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Teens’ Heart – Episode 92

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# Chapter 92


Story by, Rejoice












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# Alexandra ‘s POV


When Steph came out from the washroom, she said, she’s alright but I don’t think she is.


We gotta talk.


We all walked down the cafeteria to eat.Walking towards the cafeteria, we saw J and Chris coming up.


They were just coming out from the cafeteria.


When we got to them, J came to me with a cute smile.


Chris had to talk to Steph and Eve as well.


But Steph and Chris smiles to each other where something else.


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Something’s already going on.


Lol.. Im happy.


“Hey, pretty girlfriend.” J said, and touched my cheek.


I blused.


“Be in class quick. I miss looking at your pretty face and talking with you in class.” He said and smiled sweetly..


Talking with me in class?


When last did we talk in class tho?


Then he pecked me on my cheek, withdrew and smiled that killer smile at me..


I know people are staring.


“See you in class babe.” He said and touched my cheek again.


When they left (J and Chris), Eve breathed.


“Wow. seems im gonna be the only lonely girl here.” She said.


I laughed, “Why?” I asked, looking at her.


Steph did too.


“Do I really gotta say it out to you girls? Oh come on. Im famished.” She said and moved ahead.




At the cafeteria, as we ate our meal, I recalled what Eve had said about Molly’s plan.


Eve proved to be the best friend..


And Im sure gonna suprise her.


I looked at her pretty face as she ate her spaghetti.


“Eve..” I called her in a very low tone.


She looked up, Steph looked too.


“Thanks for kicking that girl on the face. Thanks for showing how much you appreciate our friendship.” I said in the same low tone.


She dropped her fork, and smiled at me.


“You don’t have to thank me Alex. I would do more.” She said.


“Im gonna talk to Jeremy and he’do help get you into the girls dance club. We don’t need Molly to do that.” I said and sincerely, Im gonna do that.


I know Jeremy can do it.


“Yeah, that’s right. He can.” Steph said.


Eve got silence for awhile.


“Don’t think so much girl. Im gonna do it.” I said.


She let out a cute smile, “Thanks alot Alex. That would really mean a lot to me.” She said and I smiled.


“But you gonna do one thing for me.” I said and winked.


She looked at me and giggled.


I know I sounded somehow like the way Molly must have done.


“What’s that..? I will gladly do it.” She said.


I laughed, Steph just stared, probably anxious about what I wanna tell Eve to do. “You gonna dance for us, I mean Steph and I. Show us what you got girl.” I said with a wink and we all laughed.


I hope we ain’t causing so much stare with our laugh.


“I will gladly do that.” Eve said with a smile.


They were minutes of silence as we continued with our meal, then this time, Steph broke it.


“I wanna say out something.” She said in a very low tone.


“What’s that Steph?” I asked.


“Chris.. He asked me out today. I accepted. Im going out with him after school.” She said.


I smiled at that.


“Wow… Im left.” Eve said.


“Are you regretting that you did?” I asked Steph.


“No… I just think he’s gonna ask me to be his girlfriend and… and I think Im gonna accept.” She said.


Ofcourse you got to! He loves you.


“Steph. Do what your heart says. Chris really loves you tho..” I said quietly to her.


“I will.” She said with a smile.




[Lunch Over bell rings] We were done finishing up our meals over thirty minutes ago and just sat here at the Cafeteria, chitchatting about important and unimportant things.


When, the lunch over bell rang, we stood up walked back to class.


Steph walked into her class, after we said,


“See you when school’s over” to each other.


Eve and I walked to our locker and took our History books.


Then we walked together into the class..


There were just few people in class yet.


Jeremy and Chris are on their seat.


Jeremy has his headphone on and his legs on top his desk and he smiled at me immediately our eyes met.


Chris’s eyes are on his phone..


Molly isn’t in.


I turned and walked over to my seat…. I got stunned!


The guy who was supposed to be sitting in Jeremy’s front, was seating right on my seat.


He looked at me with his glasses on.


I furrowed my eyesbrows, looking really confused.


“Im sorry, Alex. Our seat position got changed back.


Jeremy wants you back to your formal seat position at his front and me back to mine which is here.” He said.


“What!” I snapped! and turned to Jeremy.


He was just giving me those stupid killer smile of his and then winked at me.


I turned to walk to him and once I turned.. I saw the cupid love drawing and


writting on the board.


J loves ANDRA..


And his handwritting look really cute like him.


My heart melted.


I inhaled and walked to him.


But how could he just order my seat position to be changed! huh!


“Welcome back to your seat babe.” He said and let out that sweet smile of his.


I looked at Chris and he’s staring at the both of us.


I turned back to Jeremy and he still had that smile on his lips.


This punk!


Okay, don’t deny it Alex. You are happy to be close to him in class again. Ain’t you huh?


Oh yes,I am..


Nevertheless, I hit him hard on his shoulder..


A playful one tho. Lol.


“Ouch!! Babe..” He yelled, rubbing his hand on the side of his shoulder where I hit him.


I ignored him, turned and gently sat on my new seat.


Okay, this was my seat anyway.


Until he made me change my seat position. But now, he did his unbelievable things and im sure he scared hell outta that poor guy to leave this seat.


Jeremy! Always rude.


Now,he’s sitting at my back again.


Staring at me right?


Looking at my hair huh?


Is he smiling or frowning?


Arshhhh… I desperately wanna see.


“I love you Andra..” His voice whispered from my back.


Arshhh! Argh!


“You make my heart beat fast.. Do you have a stethoscope?” He said.


“Stethoscope for what?” I asked.


“So you can listen to my heartbeat. It beat really fast for you Andra.” He said.


I closed my eyes and opened them back.


The History teacher walked in.


Why isn’t Molly in class.


When Mr Hart turned to the board.


He saw the drawing and words on the board and he turned back to the class.


“Jeremy Taylor.” He called.


“Mr Hart.” Jeremy answered.


My heart began beating fast, like it did at the hall.


“You know it’s wrong to write such on the school boards.” He said.


“Nothing seem wrong to me when Andra is involved.” Jeremy said..


My heart exploded.


What he just said got me!… I felt my legs shaking under my desk.


Mr Hart smiled at him,.before turning, then wiped off the writting to start his teaching.


“Gosh. Im so happy you’re at my front now.” He whispered to me.


“How did you do it… You got that guy scared huh?” I asked.


“I can do anything for you Andra..” He said..


I smiled.


“I wanna learn J..” I said, cos Mr Hart began teaching.


“Yeah. Me too babe. Exams on the way, you know.” He said.


I giggled.


I don’t wanna care if eyes were on me.


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# Jeremy ‘s POV


I know I was making her smile and I felt soo happy..


I really love this cutie of mine.






When school over bell rang, Andra was about standing up but I pulled her back down on her seat.


“We’re going somewhere Andra.” I said.


“Where?” She said, turning to look at me.


Her eyes narrowed.


“Somewhere cool. I just wanna spend sometime with you there.” I said.


“Fine..” She said and I squeezed her hand.


She laughed quietly.


“Hey lovers. Im going to check on someone. Catch you guys lera. I guess that would be tomorrow.” Chris said and turned to leave but Andra called him back. “Chris..” She called and he turned to her, smiling. Can’t he quit smiling to everyone huh?


“Take care of her.” She said with a sweet smile..


Arghh! Her smile is so sweet.


I just gave him a thumb up and he winked at me and walked away.. I stood up and pulled her up…


Then turned her chair to face my desk.


“Sit babe.” I said.


She laughed and then sat down.


I sat down on mine and we were facing each other now.


“You’re so weird J.” She said with a smile.


“Im more weird now that Im inlove with you.” I said with a smirk smile..


She laughed.


I stared her…. from up her cute hair, to her sparkling eyes and down to her pinky


lips and down to her….


Okay J…


My babe is a damsel..


“I love you Andra.” I said..


I cant count how many times I’ve said this words to her today, but I dont mind


saying them a million times each day to prove how much I’ll keep loving her every


minute and every hour that passes.


She smiled.


“I love you too J..” She said.




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