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The Fallen Angel – Episode 28

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Episode 28



Pumpkins POV



“Its simple..I want jun pyo to transfer all his properties to my son..If not,I will make his life a living hell” Mrs sun hye threatened..


“He is your son for crying out loud!!” I yelled


“Son my foot! I have only one son” she fired..


“You can take the company in Wuhan and leave us alone” I pleaded..


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“Are you deaf or what?? I want everything that belongs to jun pyo,EVERYTHING!!” Bong soo shouted..


“Enough!! Enough of this argument!! You want my properties right?? Fine,I will give them to you” jun pyo thundered




What’s he saying??


“Why would you do that?” I half yelled holding his arm


“Why shouldn’t I do it?? This is what my father wanted.. If he cared about me,he wouldn’t have had an affair” he yelled,shrieking my hand off..


“Exactly my son!! Your father never cared about’re making the right decision and am so proud of you” his step mom replied with smiles.


“Shut up woman!! Just shut up” I yelled,pointing at her..


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“Jun pyo,you’re making the wrong decision” I added..


“I don’t care pumpkin! My dad wanted to ruin my life right? I will help him do that,am sure he will be happy to see me ruined wherever he is” he yelled as tears welled up in his eyes..



Jun pyo is not thinking right now..


Am sure he only took this decision out of anger but i won’t let it happen.. “You will have to come tomorrow,I don’t have the transfer papers here” he said


“Don’t worry my son,I have already prepared it a long time ago” his step mom replied


She dipped her hand into her bag and brought out some papers..


“Here is it” she said,handing it over to jun pyo..


This woman is really smart..


How can someone be so evil..


Jun pyo doesn’t even know that his parents were murdered by this evil woman and his son..


I would like to expose her but I don’t have any evidence..


“Thank bro,you’ve finally made a right decision in your life”bong soo said giggling..


I have to quickly do something before it’s too late..


“Sign here” his step mom said giving him a pen..


What should I do now??


Yes! I have an idea !!


I am jun pyo’s weakness and I will take advantage of that.


“Jun pyo” i screamed,holding my head..



He quickly drops the papers and ran to me..


As soon as he was close,I slumped into his arm..


“Pumpkin!! What’s wrong with you? Are you okay” he worriedly asked carrying me in a bridal style..


“I don’t know jun pyo but I’m feeling dizzy” I lied giving Mrs sun hye a smirk.. “Don’t listen to her jun pyo,am sure she is pretending” his step mom said


“Shut up!! Can’t you see she’s sick?? We have to suspend everything till tomorrow” he thundered..


“No !! You have to sign this paper now” she commanded..


“This conversation is over!! If you can’t wait till tomorrow,then forget it” he fired..


“Guard! Throw them out” he commanded while taking me to my room..


“I will make the two of you pay for this insult” they shouted while struggling with the guards..






Jun pyo’s pov


I laid her on the bed..


“I told you to rest but you won’t listen” he scolded me


“I’m sorry,your meeting got canceled because of me” I said with my head bowed.. “Its okay! Just have some rest”Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories


“Wait!! I have something to tell you” she said



“What’s it?”


“I know who murdered your parents” she said,shocking me to my bones..






Will jun pyo really transfer everything to them??










The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie



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