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The Fallen Angel – Episode 16

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Chapter 16





“I am pregnant for you” I mimicked and let out a loud laugh..


You make me laugh Anna, I mean who does that?? It’s been long i even touched you and moreover you have been sleeping with another man behind my back.. so am sure you’re not pregnant and Even if you are, it isn’t mine” I fired


Anna!! I think you’ve played enough games with us, it’s time for you to leave before i do something terrible to you” pumpkin suddenly said


Thank God she believes me…


I can’t afford losing the trust of a lioness like pumpkin..

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Yes, pumpkin is my long as she is by my side all my enemies are in trouble..(smiles)


“You’re mine Jun pyo,if I can’t have you then no one else can.. this is a picture of you and I together in the bed..if you refuse to accept this pregnancy.. then I will show it to the world that the almighty Jun pyo is nothing but a coward who uses ladies and dumps them like rag… and you know what that will do to your company” she smirked showing me the picture


Wow..I didn’t expect this from her..


She is such a strategic player,who plans her games from the beginning..


But am not scared of her..


“Look!! I don’t give a damn about you what you want to do.. you can do whatever you want, for all i care .. but one thing is certain, you’re leaving this house right this moment” I say, dragging her out by her arm..


” Stop it Jun pyo!! You’re hurting me” she cried


“This is just the beginning”I replied, still dragging her out…

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I was about pushing her out, when a hand held me..


It’s pumpkin!!


“Stop it Jun pyo!! No one is going anywhere” she said..


“What do you mean??” I asked, shocked..


“We’re talking about your reputation here.. once your image is tarnished,it will also affect your business and I can’t let that happen.. so you have no choice than to accept the pregnancy” pumpkin said


Are you listening to yourself??I don’t give a damn about my reputation, so she is leaving this house now” I replied stubbornly


Look Jun pyo! I know you hate her but what about your child” she asked


Child my foot!! Don’t you get it? That bastard does not belong to me” I yelled


Fine!! You either accept the pregnancy or i leave this house” pumpkin threatened I can’t believe my eyes.. pumpkin is threatening me right now..


How could she take Anna’s side over mine.. I will have to play along for now..



An almost done with my martial classes… once I complete it,I will throw both of them out of my house and life..


Women can never be trusted, they are all betrayals..


“Am doing this for your own good” pumpkin explained


“To hell with the both of you… and you Anna, don’t think you’ve won, because I will never accept that bastard” I said walking off











Anna’s POV


Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!


This lady is really foolish.. How could she believe that i am pregnant for Jun pyo..


I am such a good player (smiles)


“Look, just because you helped me doesn’t mean i owe you any favour” I said pointing at pumpkin


No!! I only did that because you are a fellow woman like me..Jun pyo got you pregnant, so he has to take responsibility.. don’t worry i will fight for you till the end.. welcome to our home” she said giving me a hand shake


But I noticed she was shaking me hard and roughly.. like someone who is angry


“You’re hurting me” I cried


“Sorry,I was too overwhelmed” she replied, giving me a smile..





Looks like I have found a foolish friend..


And she will be my key to getting back into Jun pyo’s heart..


One thing is certain.. once I get Jun pyo,I WILL BE RICH AGAIN….(smiles)








What’s going on?? It’s pumpkin really foolish or is she up to something?? I am confused

What do you guys think


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Written by authoress Ruthie

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