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The Fallen Angel – Episode 1

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The fallen Angel



Written by authoress Ruthie.C



Chapter 1


Grinnnnnnnn…the alarm screamed making me jump to my feet…pheeeeew!! going to college can be so annoying…I have no interest in college rather i prefer running the company..But, before dying mum has made me promise her to attend college



and I have no choice than to fulfill her last wish…My eyes suddenly became teary as i remembered that terrible day


Flash back

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Today’s party was really fun filled.. most especially the part where those ladies keeps throwing themselves at me(smiles)… I was about pressing the door bell when I noticed the door was opened already….


Strange!! Mum has never left the door open.. Instead she has made it her every


day job to lecture me on the importance of protecting one self…I


shrugged…….opening the door, my eyes met with the most shocking picture of my


life….Mom and Dad was lying over there completely covered in the pool of their


own blood….




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“Omma!! Appa!!!”I screamed running towards them ..


Dad was not moving but i noticed that mum was still struggling to breath ..


“Mum,who did this to you”I cried holding her in my arms


“Am sorry!! my son but you have to learn how to live without your parents” she managed to say


“No mum!!pls, don’t go”I cried


“She left me…,and now both of you want to do the same” I continued


“Am sorry,my son but sometimes one can’t control destiny… take care of yourself my boy …”she said cupping my face


“No mum..I can’t let you go, wait a while let me call the doctor” I cried almost losing my mind


“Promise me you will attend college” she said rasing her hands to me… what is she saying??she knows I hate attending college..its just a waste of time


“But…Ma ..”I stammered



“Promise your mother…my son” she pleaded


“Fine!! Just don’t leave me”I said picking up my phone to call the doctor


“I ….lo …ve..yo….u …Jun ..”she suddenly turned cold


“Mum!! Mum!! Mum!!! ” I cried while vigorously shaking her….. but she won’t


wake up


“No! No!! No!!!” I screamed…. looking at my hands I could see it heavily coloured


with my parents blood


“No! This can’t be happening” I gradually moved back before rushing out ..


I quickly ignite my car and I drove madly while crying out my ass…




The car suddenly came to a halt…I angrily came out to check the engine,but there was nothing wrong with it…


“Why do you have to stop now” I angrily said while hitting the car with my right leg..



For a brief moment,I noticed that my present environment looks strange and calm.. for some strange reasons I felt calm due to the cool breeze which was gently caressing my feels as if a supernatural being was making use of the breeze to blow away my pains…





I suddenly became weak,so i decided to lay my back on the car…I closed my eyes for a while and i saw mum going towards a dark road..I quickly ran to her


“Mum,pls don’t leave me..I can’t bear it”I cried holding her hands



“Don’t worry,my son… someone has been sent to fill the yearning space in your heart” she said assuredly with smiles written all over her face..


“But….how… what do you mean”I asked confused


“She…is…co..”before she could complete the sentence..I noticed a gentle touch on my face.. and that brought me back to reality





I have heard many stories about ghosts… could it be….


I slowly opened my eyes while murmuring some silent prayers..I was astonished at what i saw



I saw a sexy eyes…oops!! Did i just say ‘sexy’… sexy my butt


She was staring deeply into my eyes..


“Hi” she said


I screamed and tried to stand up…And …..And….our lips met



OMG!!! I just kissed her





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