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Teens’ Heart – Episode 55

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Chapter 55 Story by, Rejoice












Jeremy ‘s POV [Continues] School got over and Andra and the girl walked out together.


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Why the fu.ck should they be walking together huh! I hissed and stood up and walked out to meet them.


They are both talking as Andra got her bag and closed back her locker.


I walked over and grabbed her hand.


She looked at me.


The girl did too but I gave a glare and she looked down.


“What’s this huh?” Andra yelled.


I glanced at the girl again, then back at Andra.


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“Come with me okay?” I said and pulled her along.


The girl raised up her face and stood, staring.






“Let go off me!” Andra said as we got to the hallway.


I let go of her hand.


“Why would you let that girl be your friend!” I said.


She raised her eyesbrows.


“What?” She asked.


“You can’t be be friends with her. She’s fu.cking poor!” He said.


I just don’t anyone walking with her to her locker. And intruding.


She gasped.


“What? you’re so unbelievable!” She spat.


“Don’t be friends with her!.” I said.


She shifted a littlw bit away from me.


“Are you such a jerk! I’do be friends with whoever that I wanna be friends with.


Who are you to tell me not to be friends with Eve huh!” She barked.


Ohh. Her name is Eve.


“I don’t want you guys being friends don’t you get?” I said. “Fuck you. You know what?” She said, glaring at me. What?


“…I hate who you are.” She said and turned to walk away but I grabbed her.


“I..Im… I just don’t want you to be friends with that girl.” I said calmly now.


“Leave my hand.” She said.


“Are you gonna walk away?” I asked.


I don’t want her to.


“Let go off my hand first!” She half yelled.


I did.


She crossed her arm and stared at me.


I love her eyes.


“What’s your reasons?” She asked.



“She’s a damn girl from a wretched home. She’s on a fu.cking scholarship here.” I said.


“And?” She said.




“Nothing else.” I said.


“Well, That doesn’t change that she’s a girl like me and I ‘do rather be her friend than be a friend to a jerk like you!” She said and walked away.


I shut my eyes, inhaled and opened them back to see her walking away with the girl.


I stared at Andra.


Im feeling so sad.


Damn.. why?


I should be fu.cking angry.


“Hey guy” I heard Chris voice behind me.


I didn’t turn. I kept staring at Andra, walking away with the girl.


Chris came over and stood beside me.


“Tomorrow’s gonna be you guys one week friendsip anniversary. What do you think?” He said.


chuckled. That’s right.


Even though she accepted to be my friend on thursday. I made her my friend on tuesday.


“She’s quite upset with me.” I said.


“Huh? why?” He asked.


“Cos I told her not to be friends with that black girl, Eve.” I said.


“The one with her?” He asked.


“Yeah. I just feel she shouldn’t come in.” I said.


“Dude, you can’t tell her who to be friends with. Come on man.” He said.


I chuckled.


“Is your heart beating fast?” He asked.


“No.” I said.


“Ah, you’re not inlove.” He said.


I looked at him.


Cos it seems my heart is beating fast.


“When it beat fast?” I asked.


“Then you’re inlove.” He said.


I chuckled.


“Oh fu.ck that. Don’t talk nonsence.” I said.


“Im serious man.” He said.


“Im not you, you know.” I said.


“Oh sweet.” He said.








# Alexandra ‘s POV


“I heard all he said.” Eve said as he walked towards Steph’s class.




“He told you not to be friends with me cos im damn poor.” She said.


I stopped and pulled her into a hug.


“My dad is just a cab driver and my mom is on wheelchair.” She said, sobbing already.


“Im sorry Eve. Don’t think about what he said. No one tells me what to do okay?”


I said as I felt a tear drop from my eye.


She withdrew and looked at me.


Tears in her eyes.


She look so pretty.


“Are you guys friends?” She asked.


“You mean Jeremy?” I asked.


“I don’t know what we are.” I said.


She stared at me.


“Let’s go.” I said and held her hand as we walked into Steph’s class. Found her


packing her books.


She looked up at us.


“Im sorry guys, had physics practical today. It takes quite a time.” She said.


I smiled, recalling she has said that to me before.


She stared awkwardly at us.


“Why are your eyes kinda red?” She asked.


Eve smiled.


She was about saying something but I cut in.


“It’s nothing. Told me a little about her mom and we shed few tears.” I lied.


She glanced at me.


Why are my tryna hide what Jeremy said about Eve to Steph?


I have no idea why but anyway, I just did.


“Aww.” Steph said as she walked over and hugged her.



“I wish I was with you guys to shed some tears too. It’s been a while I did.” Steph said.


Good you weren’t with us.




At night.


I had my shower and walked to bed to sleep.


Then I just felt playing few songs,


I scrolled to Tatiana Manaois, Like you.


you gotta get up..


you gotta get up and make a move.


cuz the world will never see you until you do..


No they don’t really care what you’re going through..


so you’ve gotta show ’em baby


you gotta show ’em the real you


you gotta give ’em what you got


no don’t let them say what you’re not,


cuz you are strong


you are wise..


you are worth beyond a thousand reason why… and you can’t be perfect baby cuz nobody’s perfect darling


but no no no there’s nobody in the world..


Like you…


A message came in.


I wanna ignore it cos I know its Jeremy, but seconds later, I was going to my message inbox.


And I read the message.


<b> Im sorry Andra.


I_rolled my eyes. Though I felt happy inside.


He said sorry to me, for the second time. The song played on.


…and you can’t be perfect cuz nobody’s perfect darling


no no no there’s nobody in the world like you…


you know you’re worth cuz you know that you can’t be perfect baby


cuz nobody’s perfect darling..


i love you just the way that you are


i love you just the way that you are..


My love..


it’s like the stars in the sky


oh, when you look in my eyes..


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oohh.











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