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The Fallen Angel – Episode 29


chapter 29



Jun pyo’s pov


“I know who murdered your parents” she said,shocking me to my bones..


“Really!! Who are they?” I asked anxiously..


“Your step mom and her son” she dropped the bomb shell..


“What??” I asked,shocked..


“Yes jun pyo,that’s you can’t transfer your properties to them” she said What’s she saying.?


I mean,why would a son kill his own father?


Oh! Now I get it!!



“Forget it,am sure you’re only saying this to stop me from transferring my properties but you can’t change my mind”


“Believe me jun pyo am telling the truth”


“How did you know? I mean,you don’t even have any evidence”


“OK fine! I won’t rest until I have shown you an evidence” she said with determination..


“You’re so stubborn,just get some rest..I will prepare your favorite ” i said walking out.



Next day




Pumpkin’s POV


“Am ready” jun pyo announced,heading downstairs..


He was dressed in his customized suit and looking cute as always..


“OK..this is your lunch box” I said,handing it over to him..


“I prepared your favorite food,noodles specially garnished with shrimps and vegetables” I said giggling..


“Aww,you’re so sweet..if I had a heart,I would have fallen for you a long time ago” he said,pinching my cheek..


“How many times will I tell you that you still have a heart” I replied “Even if I have,am sure it’s now made of stone” he said,touching his chest.. “Whatever! I don’t want to start an argument with you”



“Oh my! You have to go to work,you’re late already” I added,pushing him to the door..


“OK fine! But don’t forget to call me once my so called step mom and his son arrives” he said,before walking out..


“I will..just take care of yourself and don’t work yourself out” I shouted after him..


Jun pyo is really stubborn..


So he hasn’t change his mind…


What should I do now??


I have only TWO DAYS to spend on earth..


I have to think of an idea to expose that evil woman and her son..


Am sure they will be here anytime soon..



Few hours later


I was in my room resting when I heard a knock on the door..


“Come in ”


“Sorry for disturbing you ma but a man and a woman is here..They are asking of young master” the helper said.


“What!” I exclaimed,jumping to my feet..


” yes ma,what should I tell them”Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories


“No need,I will go meet them now” I said heading downstairs..


Just as I expected,Mrs sun bye and bong soo where the so called visitors..


I majestically walked up to them,with a smiley face..


“Welcome mum,how may I help you?” I said


“Who is your mom?”she fired..


“jun pyo’s mother is my mum too”


“That boy is not my son! How many times do I have to say it” she half yelled..


“Oh my! So much hatred..Easy,before your blood pressure goes high” I calmly replied with a smirk..


“Don’t you dare speak to my mom that way or else…” Bong soo said,stepping in front of his mum..


“Or else what? What are you gonna do?? Will you kill me just like you killed jun pyo’s parents” I yelled.


I could see the shock on their faces..


“Yes! Do you guys think i wouldn’t find out” I added.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about”


“Are you still gonna deny it” I half yelled..


The only way to get their confession is to make them angry..


“You disgust me,how could you kill your own father?? People like you is the reason why police exist..Am happy your father never acknowledge a bastard like you” I screamed


“Pumpkin!!!!!!!” Bong soo yelled angrily


This is it pumpkin! Your plan is working!!


“Calm down my son,don’t let her affect you” his mom said..


“No mum! How dare she call me names”


“But that’s what you’re a bad person bong soo” I yelled


“Lie! Am not bad,Mr kim is the bad person here..why does he have to get my mom pregnant when he was not ready to take care of friends kept on calling me names and making jest of me..And is all because of that man and his useless wife” he yelled..


“Its that the reason why you killed them?”


“Yes! So will I do to anyone that stands on my way” he shouted




Am sure jun pyo heard our conversation..


I was still celebrating my victory when I noticed some one covering my nose from behind, with a handkerchief..


I turned back to see the smiley face of Mrs sun hye..


“What have you done to me? Jun pyo !!!” I screamed,falling into unconsciousness..







What have they done to pumpkin











The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie



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