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Teens’ Heart – Episode 77

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Chapter 77 Story by, Rejoice











# Jeremy ‘s POV


Dad didn’t wake up all through the night.

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And now it’s morning..




Chris slept on his seat when it got to midnight.




I couldn’t.. Not when my dad haven’t woken.


I stared at him.

“I miss you dad.” I said.


Just then my phone vibrated.


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The witch calling.


I ignored it and went on to watch my dad.


Why the fu.ck is she calling?


Like she care about daddy or me…


Just then, I saw his fingers move.



“Dad?” I called sotly…


“Dad you awake?” I called out to him softly..


But he kept still, his eyelids never moved.


I sighed.

“Dad, I’ve been here staring at you and you don’t wanna wake up. What’s wrong?”


I said.

“Do you wanna leave me?”


“No he can’t.” That was Chris voice behind me.


He has woken up.


Sleepy head!

“He’s gonna wake up.” He said, rubbing his eyes.




# Alexandra ‘s POV


I woke up, with a slight headache..




I know why tho, cos I slept so late.


I went for my phone first.


Bad habit. ugh!


To check for Jeremy’s message but saw none.


So I got up, slide my feet into my flipflop and walked out to check Lili.


She was right at the breakfastbar, Making mixed fruit grind for dessert..


I walked to her and backhugged her.

“Goodmorning Lili.” I said.


She looked closely at me, “Slept early? cos your eyes are just inside.”She said. “I slept quite late Lili. I guess I slept around 2am in the morning.” I said and sat


down on the chair beside her.

“You still need some sleep dear. You should go sleep.” She said.


I shook my head.

“I wanna go to Washington Hospital to check on Jeremy.” I said.


She looked at me and smiled.

“You’re such a nice friend to him. Im.sure he’s gonna appreciate that if you do.”


She said.


I smiled.


“I wish I could come with you but I really don’t wanna barge into their family matters now.” She said.

“It’s okay Lili. I’ll tell you everything when im back.” I said.


“Anything to tidy up before I go?” I asked her and she shook her head.


“No. You just gonna eat.” She said.


“And have some drug cos I got slight headache.” I said, touching the right side of


my head.

“Cos you didn’t get enough sleep. I’ll give you some drug.” She said.


“Yeah I know.” I said as I watched her pour out the juice into the jug beside.


“Im gonna resume work next month.” She said.


“Wow!…” I exclaimed, feeling happy.


She smiled.


I felt happy, she’s been staying home all this while.


Im glad she’s gonna be going out soon.

“You might miss me Alex, cos I come back really late.” She said.


“I don’t care Lili. I just want you to be happy.” I said.


She looked at me with a smile.

“You’re amazing Alex.” She said.


I smiled as I recalled that was what Jeremy said to me too.


Im I actually amazing?

“Im really lucky to have you niece.” She said.


“Me too Lili.” I said and hugged her.


Then we heard the doorbell ring.

“Who might that be?” Lili said.


“I’ll go check.” I said and walked out to, to the door to check.


Might be Jeremy..


But he can’t leave his dad..


I opened the door and Wow….




She grinned awkwardly..

“Stephh.” I called.


“Alex… Im sorry.” She said.


I just hugged her.


I remember she texted me but I didn’t reply although I was very happy within.


I miss her. I miss our friendship.

“I miss you Alex.. I wanna make things right between us.” She said.


“I miss you too.” I said, still hugging her.


“Alexx… Who’s at the door?” Lili asked from the kitchen, but I guess she was


coming out now.

“It’s Steph. She’s here.” I said.


I took Steph’s hand and we walked in and I closed the door.


Then Lili came out.


She smiled at Steph.


“Hello Steph. We miss you.” Lili said, smiling.


Then came over and hugged her.


I smiled.

“Don’t go away again.” Lili said to her as she pulled away.


“I won’t. I promise.” Steph said.


“Im going back to the kitchen.” Lili said and headed out towards the kitchen.


I understand. She wanna give us space to talk..


I sat down on a couch and Steph sat down too, beside me.

“Thanks for forgiving me Alex.” She said.


“I gotta do that. Thanks for coming around. Im happy you did.” I said.


“I heard something..” She said.


“What??” I asked.


“That.. that you and Jeremy are now official friends.” She said.


I looked at her and smiled.

“Yeah, I think. We are friends now.” I said.


Not just friends. I love him now. I suddenly do.


Not after seeing his tears and loving the way he kissed me there in his car.


She became silent.

“I wanna tell you something..” I said.


“What’s that?” She asked.


“His.. his dad got into an accident yesterday while he was coming back.” I said.


Her eyes widened and she blinked.

“Oh my God!..” She exclaimed.


“Jeremy’s tryna make it not to get to the mass and crowd.” I said.


“Is he badly injured?” She asked.


“His legs… and would have to be on a wheelchair till its all healed.” I said.


“He took you to his dad?” She asked.


“I went with him.” I said.


She went silent.

“..And Im gonna go to check on him this morning at the hospital.” I said.


She looked at me.

“Can I come with you?” She asked.


Wow…. Im I actually dreaming?


If i am. Then this one’s a good dream.

“You wanna come like seriously?” I asked, not quite sure about her decision.


“Yeah. I want to..” She said.



“Okay. I’ll go take my bath and dress up.” I said and got up.


“I’ll just put on the TV so you don’t get so bored.” I said with a smile and went for



“Thanks.” She said.


I rushed off to the bathroom after letting Lili know Steph’s coming with me.


She just smiled and said.

“She’s changing.”



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