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The Bad Boy Diary – Season 2 Episode 12

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Chapter 12






Danelle pov


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Just like I’d thought, he whispered the words; “Can I K..kiss you on on your lips, it’s so alluring?”


My heart skipped a multiple times. In as much as I felt my heart beat and I also felt


that shiver, I couldn’t let that happen.


I can’t let Jayson kiss me.. No no


“No” I found my voice.


There was a slight disappointment written on his face which went away in a three seconds replaced with a smile.


Looking deep into my eyes, he said; “I know you want it.”



I rolled my eyes in pretends even though he was right. I want it but din’t I have my pride to protect? I can’t let my heart fall stupidly in love.

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Is that so? Do I really mean that? Cos I can’t lie to my emotions. I’m liking Jayson. No, I’m falling… Fuck no!


“Hey Danielle,” his call shook me out of my thoughts.


I shifted a bit away from him, adjusting my backpack which hung on my back.


He smiled, adjusting his too. “Do you like me that much?” He asked.


I raised my brow at him.


He rubbed his palms together, said nothing but began smiling widely.




I rolled my eyes and walked ahead of him. He fastened his pace and got to me.


“Do you have to walk ahead of your Master?” He asked.


“It’s getting dark. We can’t stay here all day talking shits,” I said.


“What? Well I guess you were the one talking shit not me cos-” he paused and took my hand. I could feel his eyes looking at me Cos all I’ve been saying are no shits Danielle,” he completed.


I had nothing else to say. The rest of the walk were in silence until we got to the last way where I would turn towards the girls dormitory.


He still held me.


I wish he wouldn’t withdraw the hold but he did. I looked at him.


“Goodnight” I said.


He shrugged. “Goodnight,” he said then leaned over and… I raised my brow, he pecked me on the cheek and withdrew with a smile.. “See you tomorrow,” he said.


I fought hard not to show my blush.


Why I’m I even blushing?




“Same” I replied and walked away.. Once in the gate, I turned to see him walking away, his blonde hair dancing handsomely to the evening wind.


I smiled as he got out ta my sight. I touched my heart.


‘What do I do? I don’t know’




I got into the dormitory and there was Delia sitting on her bed and going through a book. She looked up from her book and I waved at her. She waved back.




I smiled and walked to my bed.. Taking my bathing stuffs, I headed to the bathroom to bathe.


That night, I dreamt about Jayson and I where I let him kiss me.


It was wonderful.


If he asks me out, what would be my response, I kept thinking so much that I woke up late.


I sprang up from the bed. Almost every girl in the dormitory are dressed up.


I rushed for my bathing stuffs and ran towards the bathroom only to collide with someone. Who else but she! Theresa.


“Watch!” She hurled as her bathstuffs almost fell of her hand including her towel tied around her slim body.


I stared at her from her toe up to her head, rolled my eyes and turned to the bathroom, and slammed the door hard so she could hear.







He pulled to the gate of Gra-Avantees hospital and I unfastened my seatbelt.


He took My hand, squeezed it and leaning forward, he pecked me on the cheek.


“Can’t wait for tonight.. I know it’s gonna be wonderful Clara, with you beside me at the party.” He said.


I smiled, “You think so Drake?”


“Yeah babe,” he said and squeezed my hand harder.


“Ouch, what’s that drake?”


He caressed my hand, smiling.


Jerez I just remembered that I’m at my work place and he also have to go to work.


“I love you so much Clara-,” he started to say but I cut him short.


“I have to go now Drake, see you later OK,” I said and reached for the door with my left hand.


He released my right and I stepped out from his car and shut the door.


Getting almost to the hospital hallway was when I turned to see him speed off.


I turned with a smile and walked into the hospital.


And there was Johanna, talking with a young patient.


She waved at me and I smiled at her and made my way towards my office.


Getting into my office, a call came on the landline. I rushed for it and picked up.


“Hello sir,” I spoke into the landline.


“Nurse Adams. Could you come to my office in the next twenty minutes?” Sir Edwardo said.


“Alright sir,” I said and dropped.


‘What’s up?’ I wondered as I turned towards my change room.


Few minutes later, I was done and I made my way to sir Edwardo’s office.


I took an elevator and soon, I was in his office.


“Sir,” I called as I found my butt on a seat, facing him in his black tuxedo and transparent glasses. He took the glasses off and I could see the wiry look on his face.


“Miss Clara Adams,” he called in a very low tone that speaks of sadness.


“Yes sir Edwardo,” I answered, trying to figure out the reason for the sad look.


My answers where, Doctor Tony Campbell. He’s been the only reason for sir Edwardo’s sadness.


Why isn’t he waking up… It’s getting to two months!


“I guess you’be seen my worried eyes already and you must have guessed the reasons with the way you are looking at me,” he said and let out a weak smile.


I breathed out. “Sir, the one thing I know can make you this way is Doctor Tony’s condition,” I Said.


“Exactly,” he snapped in and dropped his glasses on the table.


“Sir I-” I was going to say something but he cut me short.


“I’ve tried my best Clara. He doesn’t even wanna be back. Ever since he went into that coma, this hospital loose up to five six patients each week but it was never so when he was operating. I gotta do something. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. He shouldn’t be in that coma for this long.”


I breathed out in thoughts.


“I think you are right sir, something is wrong and something is to be done.” I said.


“And what can that be? What other checkups do we do on him.. Every checkup has been done on him.”






[Hamilton High]





‘Oh thank goodness I made it before the exam commence.


I looked around the classroom but no sign of Jayson.


‘Isn’t he in school yet’


I made to take a step to my desk but my eyes were immediately covered with someone’s palms.


I knew who it was. His scene is everywhere, Jayson.


I felt my heartbeat raise.


He was behind me and this is class.


He released the blindfold and like a swift, stood in my front.


“Hey babe” he called, smiling.


I hit him on the arm, “What was that for?”


“Kinda way of saying ‘good morning to a friend,” he said.


“Aargh you are so funny,” I said and walked pass him to my desk.


He came over, placing his two hands on the table


“So what subjects are we even having today?” He asked.


I rolled my eyes. “You can ask google that.”


He smiled. “Be my google then,” he said.


“Stupid” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.


“Jayson I need to read,” I said.


“Of course we are reading together babe,” he said and pushed his chair towards.



I chuckled and checking around, all I could see were four big eyes staring at me.


Two owned by Neil and two owned by Tessy.








Brenda .


“Oh yeah baby, You got the most f**cling hole, yeah”




“Holy shit,,,,, I’m cumming”


“Oh yeah”


“I’m gonna shot my f**king cum inside your f**cking hole, baby”


“, yeah”


“O baby I’m coming,,,,,,”


“I’m cumingg baby”




He collapsed on me with his sweaty body and his f**king cum dripping down my thighs.


I breathed out.




He licked my left ear… “You are so sweet baby” he whispered.


I rolled my eyes, “Can you get off me.”



“Slowly baby, gentle. That was an amazing” he said in the same tone as he moved out of my body and collapsed on the bed.


I rolled my eyes and got up.


He watched me, smiling.




My eyes scrolled down from his face to his now limb d**k back to his face.


“When is this shit gonna end huh? Cos I got someone I’m in love with, get it Mr Carlos?”


“Three years, not even up to three months.. What’s my business if you got someone you are in love with,” He said, covered his d**k with the duvet and closed his eyes.


I shot him a monsterious glare before going into the bathroom.


I’m gonna end this.


But for now, I gotta get out ta here and head to GraAvantees hospital.


I gotta deal with that brat girl.




The BadBoy Diary


(A New Romance )




Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C








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