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The Fallen Angel – Episode 36


Chapter 36



Pumpkin’s POV


“Don’t ever leave me,I don’t think I can live without you” he said..


I couldn’t say anything,I just let the tears flow freely from my eyes..


“Can we stay like this for a while” he said,hugging me tighter..


I could feel his heartbeat..


Why is jun pyo behaving strangely?


Could it be that he has fallen in love with me?


No! That shouldn’t happen..


“Uhm,you said you have more surprise for me,right?” I asked..


“Yes,I almost forgot” he replied as we disengaged from the hug..



“I might not be a good singer but I have specially composed this song for you” he said grabbing his guitar..


Just smile for me and let the day begin



You are the sunshine that lights my heart and day



I’m sure you’re like an angel in the sky



Come,take my hand and together we shall fly



On the wings of love only the two of us together flying high You belong to me and am all yours


On the wings of love,only the two of us together flying high Flying high upon the wings of love

He passionately sang,while I listened..


We kept on staring at each other,lost in our own world..


I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing..


I’m feeling guilty right now,I’m sure jun pyo is gonna hate me for betraying him..


I really want to crash my lips on his and tell him how much I love him,but I can’t..


I’m so helpless..


“I want to tell you something” jun pyo suddenly said,holding my hand..


Oh my world! I’m sure he wants to confess his love to me..


I don’t think I will be able to go away from him, if he tells me about his feeling..


“Erm…erm..maybe tomorrow..I’m tired already,i would like to rest” I stuttered..




“Good night jun pyo” i said and gently pushed out of my room..


Phew! That was a narrow escape..


“I’m sorry jun pyo,I’m really sorry” I cried,kneeling beside my bed.. jun pyo’s pov


Why did she chase me out like that without even minding to hear what I have to say..


Women can be annoying sometimes..


So what if I couldn’t tell her today..


I will definitely tell her how much I love her tomorrow..


“What if she doesn’t feel the same way?” My subconscious said..


“No! I’m sure she also loves me..I mean who wouldn’t fall for a semi god like me” I thought,smiling..


Just then,I heard a knock on the door..


Who dares to interrupt my rest?


If it’s a helper,I will fire him or her without thinking twice..


“Who the hell are you?” I rudely asked..


“Its me” a gentle voice replied..



It’s Pumpkin’s voice!!


“Oh it’s you,come in” I said..


She came in,dressed in her nighties…


“What are you doing here? I thought you wanted to rest” I asked


“Uhm..can I sleep with you” she stammered..


“Oh my gosh! You want to sleep with me? You’re such a bad girl” I replied,blushing..Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories


“What! What do you mean by that?” She asked with a furrowed brow..


“How can you ask me to sleep with you? That’s what couples do,although I would like to do it with you” I replied and winked at her..


“’re so full of negative thoughts,that’s not what I meant..”


“Then what are you trying to say?”


“What i meant is that I would Like to sleep beside you” that’s what she meant..


“Oh..but you’re really strange..You’re the one that chased me out of your room and now you want to sleep close to me..Isn’t funny?” I laughed,sitting on my bed..


“Whatever! If you’re not interested,I’m leaving” she replied,turning to leave..


“Oh come on baby,you’re always welcome to sleep close to me” I said,dragging her backward as she fell on my chest..


“You’re naughty” she replied and hit my chest..



“Ouch! You look cute when angry” I teased,as she laid her head on my chest.. “Can you stop talking already? Its time to sleep”


“Yes ma! Let’s remain like this forever” I said caressing her hair as we both fell asleep,clinged to each other..







Wow! Two love birds








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The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie


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