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Teens’ Heart – Episode 70

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Chapter 70 & 71 Story by, Rejoice














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# Jeremy ‘s POV



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When she walked to her seat, I inhaled and walked to my seat.





I smiled at Chris.





He’s been smiling like an idiot.





I punched him slightly..


“Hey dude, what’s up?” I said.





“I enjoyed every bit of it.” He said, smiling.





I punched him slightly again.





Molly was looking straight.





But I called her anyways.


“Hey Babe.” I said.





She ignored me.





I know she will..


“That picture on your wall was superb. God..” Chris said.





“Talking like you ain’t the one who took it. punk.” I said, smiling.





He laughed.


“Your dad’s still coming today?” He asked.





“Yeah.. I can’t wait dude. I miss him.” I said.





“We miss him too,.you know. Ellas do.” He said.





I smiled.





Then Ms Lorrane walked in.







# Alexandra ‘s POV





As Ms Lorrane taught…





I wasn’t concentrating.





I was thinking about that horrible dream that I had.





I wanna tell Jeremy. I can’t hide it from him..





Im gonna tell him.





I let Ms Lorrane get through with her teaching, and when she left, I stood up and walked to my locker to send Jeremy a text message, but I met three girls standing in front of my locker.





“Hey bitch..” The tallest girl among them said immediately I got to them.





“Excuse me?” I said.





“You so ugly. Ugh! You shouldn’t be friennds with our handsome Jeremy.” The





second girl said.







“She’s a dummy.” The third girl said and they laughed.





I rolled my eyes.


“Get away from my locker.” I said.





“And if we don’t huh?” The first girl said.





I was about replying them when I saw Molly walk in.





They turned and walked away immediately they saw her..





She walked up to me.





Her face expressionless. I wonder why she’s here..





To make troubles?


“Hey..” She said just immediately she got to me and stood in my front.





“Molly..” I said.





“What if I congratulate your friendship with my boyfriend bitch.” She said. Bitch?





I could reply her in which ever way she wants.., but I got more important thing to do now,





Texting Jeremy..





I wanted to text him to come out of class that I got something to tell him. But since this devil is here.,





I’ll just send everything to him.





Tell him about that horrible nightmare that I had.





Im scared that I can’t keep it away from him.





I turned to my locker to open it.







“Hey, you gotta look at me when im talking to you.” She said, as she forcefully





pulled me to face her.





I breathed and just stared at her.








“Im gonna warn you girl,..” She said, taking her eyes down from my feet up to my head.





“…Stay clear from my boyfriend cos he don’t fu.cking need any fu.cking female friend.”










I crossed my arms and still stared at her.


“..Im the only girl for Jeremy.. Im the only girl so close to him, im his girlfriend. so





don’t fu.cking bring your damn self close to him ever again or I’ll make you understand what it means to step on my toes, bitch!” She said.


“You’re his girlfriend. Everyone knows… And he knows that you are. You





shouldn’t be paranoid that he made me his friend. It’s never gonna change the fact that you are his girlfriend and he is your boyfriend.” I said.





She rolled her eyes.


“Ohh, gosh! you so disgust me!” She said.





“Im not gonna warn you next time. Stay away from my boyfriend. He’s mine





alone. Get that into your dull skull!” She said.


“Im not gonna do that Molly.. Jeremy and I are friends now and you can’t stop me





from being his friend.” I said.





She scoffed a laugh.





“You know, you’re so stubborn though. It’s a warning Alex. Stay away from my boyfriend.” She said.





Just then, I saw Jeremy, he just walked in and stood a bit far.





Molly was backing him so she can’t see him.





Then our eyes met and he began walking towards us, his hand in his pockets.





“Hi bestie..” He called and walked to me, crossing his arm over my shoulder. Argh! This crazy guy, why’s he acting crazy in front of his girlfriend!


“You fine?” He asked, looking at me.





“Not really.. I’ve got something to tell you.” I said.





He looked at Molly.





She was fuming, I know.





We are just friends. Why would she be so upset about it.





Is he thinking she is included in what I wanna tell him?





#Jeremy’s POV





I was in class when I saw Molly walk out, just after Andra did.





I knew Molly is up to something and it got to do with Andra.





So I got up and came over.





I saw them talking back at each other and I was right.





I hate Molly now. Im seriously hating her and I got no idea why.





She’s my girlfriend, yeah, but the truth about it was that we did a game. It was Truth and Dare game.





We played it some night at the club, Tht was three months ago.





Chris, I, Molly and some other crazy friends, we played it together.





Molly and I were just friends then.





It was time for Molly to ask me and I said, Dare.





And she dared me to make her my girlfriend for two weeks.





I laughed and accepted and it was fun.





And when the two weeks ended, I couldn’t break up with her cos I was enjoying our game relationship.





She was a fling and I loved it.





So she just went on being my girlfriend.





Not that I fu.cking love her or gat any fu.cking feeling for her.





I just like her craziness and her party freak ways.





But now, I just think Im gonna end this game shit.





And I know it’s cos I got Andra.





Though she’s just my friend but I feel… I feel im gonna try something stupid soon.





Ask her to be my girlfriend.










She saw me and when our eyes met, I walked over to them.


“Hi bestie..” I said and walked to Andra. And crossed my arm over her shoulder.





I looked at her.


“You fine?” I asked.





“Not really.. I’ve got something to tell you.” She said.





Something to tell me?





I looked at Molly.





Did she hurt Andra ?





I’ll deal with her if so.





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I promised to protect Andra and i’ll do just that.





I turned my eyes back to Andra.


“Come,” I said and walked away with her.





# Molly ‘s POV





I felt like yelling out so loud when he walked away with her, without even talking





to me!





Fuck it!!





I clenched my fist and clenched my teeth in so much anger.





Gosh! I can’t bear this!!



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