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Teens’ Heart – Episode 79

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Chapter 79 Story by, Rejoice












Steph’s POV


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“Steph” Alex called me as she rushed to me and grabbed my hand..


“It’s fine. I gotta go. He does’t want me here.” I said to her.


“Steph.” I heard someone else call me.


I looked at the direction the voice came through and there, stood Chris.


I can’t deny that he looked so cute.


He walked to Jeremy and said few words to him that I didn’t hear.


Then Jeremy looked at me, then at Alex.


Chris turned and walked towards us..


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My heartbeat raised.


I suddenly liked the way he walked.


I suddenly fell inlove with his black hair.


He stood in my front and smiled at me.


I got no idea how to act towards him now. I’ve been mean to him ever since.


“Steph.. Im sorry for all he said. Please don’t leave.” He said.


I just stared at him.


“It’s fine. He still don’t want you to go see his dad.” He said and I looked at Jeremy.. He had his hands in his pockets, stood far and watched us. Alex still held my hand.


“I’ll go talk to him.” Alex said and tried to go over to Jeremy but I pulled her back.


“Im fine Alex.” I said.


“Alex.. Don’t talk to him now.. He might get really annoyed.” Chris said.


She inhaled.


“So you want Steph to leave then?” She asked Chris.


“No way..No.” He said then turned to me.


“Steph.. Please come with me.” He said.


“To where?” I asked.


“To… to the cafeteria outside.” He said.


I pused to think.


“No. Im leaving.” I said.


“Please Steph.” He begged.


I looked at Alex..


“Steph, go with him.. I’ll talk to Jeremy.” She said.


“Fine.” I breathed.


I looked at Chris and he smiled awkwardly.


He’s actually a cutie..


He stared at me, then turned towards the passageway that leads outta the hospital building.


I followed him..




# Alexandra ‘s POV


After they walked away, I walked over to Jeremy.


He looked at me without uttering any word.


I didn’t either.


We just stared at each other for what seemed like forever..


Then he blinked.


“You.. you can’t keep staring at me that way.” He said and then took my hand and we walked towards the hallway that leads to the room his dad is. I love this hold.


The way he held me.


“Thanks for coming Andra..” He said.


I smiled.


He’s just too appreciative.


“Jeremy..” I said.


“Andra.” He said.


I smiled and nudged his shoulder


“You shouldn’t have talked that way to Steph. She’s my friend and she’s cool now.” I said.


“Andra..” He called and then stopped and turned to me, looking into my eyes and I looked into his as well.


“Andra.. I don’t need her here. I don’t need crowd to know about my dad now. I need just you and Chris here, cos you guys are the best people I’ve got now.” He said.


Wow.. Im the best person he got now?


What about Molly?


I bet she don’t know about his dad accident yet.




We got into the room and his dad still layed on the bed, his eyes closed.


“He’s been checked by Dr. Sam this morning and he said, my dad’s sure to open


his eyes before it’s 12pm.” He said.


“It’s fine. He would.” I said.


He then turned me and pulled me into him.


Second time today..




I felt his chin on my ahoulder as he hugged me still..


“Andra?” He called softly.


“Huh?” I said.


“If.. If my dad wakes,. Im gonna say out something to you.” He said.


“What’s that?” I asked.


What could that be??


“Uh… I can’t tell you now. I’ll tell you when my dad wakes up.” He said.


“O.. Okay” I said.


Suspense is gonna kill me!


What’s he gonna say to me?


“Andra..” He called again.




“Do you know you’re amazing?” He asked.




“I…Im I?” I asked.


“Ofcourse you are.” He said.


My cheek turned pink.


# Jeremy ‘s POV


I smiled and pulled away as I stared into her eyes.


This sparkling eyes..


Then my eyes went down to her lips..


I recalled I kissed this lips yesterday but Im craving to kiss them again.


I went back to look at her eyes.


She blinked them.


“Moni would be here in a short while.. Im messy. I need to take a bathe.” I said and chuckled.


“But my dad..” I said and turned to him.


She did same.


“He don’t wanna wake up and I don’t leave him.” I said.


She took my hand and held it tight and we stared at my dad…






#Steph’s POV


[At the cafeteria] He stared at me as I ate.


“Can you stop staring at me that way?” I said.


He just smiled.


He should stop smiling that way.


It’s getting on me..


Im suddenly feeling for him..


All those while I got apart from Steph, I really felt lonely.


I felt bored and seeing Jeremy and Chris liking Alex so much angered me cos I never made them to like me.


I felt jealous and horrible but I never wanna admit that..


After I saw Jeremy’s hand over Alex shoulder at the basketball field at school.


I felt like im missing something..


I couldn’t help… it so I gotta make up with Alex and so I did.


Im happy she forgave me. But I wanna make up with ones too.


Chris, Jeremy.


I really wanna be happy.


“Ain’t you gonna eat something?” I asked him.


“Should I?” He asked.


Like seriously?


“I don’t know.” I said…. Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons below…


“Im nor hungry.” He said and smiled.


I shrugged.


“How’s his dad?” I asked.


“I don’t k.ow what to say.” He said.


I don’t know what to say too, so I just kept silent.


“Steph… Im really happy you’re here with me. Even though I feel really sad cos Jeremy’s dad is on the sick bed, but seeing you here have brightened me up. I love you Stephanie. Please stay with me.” He said and my spoon got stucked in my mouth hanged in my mouth.


I got it out and back to the plate.


I inhaled, then grabbed my bottle water and drank it much longer than expected.


I then dropped it and inhaled again.


He was staring at me all this while.


“Thanks for coming. Even if J isn’t happy you here. I am and he knows that.” He said.


I stared at his eyes.


Those eyes are charming…


Way too charming..


I wish I could love back Chris..


Okay, I want to love you back Chris. But I can’t.


I don’t wanna hurt you.


“Steph.” He called.


“Huh?” I answered.


“Tell me the truth.” He said.


“What truth?” I asked.


“Im I so bad for you?” He asked.


I swallowed and just drank more water.


I don’t know what to answer.


He smiled and just watched me.


# Chris POV


My heart tells me that she wants me.


It tells me that she loves me now.


She’s drinking so much water cos she can’t say im bad for her.


If It was those times she was all neddy, She would have said it before two seconds clicks.


Arghh! Im so happyyyyyy…


“You drinking too much water Steph.” I said to her.


“Cos I want to.” She said…..


Argh! You lying.

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