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The Bad Boy Diary – Episode 10

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Written by, Rejoice




#Chapter 10








**Clara’s POV**


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“Blinggggggg!!” My alarm bell rang, waking me up from my three hours sleep.



5am.. I have to be at the hospital before 7am.


Today Dr Campbell’s surgery on Mr Row has been scheduled by 9am.


I yawned, rubbed my dizzy eyes as I rolled my self out of my comfy bed. Walking to the switch, I switched the lights on and walked to my wardrobe. I picked out my work dress, picked out my shoes and underwears, and layed them on the bed.


I moved over to the bathroom to freshen up.


I brushed my teeth and took my bathe.


Soon, I was dressed in just my white undies as I walked out to the kitchen to make a quick coffee with bread.


I ate hurriedly cos it was already 6am.

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I dropped the dishes and rushed back to my room to dress into my white dress, wore my shoes, forgot about makeup on my face as I picked my bag, my phone and my car keys and hurried out after switching the lights on.


My bad.. it’s already 6:30.


Time goes so fast.


I have just thirty minutes to get to work.


I shut the door and hurried to my car, I ignited the car but confusely, it didn’t start.


Oh my God.. not this morning, not today.


I had the tank filled last night while coming back from work.


What’s the matter now.


I ignited it again, same thing happened. It did’t start.


Oh no no.. It’s 6:35 already.


Gosh… You really need to start, you this car.


I tried it again, but it seems it’s not gonna even try to start.


What am I going to do.


Ohh.. go for a cab! but it’s not so easy to get a cab this early morning!



“God.. You have to make this car start for me. This is about my work, my life.” I muttered fearfully.


I ignited it again, it just didn’t obey!


I got frustrated.


I decided to go for a cab.


I came down, carrying my bag with me and slammed the door with anger as I hurried to the road for a cab.


Oh.. thank goodness, I saw a cab coming just immediately and I waved at it.



It stopped at my front and I entered.


There was no other passenger and I was happy.


“GraAvantees Hospital. Don’t stop for another passenger. Im gonna pay. Please


hurry up. I need to get there in fifteen minutes” I said.

“Alright ma’am.” he said and sped off.






**Drake’s POV**


I was done dressing up for work, and fixing my ties on the full length mirror beside my wardrobe when my phone rang.


I walked to the bed to pick it up but seeing the caller, I ignored the call.




This bitch won’t quit troubling my life. Like what the! im done with her.


Can’t she understand that I don’t date. I don’t fu.cking date.


I gotta deal with her for her to understand.


It stopped ringing and I was done with fixing my tie.


I spread some cologne, I picked up my briefcase, my phone and my car keys and walked out.


Walking outside, I shut the door, and headed to my car to see Clara’s car still packed over there.


I felt like seeing her. I just felt.


I walked to her apartment and rung the doorbell.


I had waited for minutes before checking at the door and realizing that the door is locked.


“Gone to work without her car?” I muttered worrriedly.



I hope she’s safe.


What happened to her car?


I walkee over to where it was packed and scanned around it.



“Maybe it’s had fault this morning and she had to take a cab.” I said and headed to my car.


Wish I saw her, would have driven her to work.


*I smiled.


Maybe she’d appreciate with some intimacy… ahh damn.


Clara wouldn’t do that.


She loves her boyfriend, blah blah.




I drove off.






I was happy all through the ride to work, with thoughts of how im gonna get Clara… how im gonna smatch her ass and all..but once I was getting close to the bank, fear overtook.


Franco’s arrest.


The cops coming for investigation.


Damn me.


Im acting like a twerp..


I can face this. I ain’t a drug dealer or whatever.


I drove in, pulling at the bank parking lot.


I got out with my briefcase and walked into the bank, seeing the faces of the


securities looking nothing like alarming, I walked into the elevator to the fourth






The faces of my colleagues and that of the Manager and senior staff weren’t pleasant at all.


I inhaled.


Today is gonna be a really long day.






**Clara’s POV**


Carrying the surgery equipments, I stared at Dr Campbell as he spoke with Dr Edwardo Avantees on the phone.


The time said, ‘8:35am’



“Yes sir. The records this time were complete and correct. I am ready and so my nurse. We are stating the operation at 9am.”


“…Yes sir. She’s fit for this. I don’t need another nurse on this. It’s time already.”



“I believe sir. We are going to do our best. I won’t fail you sir.”



Then the call endeded.


He looked at me and I could see some sort of fright in his hazel eyes.


I have to tell him something encouraging.


“Nurse Adams.. did you pray this morning when you woke up?” he asked.


“I did before I slept.” I said.


“And it’s about this surgery?”


“It’s among sir.” I said.



He breathed out.


“Sir, you have to take away every fear. You can do this doctor, you have been a


doctor for fiftteen years like you told me and you’ve lost not more than two patients. I believe this surgery’s gonna be a success. We really need to go now. It’s twenty minutes to nine o’clock sir.” I said.


He glanced at his wristwatch.



“Let’s go.” he said, heading first, and I followed behind, carrying the surgery equipments.


God, please make this surgery a success.






**Noah’s POV**


We drove, reaching Reaching Cooltow bridge, and turned left to Demac… it races down to Gateways where the clients were waiting.


Donald is driving with Dad and I at the backseat.


Three of dad’s boys are at the other car, driving in front.


Everyone was silent as we drove to Gateways.


Gateways was a deserted railway which had been abandoned with the train transportation stopped over twenty years.


Soon we were close to Gateway and we could sight the two cars of the clients waiting with two men in black overcoat standing outside.


I smiled.


New millions is about to be ours in few minutes.


We pulled to the other side, opposite them and the three boys stepped out immediately with each person holding one silver briefcase.


That’s where the stuff are packed.


One of the men standing opened the door and a man in brown overcoat and cowboy hat stepped out.


Mr Don Catter.


A black man


He nodded at his men and they opened the second car and brought out three briefcase.


There was a quick exchange.


“Done.” dad said to Mr Don Catter and they shoke hands.


“Complete.” Don Catter said, as we shoke hands too.


“Complete” I said.






Soon, we were on the road, driving back to Nestreet.








<b> Okay, who really is the bad boy in this story?


Drake or Noah.


Seems Nurse Clara has a thing with bad boys.


The BadBoy Diary






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