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The Fallen Angel – Episode 26

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Chapter 26



Jun pyo’s POV


Pumpkin hasn’t come down since yesterday evening..


I thought she might be tired,that was why I didn’t disturb her..


But its already 10 am…


She hasn’t even eaten..


I quickly rushed to her room..

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“Pumpkin! Pumpkin!! Are you there?” I called out,knocking at the door..


There was no reply..


“Pumpkin are you okay??pls open the door” I said banging the door more harder..


Still no response..


Since the door is locked from within,that means she is inside..But why is she silent??


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“Get me strong sticks,we have to force the door open” I said to my bodyguards,who were also worried..They have gotten so use to pumpkin..



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“Wait! Young master,I can hear some noises..I think she is opening the door” one of the helpers exclaimed..


The door slowly opened, revealing pumpkin in a strange white garment..


She was looking pale and weak..


Omg!! She is even bleeding..


She couldn’t walk as she slumped into my arms..


“What’s wrong with you pumpkin” I worriedly asked,laying her on the bed..


“I…am….fine” she struggled to say..


“What are you guys waiting for ?? Call the doctor now” I shouted at the helpers,who were shocked to see pumpkin in that state..


“No..don’” she managed to say before losing consciousness..


“Pumpkin! Pumpkin!!” I screamed,shaking her..


But she remained still..


“Why isn’t she waking up” I shouted almost freaking out..


” let me have a look” Mrs Nina,said..


“Her pulse is okay,I think she is just tired..let’s leave her to rest” she finally said as I heaved a sigh of release..


“You all can leave now..I will take care of her” I said as they all scuttled out of the room..


“I will stay with you,just get well soon” I muttered,softly pushing her hair off her face..



I am always happy whenever you’re around,I can’t explain how I feel whenever you’re close to me..


“Am I in love with you??” I inaudibly asked,staring at her pretty face..


“Have I gone mad?? Love is just not my thing” I said to myself..


I cleaned up her bleeding nose,hoping she wakes up soon..



Pumpkin’s pov



I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised to see jun pyo,he was seated close to me..


“What happened??” I asked,sitting up..


“Can’t you remember anything” he asked,shaking his head..


“Omg!! How long have I being unconscious ?” I asked as I remembered all that took place including the horrible revelation..


“Two days! Pumpkin you’ve been unconscious for two days”


“What!!!” I asked,surprised..


“What are you not telling me” he suddenly asked,causing shiver to go through my spine..


“ mean…by that?” I stammered.


“I am so confused,I have a lot of questions in my mind right now and it’s driving me crazy” he said


” like what” I replied,praying he does not find out who I am..



“Why would you lock yourself up?? And when you finally opened it,you were looking sick and worn out..Are you keeping secrets from me” he asked..


“What!! I exclaimed coughing


“You know I hate lies,what are you keeping from me??” He yelled


Jun pyo now suspects me,I have to clear his suspicion..


If I don’t do something now,am sure he will never rest until he finds out the truth..


I have to quickly cook up a believable story…


“Why are you quiet?? Say something” he yelled


“I was fasting for you” I shouted..




“Yes jun pyo,i have been having terrible nightmares lately..An evil woman and her son tried to steal everything away from you,I was scared..That was why I decided to fast” I lied almost crying


“But you know that is not possible,nobody can take away what belongs to me”


I didn’t reply,I just bowed my head…


“Come on pumpkin!! Its just an ordinary shouldn’t have taken it seriously” he softly Said,raising my head up…


“But what if it really happens? I can’t bear to see you hurt” I said crying..


“Shh..come here” he said hugging me..


How can I tell you that the monster am talking about is your step mom and brother..


How can humans be so cruel??


I might be powerless now,but I believe in the power of love..My love for you will be my greatest strength and weapon against them..


Phew!! But what should I do now?? I have only 4days to stay on earth..


“Are you fine now?” He asked as we disengage from the hug..


“Yes…Arghhhh” I screamed as I felt a quick but sharp pain..


“Are you okay” jun pyo worriedly ask..


This is a sign of danger..


I don’t have a good feeling about this..


“Yes”..just then,we heard a knock on the door..


“Who’s that?? Come in” I replied


“Young master,you have a visitor” the helper said with her head bowed.. “But I wasn’t expecting any visitor,who are they” jun pyo inquired “I don’t know sir,but it’s a woman and a young man” she replied

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Can you guess who the visitors are??





Are you guys still enjoying the story??







The fallen angel



By Authoress Ruthie



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