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The Bad Boy Diary – Episode 60

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The BadBoy Diary


( She Still Love Him❣)




Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C




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Drake’s POV


My heart leap with excess happiness and excitement.


I can’t stop smiling.


What Danelle just told me tonight have sent me over the moon.


She said that Clara misses me. That she feel so hurt that I left and so dearly wanna see me.

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Ah.. I didn’t hesitate to give her my location when she finally asked of it.


And now, I just finished speaking with her and she broke the sweetest news i’ve ever heard! That Clara is coming tomorrow to see meeeee.


She sent me Clara’s phone number as well.


I glanced at it displayed on my phone contact.


I felt like just giving her a call to hear her voice. That sweet, calm voice of hers,I miss it but I couldn’t do that. I still felt nervous.


What about texting? I can’t too.


I’ll wait for her arrival tomorrow.


And ahh! I really want a lot to happen.


Crazy-sweet things.


Crazy-sweet things like?’


I giggled and covered my face with a pillow.


‘Anything. I just can’t wait!


Something that i’ve longed for. I miss her, Clara and no one else’


My phone rang.


I checked the caller.




I picked it up.


“Hello Drakee,” she spoke with a bedroom voice.


“Claire how are you doing?” I asked with a smile.


“Well im fine, what about you?” she asked.


“Im good,” I answered.


“Uhmm so what’s up now, did you give it a try?” she asked.


I understood.


“That didn’t help at all but made it worse Claire. But you know the sweet news? Clara is coming. I can’t wait to see you,” I said excitedly.

“Oh, that sounds like a great news, how did it happen?” she asked.


“Well, magic I guess. She misses me and all. I had found out that im inlove with her and I think she’s coming to talk about it,” I said.

“Wow, goodluck then,” she said.


“Yeah, thanks Claire. How’s your family?” I asked.


“Great, thanks. Well goodnight Drake,” she said.


“Yeah goodnight Claire,” I said.



The call ended and I dropped the phone on the bedside table then put my hands behind my back in smiles.


When I finally slept off, I had the same dream.





{Saturday }


Clara’s POV


I woke up with a beating heart with fireworks in my stomache..


I sat up as the dream I had came rushing back in my head.


It was at a really beautiful garden of so many beautiful flowers.


Drake and I stood in that garden,hand in hand as we stared deeply into each other’s eyes.


He told me how much he is inlove with me and seriously, confusely. I told him same.


And then we kissed!


What a dream. What kind of dream was that!


Not possible.


What is it tryna tell me?



‘That you should understand that Drake and you are meant to be,’ a voice like my sister’s said. Within me.


How possible! I love Noah


‘You have to follow the truth Clara’ A voice like Mrs Rogers followed.



I rolled the duvet off me and rushed into the bathroom. Turned on the sink faucet and splashed water on my face to get myself.


“I love Noah, I love him,” I muttered.



Did I say I love Noah? I should have visited him today but Instead, im going to see Drake.


I splashed water on my face again.


‘What’s going on? Why Im so bothered about seeing Drake than seeing Noah’


When no answer came, I wiped my face and walked out to the bedroom. I picked up my phone and clicked on the screen,the time said ‘8: 30am’


I dropped the phone and went back into the bathroom to brush.



Getting out of the bathroom, my phone began ringing. I picked it up from the bed.


Mom. I picked up the call.


“Hello mom,” I spoke first.


“Clara how are you doing?” her voice came.


“Im fine mom, and you?” I asked.


“Im fine too dear especially now that you decided to listen to I and your younger sister,” she said.


I sighed. “Danelle told you already?”

“Yes my dear,”


“What did she tell you mom?”


“Uhmm that you are considering the Drake because you’ve realized that he loves


you truely and wouldn’t hurt you in any way,” she said.




I sighed. “Mom don’t listen to that girl. Im only going to talk with him and clear the guilt that im feeling, nothing more. How can Danelle talk so much,” I said with a little bit of anger.


“Well Clara, you see, everyone had advised you, including Louisa but you still


think you are taking the right path. I think we are gonna let you be now. You may follow your heart, which ever way it leads you, you go,” she said.



‘Follow your heart. Follow the truth’


“I talked about coming down to see you Clara but im really very busy. I hope im


given a leave soon so I could see you my daughter. It’s been six months now!” she said.


I sighed.

“Mom, what do you think about this two statements, ‘Follow your heart and follow


the truth?” I asked.


There was a minute of silencebefore she cleared her throat.


“Well in my own understanding dear, I would say following your heart is like


doing what your heart wants without minding about every other thing but that cos your heart wants you to And following the truth well, doing what is right no matter what it may cost you. If you must know, the heart can be wrong at times and deceitful too. It might lead you to the wrong path But you see the truth, is never wrong nor deceithful. It will always lead you to the right path….




Hours later:


………………………… ………………..


I was on my way to Seashore Resort.



‘Sometimes life is just not fair. That person you choose to be with isn’t who life want you to spend your life with.


Maybe it could be who you despisw and hate so much.


Life is suprising with too much twists.


How can the one who was a good man now seen and regarded as the bad man while the bad man is now seen and regarded as the good man.’



I shook my head and stared out the window.


‘Mrs Rogee told me to folllow the truth but does it really mean that it’s Drake? Ofcourss not.


But my heartbeat is starting to increase bit by bit as we apprpach the resort.




It’s not as if this is gonna be the first time im setting my eyes on Drake. Wjy is my hearbeat increasing?


I gently placed my hand there, on my chest. It was like the action suddenly reminded me of the dream I had.


The kiss.


I licked my lips and that kinda shocked me when I realized what I just did.


I shook my head and unpacked my hair and repacked it right in the cab.


“Are we getting there soon?” I asked the cab driver.


“In twenty minutes ma’am,” he answered just like an alarm, my heart beat raised


high. It was uncontrollable. I couldn’t control it.


What’s wrong. Why’s my heart beating and why are the fireworks back.


I inhaled.


‘I should be at Degred now with Noah but here I am, heading to Seashore resort to


see Drake cos everyone wanta me to, my mom, Danelle, Johanna, Louisa, My conscience and guilt. All of them. No one wants Noah only my heart but why is that same heart beating now?




I placed back my hand there.








Getting out of the cab, I hung the hand of my purse on my shoulder and after breathing in and out, I walked into the gates of Seashore Hotel to behold its beauty.


My heart beat hadn’t stopped beating loudly and for the first time, I dialled Drake’s


line and called.


It began ringing.


I inhaled and placed it on my ear.


He picked up at the second ring like he’s been expecting my call.


I can’t believe my heart skipped when I heard his voice, calm and just the way it only was.



“Clara, I can see you, look up at the second storey, you gonna see me,” he said. I did and truthfully, I saw him which made my heart skip again.


“Room 104,” he added and ended the call.



The way he sounded seem rather harsh and it only made feel worse.


I wondered what he’s been passing through all this while.


I inhaled and followed the walkway leading to the building.


I walked up the staircase and found the room. The door was slightly opened.


I swallowed and grabbed the doorknob, opening the door open wide, I saw Drake standing in my front.


I suddenly felt hot. My stomache clinged like it’s never done before.


For the first time I realized how smoking hot Drake is.


I still held the doorknob while he stood in white short and black polo which hugged out his abs and packs.



I felt mute. All I had summarizes in my head which I would say to him suddenly vanished off my head.


The way he stared at me. His eyes on mine, gave me goosebumps.


He pushed his hair back and with a lick on his bottom lip, he got closer to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I just could’t.


He dropped his hands and took my left hand. I swallowed.


“Claraaa,” he called in the softest tone i’ve ever heard from him or anyone else not


even Noah.


He brought his other hand to cup my cheek.


That same sensation I could remember vividly came rushing through me that instant.


His eyes became tender and calm as they stared at me in a way I could only describe as love and desire.


“Clara, I miss you,”he said.


I inhaled.


He got his face so close to me.


I tried moving back but he halted me



“No no don’t try it. Just stay still please,” he said in the most softest tone i’ve ever heard.


He stared deeply into my eyes. His own were too charming.


“I thought that I coulf stpp this love but I couldn’t. Each time I try to, it only make


it increase. The love I have for you Clara is pure and true,” he said and raised his brows in a very handsome way.



Without taking his eyes off mine, he shifted and slammed the door shut with a kick of his foot


He smiledand touched my hair.


“You are realy very beautiful. Last night, I dreamt of you and I. We were standing


at the middle a garden sorrounded by beautiful flowrers. We held hands as we professed our love to each other, then-” his eyes fell on my lips. “-we kissed. It was wonderful,” he said shocking me to the bone.


It was the exact dream I had.


“Did did you say in a garden? we kissed?” I asked.


“Yes,” he said with a smile.


I gasped with utter confusion.

“It was the same dream I had last night too,” I said.



He raised his brow and before I could resist it, he pushed his lips to mine and his hand went to my hair as he pulled out the band holding my ponytail hair. My hair fell to my shoulders.


I couldn’t protest. I let him kiss me.


His hands trailed down to my waist and held me there.


He withdrew the kiss and looked into my eyes.



“Clara, kiss me back please,” he said with pleading eyes and before I could talk, he resumed the kiss, now more passionate.


Maybe I lost it in a minute time.


Maybe it was his pleading.


Maybeit was the sensations running through my spine now but you can’t believe, I gave in and began kissing back.


It grew into a hot passionate kiss of desire



I dropped my purse which fell to the ground and he pushed me to the wall in a very careful way and began to undress me, not quiting the kiss.


I know i’ve lost it but nothing mattered at that moment.


My emotions seem not to care.


My feelings, my body! Even my love for-


He unhooked my bra and it fell with my gown leaving just my pant.


He shifted back a bit and pushed his hair back as his eyes spoke of pure want for me.


“Clara, I can’t believe this,” he muttered and with that, he drew back and resumed


the kiss.


He pulled off my pant and dropped it far away.


I couldn’t do anything.


I felt helpless to the touches he began giving me. I even moaned.


He carried me to the bed and dropped me on it then moved back and rubbed his eyes like this is actually a dream.


He shook his head unbelievably and pushed his hair back.


“Clara, you can’t believe how beautiful you are. God!” he said in a voice filled with


lust and with that he took off his shirt and walked to me with our eyes at each other’s.


He pulled off his short and the rest and I closed my eyes.


Soon I felt him ontop me.


“Clara open your eyes and look at me,” he whispered softly.



I slowly opened my eyes to swee his handsome face close to mine.


He was inbetween my parted legs, na.ked.


He smiled in the most seductive way. It suddenly made me wet.


He touched my nose with his index finger and trailed it down to my lips.


“If I ever wanna be with a woman for the rest of my life, it’s you Clara,” he said.


I swallowed.


“And if I tell you, I wanna be with a woman for the rest of my life and that woman is you Clara,” he said.


I couldn’t talk. I kept staring at him. He smiled and glanced at my lips.


“Today is my luckiest and most happiest day,” he said and kissed my lips.


He pulled away.

“I know you don’t want this but im sorry, I can’t help it. I wanna make love to you.


It’s been one of my wishes and today, it’s gonna be a reality,” he said and kissed me again, longer this time and withdrew.


“I love you Clara and im gonna make you feel good,” he whispered and with that, he kissed my neck. Only that kiss caused a moan to escape from my lips.


He kissed me down to my p***y


He did so many things to me.


He touched me in a way i’ve never been touched before.


Finally he made love to me.


We made love, or we had sex.


No we made love.


Whichever one but it was beautiful. So beautiful.


When it all has ended, he kissed my forehead and cleaned me off himself.


“Thanks for making my wish a reality. This marks the beginningof our love,


nothing’s ever gonna make me loose you Clara,” he said and I eventually slept off after he gave me a water to drink.


I woke up maybe hours later, to see red flower petals lined up in a love curve on the side of the bed with a little red box at the middle and a rose flower laying beside it. A red champagne and two wine glass too. It was too beautiful.


The room smelt so different and more nice, like summer roses.


I glanced at myself and saw that I was still na.ked but covered in the white bedspread.




I turned my eyes to the door to see sim standing there in smiles.


He wore a red shirt now and a black trouser.


I covered my boobs well with the bedspread.


He walked towards and knelt in front, of me, facing the beauiful thing he did.


“Clara, you are my idol woman. You made me break the promise which I made to


myself. I wonder how you found the keys to my heart cos you unlocked it and rented that part of my heart where love and irresistable owns but the you decided not to live there again and I felt shattered. I felt broken like a human who’s heart has been crushed into tiny particles.


I left to mend my broken heart but I forgot to leave you behind cos you never got outta my heart and my mind. I tried getting you out but i couldn’t. And then luckily for me,” he paused and smiled as he took the flower.

“ wish came true.”


He stretched the flower to me, “I can’t loose you. I don’t mind if you still love him. Just let me love you please. Allow me to love you Clara.”


I swallowed.


“Please don’t say no to me. I love you so much Clara,” he said.


I tried to pack my hair but found it was loosed.


He removed the black bangle on his wrist and gave it to me.


I packed my hair with it and it relieved my nervousness a bit.


“Will you give me a chance Clara?” he asked.


“Chance for what Drake?” I finally talked.


“To be in your life as your love and you as mine, to prove my love for you to you,” he said.


I thought for a while. Then took the flower and smelt if. It smelt wonderful.


I looked at him with an unsure smile.


“Yes I will” I said.


He smiled and got up then picked up the small box, opened it and brought outa golden necklace.


He came to the bed, from behind, he kissed me on my neck, then wore the necklace on my neck and back hugged me.


“It look beautiful on you,” he whispered and kissed my neck again.


I touched the necklace.



“It’s a symbol of my love for you, please keep it safe,” he said then withdrew his backhug and took the champagne.


He opened it and poured into both wine glass. He sat at my front.

“Here” he said and stretched one to me. I took it.


He smiled. “Thanks Clara for giving me a chance to prove my love to you, thank you so much, let’s toast ” he said.


And we did and drank the wine.


He dropped his empty wine glass.


“Come take a shower,” he said.


“Im unclad,” I said, a bit shy.


He smiled and got down from the bed.


“I’ll go get you dinner, what would you like to take for dinner?” he said.


“Anything,” I said.


He smiled.

“Alright, I’ll be right back.” he said then kissed my lips and walked out.



I breathed out and glanced at the glass cup half filled with red wine then back at the closed door and without thinking twice, I knew Drake truely is inlove with me.


But what about Noah?


I don’t know. I reeally don’t know.


I touched the beautiful necklace again.




Well end of season 1 of TBBD.

Hope you enjoyed it?

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