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The Fallen Angel – Episode 20

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Chapter 20



Pumpkin’s POV


“Pls.. don’t leave me” he pleaded, coming after me..


I ignored him..


I entered into my room and starts packing my clothes..


“Come on Pumpkin, why are you taking my words seriously? Pls don’t go” he said..


I could feel the sincerity in his voice..

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Mr. Arrogant is begging me to stay with him!!


Looks like he has gotten use to me..


I just pray that he doesn’t fall in love with me.. I don’t want him to get hurt..



“Pls, say something.. why are you keeping quiet? “He said I kept on packing my stuff, totally ignoring him..


I will make sure the almighty JUN PYO says SORRY today..


“Your silence is killing me, pls say something” he pleaded..


I really love the way he is begging me..


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Finally, I was done packing my stuff..


I decided to speak to him before leaving..


“Jun pyo, you know I would never do anything that will hurt you.. but it still baffles me why you couldn’t trust me earlier (sniffs) since you don’t value me, I have to go.. just take care of yourself for me” I said almost crying..


I turned to leave..But to my surprise,


He held my hand, dragged me back and hugged me tightly..


Wow!! I can’t believe this..


I just wish we can remain like this forever..


“Pls, don’t leave me Pumpkin” he muttered still hugging me..


I wanted to hug him back.. but I have to make him apologize..


One of the reasons I was sent to him, is to teach him how to always accept his mistakes and apologize..


“It’s that all you have to say?” I asked disengaging from the hug …


” What else do you want me to say? ” He asked surprised..



Can’t you apologize? ” I asked with an arched brow..


What?? You know I can’t do that” he replied..


“Ok fine! Good bye and don’t you dare stop me” I rudely said, moving out of the room..


Pls, stop me Jun pyo.. you have to stop me” I silently prayed..


So.. rr.. ry… I…am s. orr.. y” he stammered..


I quickly came to a halt ..


What did i just hear him say??


Oh my gosh!! Jun pyo just apologized to me!!!




I quickly turned, ran back and gave him a tighter hug…


He reciprocated and gave me a pat on the back..


“Pls, don’t ever leave me” he said as we disengaged from the hug..


Am sorry Jun pyo, because sooner or later I would have to leave you..


“Of course, I won’t” I said forcing a smile on my face..


“To be sincere with you, after what Anna did to me I vowed never to trust any lady.. but for some strange reasons, I have started trusting you.. i feel so safe whenever you are around, so don’t ever think of leaving me” he said with his eyes peering into mine…


Why are you speaking this way? Won’t i get married? Or do you want to marry me? ” I said, pulling his legs..




What?? ” I asked coughing..


Just kidding.. will you be my BFF” I said giggling..


What is bff” he asked confused..


It means Best friends forever” I replied


“Of course, let’s be BFF” he said


” Yeeeeeeeeh!!!! ” I replied excitedly


“We have to celebrate our new found friendship” he said, heading downstairs


Sure” I replied, following suite..



Next day



Jun pyo’s POV



Today is a very busy day.. I would be having a meeting with one of my important investors, named Mr. Lim..


I hope nothing goes wrong, I can’t afford lose this contract..


“Pumpkin.. Pumpkin” I called out


“Yes” she replied, coming downstairs..


I will be having an important visitor any moment from now, pls arrange some snacks for him” I said


Really! Who is he? ” She inquired



He is one of my business partners, I just pray nothing goes wrong” I said worriedly…


Uhm.. cheer up, nothing can go wrong as long as your guardian angel is here”she said, softly drawing my cheek..


And who is my guardian angel” I inquired


Me of course” she replied, smiling..


You’re so fu… ” The door bell rang before I could complete my sentence


“I think he is here, go get everything ready” I said heading to the door..


I opened the door, revealing Mr. Lim.. dressed in his suit as always..


He was looking handsome as usual..


“Come in, you’re welcome to my house” I beckoned..


” Thanks” he said..




Fast forward


“What do you mean by that?” I asked, shocked at what he said..


It’s simple..if you want me to sign this contract, convince your friend to go on a date with me” he replied with a smirk, causing shiver to go through my spine..


How can i let Pumpkin to go on a date with Mr.lim ??


I don’t want to lose this contract either..


What should I do??


I am stuck between the devil and the red Sea…









OMG!! This Mr Lim is a devil


What should Jun pyo do??








The fallen angel



Written by authoress Ruthie

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