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The Fallen Angel – Episode 22


Chapter 22



Jun pyo’s POV


I was having my siesta when i heard a terrible dream:


A monster was dragging pumpkin towards a dark corner,I tried to save her..


“Pumpkin!!!” I screamed and woke up..


I was sweating profusely..


I quickly rushed to Pumpkin’s room to find out if she is okay..


But to my surprise,she wasn’t there..


“Pumpkin! Pumpkin!! ” I screamed searching the whole house,but she was no where to be found..


“Did you see pumpkin” I asked Mrs Nina..


“No! The last time I saw her,she was in her room sleeping” she replied What could have happened to pumpkin??


She has never left the house without telling me..


Have she been kidnapped??


I quickly took my phone to call the police station,when my eyes caught a message:


“Meet me at the popular harmbouger’s hotel”


I hope it’s not what am thinking??


“Driver! Get the car ready,the both of you come with me” I said to my body guards..


We quickly drove to the hotel..


To avoid attracting attention,I wore my face mask before entering the hotel..



“There is a man named Me Lim here,can I have his room number? ” I asked one of the hotel attendant..


“I am sorry sir but it’s against our policy” he replied..


“How dare you say no to jun pyo?” I angrily said,pulling off my mask..


“I am sorry sir,I didn’t know it was you” he pleaded,kneeling on the floor..


can you stop your drama,people are watching” I said in a low tone “Sorry sir” he said standing up..


What is his room number ”


“Its room 2A sir”


“OK..did you see him with any lady?”


“Yes sir,they just left now”


“Take this and keep your mouth shut” I said giving him some money..


Thank you sir..Thank you sir” “Whatever,let’s go” I said to my men..


I was heading to room 2A when I saw Mr Lim with a lady..he was trying to open the door..


I quickly ran to him and held his collar..


“Who the heck are you?” He asked shocked..


I pulled off my mask..


“You?? What are you doing here” he stutterd



I was shocked to see pumpkin in that state,she was unconscious..


“Give her to me” I said and dragged her from him..


“What have you done to her” I asked checking her pulse..


“It’s none of your business,give her to me” Mr Lim replied trying to touch her..


“How dare you lay your filthy hand on her” I half yelled,giving him a hard punch on his nose..


“Argghh.” He yelled as he stumbled on the floor


“Take her to the car,I will join you guys later” I said to my men..


“Yes sir” they replied and helped her to the car.


“You have crossed all the limits today by laying your hands on pumpkin” I yelled in exasporation..


I held him up and gave him another punch on his stomach,he retaliated and we started fighting..


Thanks to the martial skills,pumpkin taught me..


I used all the skills on him..


His body was covered in bruises as he laid on the floor breathing heavily..


“Where is the contract papers” i yelled raising my hand to give him another punch..


“In her bag” he quickly replied pointing at the bag which was lying on the floor..


next time you won’t dare touch to touch her again” I said ,giving him a hard kick on his stomach as he cried out in pain..


I picked up the bag and walked off..



Pumpkin’s POV


I suddenly became unconscious and I found myself in a dark place..


I was scared to death when I felt a hand on my shoulder..


I slowly turned back to see who touched me and to my surprise it was my father…


papa !!! ” I shouted giving him a hug..


I have missed you papa”


we’ve missed you too,my child” he said as we disengage from the hug.. “But what are you doing here” I inquired


Lord Andrew sent me to you” he replied


“I hope there’s no problem” I asked worriedly..Download Topster Stories App or Visit to enjoy more erotic love and romantic stories


why haven’t you completed your task yet.I mean you were sent on earth to find the killers of June pyo’s parents and to teach him how to love’s been two months since you came down on earth,why haven’t you completed your task” he asked as he touched my cheeks..


“Uhm..uhm..i am working on that father,I just need more time” I stuttered


“Unfortunately,Lord Andrew said you have only SEVEN DAYS to spend on earth ” he said


“What?? Seven days is not enough” I queried


“You have to use it wisely my child,I don’t want you to come back home a failure” he said




“Stop giving excuses.I have to leave now”he said


“OK father..I will try my best to make you proud” I said holding his hand..









Our pumpkin has only seven days to spend with our jun pyo



Jun pyo will be shattered when pumpkin leaves him






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The fallen angel



Written by Authoress Ruthie

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