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The Lost Princess – Episode 16

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Chappie Sixteen





A week later


“Max don’t you think we should hang out, please” Ann whinned one morning during their normal daily meetings in the office.


” Hmm” he smirked ” Ann am not taking you to the club”.



“Max don’t be dramatic and besides am so not up with the idea of going to the club I can’t embrass myself again.


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“So my idea or yours?” He asked.


“Mine I have got to choose the place this time around” she replied.


“Okay lady suit yourself” he smiled.


“What all pleasure sir” she did a mock bow and walked out of the office.


‘Yeah’ Max exclaimed kicking the air in front of him, ‘she is finally asking me on a date’ The plan is that he will take her out until she warm up to him and it’s seems his plans are working.


Later the day



“Seriously Bella where can I and max hang out today” Ann asked while dancing to Justin Bieber ‘sorry’ while Bella watched her with keen interest.


“I don’t know,do I even know anywhere around here” she shrugged.

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“What you supposed to know, what of Dave?” She whinned.


“Dave?” Bella asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Yeah Dave” she replied.


“Oh Dave and I are not a thing, he’s just a guy at work and we just hang out at work sometimes” she explained.


“Huh huh” Ann pouted”when I thought I sense a relationship brewing”.


“Am still with Christine remember?” She replied.


“Oh Christine” Ann exclaimed sarcastically “talk of Christine when will he come to visit you here?”.

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“Visit, one day he will come or during the next vacation I will go and visit him” she replied.


I still don’t know why you guys insisted on this long distance stuff, it’s definitely not my thing yucks” she stated irritatingly.


“Well,says the girl that wasn’t able to hold a relationship” Bella mocked.


“You can say that again” Ann replied rolling her eyes “sis please help me”.


“See pretty princess you just have to call prince charming and tell him you don’t any place around” she advised.


“Oh that’s true,I guess I will have to stick to knowing this part of the country from now on” Ann enucidated rushing out of the kitchen.


“And madam please don’t come out of that room looking like someone going for a business meeting” Bella yelled after her.


“I won’t” she yelled back.



At a bar somewhere around Lagos



“Seriously a bar, I was thinking you would take me to a restaurant” Ann commented with an eye roll.


“Well do you know how you look so cute when you do your face like that” Max compliments.


“Whatever” she replied.


“So shall we proceed” he asked.


They both entered inside the bar,he led her to another section of the bar that is the VIP section, .


“So madam what did you think?” He asked after leading her to the counter.


“Not bad” she replied looking around the room ” but why isn’t anyone here?”.


“Maybe they don’t have people here by this time of the day” he replied smiling sheepishly at her.


“Hmm” she raised an eyebrow “but it looks like this place was reserved for Mr Max”.


“Gosh how do you know?” He laughed.


“Am a smart girl, I figured it out” she replied feeling proud of herself.


“Let get a drink”.




“What do you want” he asked.


“Anything not alcoholic” she replied.


“So what up” Ann asked after they had settled down


“Do you know you are so cute,” Max said out of the blues whist staring intently at her.


“And you look deliciously handsome” she whispered. “Huh huh am blushing” he stated dramatically “Dude you are really funny” she laughed.


“But on a more serious note you are so beautiful” he compliments.


“Huh thanks” Ann replied shyly.


“Huh this is awkward,so princess can I have this dance” he pulled his hands out to


her and she placed her hands on his


“Sure mister” she smiled.


(^(^^)Song Celine Deon : To love you more, Justin Bieber : Intentions (^^)


The song started in a slow sensation the dio couldn’t get their eyes off each other.


Max placed his hand on her waist and her hand was placed on his shoulder,their remaining hands were locked together


The duo held eyes feeling the lyrics of the song, this ignite some sparks that both parties couldn’t ignore.


Ann unconsciously licked her lips which sent some sort of excitement into Max and it left him staring at her lips hungrily


Ann couldn’t stop staring at his Adam apple as it bobbled up and down while he fought to keep his emotions in check


Suddenly Max swayed her making her lie in his arm with his arm wrapped strongly around her waist this move sent them locking eyes again each couldn’t describe what they’re feeling anymore,the attraction is just too much.


Ann could felt her heart beating rapidly as if she was on a save me mission, she broke the staring contest to look at his Adam apple again she saw that he was doing the same thing again.


“Max” she whispered “why are you doing that” .


“Why am I doing what?” He asked hoarsely.


“You are doing it again” she whispered.


“What?” He breathlessly.


Slowly she raised up her hand and touch his Adam apple.


This gesture Alone(this story is written by Labby) sent a lot of sensation to his brain and it makes him think beyond normal.



He swallowed again.


She giggled.


“Ann” he groaned “stop looking at my throat there’s nothing to watch, look at my face”.


“Huh” she raised her eyes slowly to meet his gaze.


‘why do I feel like I want to kiss you’ she thought to herself.


“Do you know how you made me feel, when you lick your lips like that” he whispered into her ears.


“What? ” She stuttered licking her lips again.


“Stop it” he groaned.


“Stop what?” She asked innocently.


“Stop licking your lips,” he said softly.


“And what if I don’t” Ann asked mischievously.


He pulled her close and whispered into her ears “then I will kiss you”.


Ann felt some butterflies fluttering in her stomach,then she smiled sweetly at him.


After wards another song was played (I can’t think of any romantic song but you can play any slow romantic song you have on your phone).


Max turned her over so that she was backing him his hands clasped over her waist in a way that they’re grinding each other


The two could no longer think as sparks and fire works were running through their body.



Anyone seeing them from afar would be completely convinced that they are couples.


When he couldn’t contain what he was feeling he turned her over and placed a wet passionate kiss on her lips.


Ann felt her feet turned jelly as she had to hold Max for support, she couldn’t even resist as it was what she had been waiting for


She reciprocate the kiss passionately


The two of them threw caution into the wind it seems their brain stopped working.


“Ahem” they heard a voice behind,which jolted them back to the present, they seperated immediately.


“Am sorry to interrupt Mr Anderson, it’s past closing hour and my girl is also waiting for me at home”.


Ann hid her face embarrassed that she had been caught in the heat of the moment to even notice that it was late.


“Oh sorry man we will just leave” he replied.


He held her hand and led her out of the bar.


“Are you ok?” .


“Hmm …… yeah….sure” she breathed.



To be continued



Yippee who else is happy that they finally got their moment



So Max liked Ann that’s why he ignited the dates and all



I go love to



Lost princess

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