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The Fallen Angel – Episode 39


Chapter 39



semi final




Pumpkin’s POV


“I love you pumpkin,please don’t go” he cried..


“Am sorry jun pyo but I’m not a human” I said,crying too..


“I don’t give a damn about that.All I want is to be with you” he said cupping my face..


“That can’t be possible,my father and the master of my kingdom is already here to take me back” I replied..


“Where are they?” He asked,looking around..



“You’re a human,so you can’t see them” I explained..


“Okay..then I will beg them to let you stay with me”he said,determined..





Jun pyo’s POV



“Pumpkin’s dad and master,please am begging you to let pumpkin stay with me..I promise not to hurt her,i promise to be a good husband,I promise…” I screamed,hoping they can hear me..


“Stop it already” she half yelled..


“Why should I stop it pumpkin? I never wanted to fall in love,I hated women because I was scared of being heartbroken..Then you came into my life,you slowly stole my heart,you slowly made me fall for you and now you’re telling me to let you go?” I yelled,almost losing my mind..


Pumpkin has changed me..


She has turned the almighty jun pyo to a weakling..


The rude and proud jun pyo is now begging and yearning for a lady’s love..


“What have you done to me? What have you turned me into?” I cried,hitting my chest..


“I’m sorry jun pyo,I know you have every reason to be angry at me but I never wanted any of this to happen” she said,staring into my eyes..


“Then let’s forget about the past and start afresh” I replied..


“That’s not possible jun pyo..why can’t you just accept it” she cried,touching my face..



“No ! No !! That will never happen,I will never let you leave me” I yelled,forcefully hugging her..


“Stop it jun pyo,i said stop it” she yelled in exasperation and gave me a hard slap across my face..


Pumpkin just slapped me?


“Have you gone mad?” She added with a widened eyes..


“Yes I’m madly in love with you and am sure you feel the same way..don’t you?”


“It doesn’t’s time for us to part ways..goodbye” she said and turned to leave..


I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back..we were inches apart,we can now hear each other’s heart beat..Before she could say anything,I smashed my lip on hers..


Surprisingly,she didn’t resist..she kissed me..



Pumpkin’s POV


What am I doing?


This is against our rules..


I quickly broke from the kiss..


“This is an evidence that you’re in love with me” jun pyo said, smiling..


“No..that was..a ..mistake” I stammered..


“Liar..I thought you are brave,I never knew you’re such a coward who doesn’t want to accept her feelings..I know you love me, don’t you? Answer me” He thundered..



“Yes I do,I love you jun pyo..I have always loved you,are you happy now?” I yelled..


There was a sudden but short thunder and lightning..


“How dare you? Do you realize what you’ve just done?” Lord Andrew echoed..


We both went down on our knees with our head bowed..







Omg! What will happen to them now? ♀ ♀






©Authoress Ruthie




The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie



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