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The Fallen Angel – Episode 34


Chapter 34



Pumpkin’s pov



“I’ll come tomorrow to pick you up” dad dropped the bombshell as my eyes widened,with shock..Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories


“What!! But I can’t leave jun pyo..I love him,dad” I cried.


“I know my child,but there’s nothing your father can do about it” he replied and gave me a pat..


“Nothing?? Is it not possible for a fallen Angel to be a human?” I asked.


“I don’t know but those who tried it had to pay with their lives or that of their loved ones..let’s just hope and pray for a miracle to happen”


“This is really bad..When I finally leave jun pyo,am sure he’s gonna hate me” I sadly said..


“Such is fate,and you have to accept it..OK, its time to go back..Your jun pyo is already freaking out”


“But what about the doctor? Am sure he’s gonna find out that I’m not a human”


“Don’t worry,I’ve handled that already” he said


“Although he might try to suspect you but am sure you’ll maneuver your way out” he added.


“OK dad”


“Lest I forget,we’re to meet at the very spot where you first met jun pyo” he said..


“What!! But why?”


“I don’t know but that’s the place LORD ANDREW asked us to meet” he replied..



Lord Andrew is the king of the fallen Angels,he is a loving and fair ruler but he is disciplined to the core..


“OK ” I sadly replied..


“Goodbye,see you tomorrow” he said and pushed me back to reality..



Jun pyo’s pov


“Please wake up pumpkin! I can’t wait to tell you how much I love you”


“I have been in love with you all this while but didn’t realize it..please just give me one chance to show you how much I really love you” I cried,caressing her pretty face..


“I will do anything you want but don’t leave me”


I buried my face on her bed,crying my eyes out..


“Jun pyo!!” A familiar voice called out..


I quickly raise my head up and to my surprise,pumpkin was awake..


“You’re awake! Doctor! Doctor!! She is awake” I screamed out in happiness..


“Thank you for coming back! Thank you for not leaving me” I said and gave her a kiss on her forehead..


“You know your pumpkin can’t die so easily” she teased,smiling..


“Transfer paper! What about the transfer paper?and your steps, where are they?” She added..


“My steps are in the prison where they belong and as for the transfer papers,I have burnt it to ashes” I replied


“My lady!! You’re finally awake” Mrs Nina called out,running towards pumpkin..



“Yes,and I’m fine too” she replied


“Why did you have to save me pumpkin? I was supposed to get shot not you..why do you keep on risking yourself because of me” I scolded.


“It’s not a big deal..look! Am fine now” she replied,sitting up..


Just then,the doctor entered..


“You’re awake?? How’s that possible?” He asked with shock clearly written on his face..


He quickly ran to pumpkin and examined her with his stethoscope and other materials..


“What the heck! I can’t believe this” the doctor exclaimed..



Pumpkin’s POV


Oh my! Am sure the doctor suspects me..


Who wouldn’t suspect me? I mean its almost impossible for a human to survive a gun shot in the heart..


I have to do something before he exposes me..


“What’s wrong doctor?” Jun pyo asked..


“This is really strange..Her body system is okay even her heart is healed and functioning properly” the doctor replied..


“Really! That’s a good should be happy about that” jun pyo said,smiling..


“No! This is mysterious..There’s something strange about this lady” the doctor said as my eyes widened in fear..



“What…what do that?” I stammered..


“Am not a fool young lady..The result might prove that you’re a human but I know you’re not..Who are you?” The doctor asked..


“Pumpkin, what’s the doctor trying to say” jun pyo asked as my heart missed a beat..


What should I do now??


Why is this doctor doing this to me??






What should pumpkin do?








The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie



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