”.


” Durr” Bella replied sticking her tongue out.



To be continued







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