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The Fallen Angel – Episode 40


Chapter 40


Final episode




Pumpkin’s POV


“How dare you! Do you realize what you’ve just done” Lord Andrew echoed..


We both went down on our knees,trembling in fear..


“I’’s was can..punish me..but please don’t hurt jun pyo” I stuttered with my head bowed..



“Which mistake? That wasn’t a mistake! I really love pumpkin,I mean sofia a can punish me all you want but please don’t take her away from me” jun pyo interupted..


“Have you gone mad? Can’t you see he is angry?” I scolded jun pyo..


“So much boldness! What if I decides to kill you now” lord Andrew said..


“I’m not scared of’s better I die than to live without pumpkin” jun pyo replied..


What’s he saying?


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“No my lord! Please don’t hurt him..I’m the one who committed the mistake,so I should be punished not him” I said..


“Why should he punish you? I was the one that first kissed you,so he should punish me”he argued..


“No! I was the one that fall in love with you,so I should be punished”


“You know what? We’re in this predicament because of you?” He fired..


“What! Why should I be blamed?” I asked with a furrowed brow..


“Yes you should be blamed because if you’ve told me about your scary secret earlier,I would have think of a better way to solve this problem.”


“No! If I had told you,you would have hated me..And I can’t bear to see that. Moreover,it was against our rules..but why did you fall in love with me? I never asked you to do so” I fired..


“Why did you come into my life at the first place? If you weren’t in my life,I would have still being the rude and pompous jun should be blamed”



We continued arguing,totally forgetting that we’re in the presence of Lord Andrew..


We suddenly heard the sound of trumpets..


“All hail the womb of the savior”


“All hail the parents of the savior”


Some group of fallen angels enchanted..


I looked up and to my surprise the sky was filled with some of the elders in my kingdom..They were beaming with smiles,even Lord Andrew was smiling..


What’s going on?


They’re supposed to be angry and not happy..


But who are they referring to?


“Pumpkin what’s happening?” Jun pyo worriedly asked..


“I don’t understand either” I whispered..


“Maybe they’re celebrating our funeral in advance” jun pyo muttered..


“’re so full of negative thoughts” I reprimanded..


But what exactly is going on here?


“You’re surprised right?” Lord Andrew asked, reading my mind..


“Erm..erm..i thought you were angry at us” I muttered..


“Yeah I should be but I can’t because the love between you two,will produce the chosen one” He said,smiling..



“Chosen one? But who the heck is the chosen one?” Jun pyo interrupted..


“I’m coming to that,let me tell you a little story..On the day Sofia was born,a prophecy came that in few years to come the earth will be endangered..Demons will infiltrate the earth and humans life will be at risk..but the good news is that sofia will be carrier of the savior..she is destined to fall in love with a human,that was why I sent her to the earth”


“Does that mean our first child is the chosen one?” I asked.


“Yes..she will possess the features of a human and a fallen angel, her named shall be called Saphira..When the time comes,you should never ever stop her from fulfilling her duties” he warned..


Omg! This is getting more complicated than I thought..


So my first child has been chosen as a sacrificial lamb for the world..


“Don’t be scared my child,Saphira will be more than powerful that even demons will be scared of her..but she will definitely encounter dangers on the way” he said,reading my thoughts..Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories



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“Does that mean that pumpkin is allowed to live with me?” Jun pyo suddenly said..


This dude is not serious,all he cares about is getting married to me..


He isn’t even bothered about what Lord Andrew is saying..


“Of course! I proclaim you both husband and wife..You can organize an earthly wedding and we promise to be there..” Lord Andrew said..


“Take care of my daughter..I can’t wait to see my grand daughter” Dad said..





“I can’t believe we finally got married..I can’t imagine a life without you jun pyo” I said,putting my hands over his shoulders..


“Getting married to you is the best thing that have ever happened to me..You came into my life and changed me,you were a light to my dark and deserted world..Due to my past experiences, i never knew I would fall in love again..I hated the word love and the people around me but God sent an angel like you into my life,you taught me how to love again..You gave me more reasons to keep on living,in my next life I’ll also get married to you..I LOVE YOU PUMPKIN” he said as tears kept flowing through my eyes..


“I LOVE YOU TOO JUN PYO” I said,hugging him..


“I want to feel you jun pyo,please make me thine”


“Are you ready for this?”


“Sure” I said and smashed my lips on his..











Much love to all my wonderful readers out there



I hope you all enjoyed the story


What did you learn from the story?


The continuation of SAPHIRA and her war with the demons will be entailed in my next story named;




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