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The Fallen Angel – Episode 12

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Chapter 12



Jun pyo’s POV


I forcefully dragged my legs to my room.


.I went to my secret room where i store my wines…i usually come here to drink whenever I am lonely or sad…


No one has ever spoken to me the way she did today..


She even said that she hates me..



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Am i really bad?? What’s that the reason why Anna left me??


I cried drinking myself to stupor…





I ran to my room to cry..


Why is Jun pyo so mean??


What’s he born like this or did people made him change..


I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my heart..


I held my chest in pain.. what’s wrong??

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Just then it struck my mind…


Oh!! This is a sign that Jun pyo is hurt and is in pain…


OMG!! Did i really hurt him that much?? Maybe i shouldn’t have said those words to him,I only wanted him to see that his ways are wrong..


As seconds pa*ssed by, the pain in my heart became worse..i have to go and apologize to him..


I tiptoed to his room,I knocked but no one answered..




I slowly opened the door but there was no one inside.. where could he have gone to??..I was about leaving the room when I heard the sound of a gla*ss on the floor..


Where is that noise coming from?? I noticed that the sound came from a room..I entered the room and to my surprise Jun pyo was there…he was trying to pick up the broken gla*sses…



“Be careful Jun pyo, you will hurt yourself” I said cleaning up the mess..


“Stay away from me,I am a bad person” he said slightly pushing me away..


He reeks of alcohol, looks like he has been drinking…


“No Jun pyo!! Don’t take my words seriously..I was angry that was why i said those words” I said hoping he changes his mind..


“No pumpkin, you’re right and that’s why she left me” he said almost crying


I hate to see him like this..i will definitely punish myself for making him cry today..


“But who is she?? And why did she leave you” I inquired


“Is none of your business” he retorted


“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me but one thing am sure of is that, you’re not a bad person” I said


“During my first year in college,I met Anna..I fell in love with her and she also told me that she loves me too, that was the happiest day of my life..we dated for four months, she was my first love, my life, my everything..(sniffs) I was ready to do anything for her, she even asked me to build a bungalow for her family and i did that without hesitation.. but all of a sudden she started to lose interest in our relationship, she hardly picks my calls and whenever I invites her for dinner she always come up with some flimsy excuses…


“At first, I thought it was normal but when it started going out of hand,I decided to pay her a surprise visit.. when i got there,I was shocked at what i saw.. Anna was.. she was..” he trailed off and started crying..


” Just let it out” I said also crying with him..



“Anna was.. she was.. having s3x with another man” he cried holding his chest.. the pain is really unbearable for him


“What” I asked..why did she do that??


“Yes.. she was having s3x with another man and when I approached her she boldly told me that she was getting married to the man in the next two days and i was just her TOY to GETTING RICH… she broke my heart.. pumpkin, she broke my heart” he said crying profusely..he looks shattered..


“Hush..Jun pyo.. come here” I said hugging him as he cried like a child on my shoulder…







This Anna is a bitch!! How could she be so heartless








The fallen Angel



Written by authoress Ruthie

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