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The Fallen Angel – Episode 30

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chapter 30




Jun pyo’s POV


I was eating the lunch pumpkin made for me,when I received a call from her..


I picked the call..



missing me already


I said but there was no response..

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But I heard some arguments in the background,so I decided to pay attention.. “Yes,I killed them”


I could hear bong soo say..


My heart stopped beating for a while as I tried to comprehend what I just heard..


So pumpkin was right after all..


How could people be so wicked.


“Don’t worry mum,I will make them pay,I promise to make them pay” I screamed breaking the flower vase close to me..


“Jun pyo!!” I suddenly heard pumpkin screaming.


“Pumpkin! Pumpkin! What’s going on there?” I said into the phone but it was already disconnected..

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What have they done to my pumpkin??

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I rushed out and quickly drove down to my house..


“Pumpkin! Pumpkin!” I called out but there was no response..


“Guards !!” I thundered as they all scurried out with their head bowed..


“Where is pumpkin?” I asked through a gritted teeth..


“I’m..sorry..sir but…they took..her” one of them stammered.


“What! And none of you was able to stop them?” I asked clothed with rage.. “We..tried sir..but they..threatened to shoot her..if..we don’t drop..our guns” “You’re all useless” I shouted giving them a punch on their stomachs. “Pls forgive us sir” They begged.


“If anything happens to pumpkin,I will make sure you all pay with your lives..Now get out!” I thundered as they all scumble out..


Where are you pumpkin?


What have they done to you?


If I had listened to you,all this wouldn’t have happened..


Just then,I received a call from an unknown number..






Hello my lovely step brother



You scumbag! How dare you lay your hand on her



Easy bro,your fiancee’s life is in my hands now.I can kill her if I want Don’t you dare! Why are you doing this?


haha..if you want to see her,meet me now at dad’s former house at fu yan’s street


Yes but please don’t hurt my pumpkin



Come with the transfer paper and most importantly,come alone


Boong soo said and hung the call before I could speak further..


I quickly dialed the police commander’s number..



Hello sir,have they called yet?



Yes but I was asked to come alone



But,its dangerous sir



Yes I know,that’s why you guys will have to come in the next twenty minutes





Ok sir



I have already sent the location to you,try to be there on time Sure sir,we won’t disappoint you


I hung up the phone,grabbed the transfer papers and rushed down to the location.. Pumpkin’s POV

I slowly opened my eyes to behold a strange environment..



This isn’t my room..


Why is my head aching? And I feel so weak too..


I held my head as I remembered what happened..


Just then,bong soo came in..


“You bastard! You even have the nerves to kidnap me” I cursed


oh my princess! You’re finally awake” he said touching my chin..


When did you have the guts to touch me” I screamed ,trying to stand up but I couldn’t..


I looked down only to released that I was chained to the chair.


“You’re surprised right? I didn’t want to tie you with chain,but I had no other option.There’s something strange about you” he said..


“What do you mean by that?” I asked


“It amazes me that even in your unconscious state,you we’re struggling with us.who are you?” He asked,staring into my face..


“Why should I answer a moron like you” I fired


“Oh my! So much violence! I really love stubborn ladies like you.I can’t wait to have a taste of you” he said,caressing my face..


“That will never happen”I said and spat into his face..


“How dare you” he yelled and started opening my shirt..


“Stop it! Jun pyo will definitely make you pay for this” I cried,struggling to set myself free..



He suddenly stopped and buttoned my shirt back..


“That’s a good idea.Raping you now won’t be fun,I would rather do that in front of your boify” he said and let out a wicked laugh..


“You’re a monster” I yelled


“Easy baby,reserve your strength for later.Am sure your boify will be here any moment from now” he said


Just then,one of his armed men entered the room..


“He’s here sir ”


“I hope he came alone?”


“Yes sir”


“Good,let him in”









He wants to rape our pumpkin



Bong soo is a monster










The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie

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