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Teens’ Heart – Episode 68

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Chapter 68 Story by, Rejoice






Alexandra ‘s POV


I woke up the next morning with fright…


My heart pounding on my chest.


I just had a bad dream..

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About Jeremy’s dad.


God! It was scary.


His dad was in a Coma and… and Jeremy was far at the door,crying out so loud. God! Where is Lili!


Jeremy’s dad is coming home today and I had such a frightening dream about him.


I got out of my bed and rushed out to find Lili.


I checked her room and she wasn’t in.


I checked the kitchen and there she is in a blue nightie.


She’s making bread toast.

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I walked to her.


“Goodmorning Lili.” I said.


She turned and smiled.


“Goodmorning dear. How was your night?” She asked.


I looked at her with worried eyes.


“Lili. I heard a bad dream.” I said coldly.


Her eyes widened.


“Oh my God..” She said and wiped her hand on the dishtowel, turned to me and played her hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes.


“Tell me about it dear.” She said.


I blinked my eyes.


“It’s… it’s Jeremy’s dad. It was a hospital and he was in a coma, still and cold. And…and Jeremy stood far at the door, crying and calling him. ‘Dad, I need you, please don’t leave me. Please I don’t want you to leave me dad’.” I narrated with a worried voice.


She stared for awhile and then inhaled.


“It’s… it’s really a bad dream Alex. Didyou pray?” She asked.


I shook my head.


“No, Lili. I was so scared, so I rushed down to tell you about it. His dad is coming home today Lili. I feel so scared and worried.” I said.


She inhaled and hugged me.


“It’s fine Alex, nothing’s gonna happen to him okay.” She said and withdrew.


I nodded.


“Go prepare for school dear. By the way, I was thinking of talking to Steph tomorrow, when I go to the grocery store. I’ll stop by her house.” She said. “I miss her.” I said.


“I know you do. Maybe she’s in a kinda trauma and needs time alone.” She said.


I inhaled.


“It’s fine. I will go take my bath.” I said and left to my room.


Steph isn’t really on my mind now.


Yeah.. Im missing her so much.


How we use to laugh and go to school together in her car and gist along.


I miss her.


But right now, all that’s right in my mind is Jeremy’s dad.


That dream.



Why must I dream such a horrific dream dear Lord? When the man is probably on his way.


“Oh God!” I breathed out and joined my hands together in a quick prayer. “God, I really don’t want this dream becoming a reality. I really don’t want tis dream to happen God. Please.” I prayed as my heart beated.


Just then, my phone buzzed.


A message.


From Jeremy, I know.


I got my phone and it was him.


I was feeling really scared and worried.


<b> Hi Bestie, just woke up. U up?


# I_inhaled .


Should I let him know about this dream?


How would he feel if I tell him such a horrific thing?


He might get really worried or he might laugh it off.


I don’t know how he’s gonna react.


I typed,


<b>Im up and preparing.


# It_sent .


He replied seconds later.


<b>Alright bestie. I’ll be there in the next sooonn.


What_should I reply him? <b>Alright, Im waiting.

I_dropped my phone, then headed for the bathroom.






Jeremy ‘s POV


I called my dad after sending Andra the last message.


Dad picked up.


“Hello dad.” I spoke first.


“Hi son, you up. Hope your night was good?” He asked.


“Yeah. It was great.” I said.


All thanks to Andra’s pictures.


“Dad, when will you be heading to the airport?” I asked.


“In three hours time.” He said.


“Alright dad. Can’t wait to see ya.” I said,excited.


“I miss you son.” He said.


“I miss you too dad.” I said.


“Preparing for school?” He asked.


“Yeah.” I said.


“Alright. You go on. Bye okay?” He said.


“Yo. Bye dad. See ya soon..” I said.


“See you too son.” He said and then the call dropped.


I smiled.


I love my dad really much cos he cares for me so much.


I miss him alot and can’t wait to spend sometime with him.


I logged into facebook to go through my last night upload.


More than a thousand Likes and so many comments.


I smiled and laughed as I went through the comments.


And seriously, I checked to see Molly’s comment but saw none.


Lol. Why would she comment anyways?


When she’s so mad that I uploaded this.


Oh fu.ck her!


I’ll fu.cking break up with her if she tryna act so stupid.


I dropped the phone, got up and headed to the bathroom.


I stared at myself in the mirror for awhile before taking out my toothbrush.


My hair.


Andra said she doesn’t like my plaited hair. Would I look more good without it? Umm…


Maybe Im gonna try that shit of keeping unweaved hair.


I hate that but..Gosh! I just wanna do it for my bestie, you know.


I can’t deny that Im developing a feeling for Andra…


I know it’s that kinda feeling that everyone who had felt it said it’s LOVE.




It’s strange and sudden, but im falling for Andra.


I can’t deny that I don’t just want her as a friend but…. but as..


As someone so close to me…


As my girlfriend..


Oh fu.ck! What am I even thinking about?


Fuck love.


We just friends..





Humm .. Jeremy don’t wanna accept dat he loves Andra even though he feels it and knows that he do.


And Alex just had a bad dream about Jeremy’s dad.


God, I hope nothing happens to him.

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