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Teens’ Heart – Episode 44

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Chapter 44 Story by, Rejoice






Jeremy ‘s POV


“Hey Moni. Im off to school, bye.”I said out to Moni who was coming up the stairs and I was running down.


“You look so happy today. Your face is so bright and you got a heartful smile. Are you sure you’re going to school actually?” Moni asked, staring at me.


“Yeap. I am.. Oh never mind. Im happy. So be happy that I am.” I said with a grin.


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Rushed off the last steps and over the door as I pulled it open and over to my car.


I jumped in, dropping my bag, and zoomed out of the house.


Why am I so eager to get to school?


Last night, she was all on my mind till I slept off.


Why the fu.ck do I have to think about her?


I still can’t believe im tryna make her my friend?




I have no idea… but I just see myself wanting to be around her.


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Did all this feeling start just yesterday that I saw her crying?


That I hugged her?


That I held her for so long.


Hurting her and saving her as well.


Arghh.. Fuck it. What stupid feeling am I talking about anyways?


I hate to feel such way.




But can I say she’s gonna forget my pullover today too?


I wish she would. LOL.


So I’do… I’do.


I’do do what?


I’ll take one of her books.




I can’t fu.cking wait to get to school.


Arghhh.. Jeremy stop acting so weird!




I got to school and pulled to a stop. Grabbed my bag and got down from the car.


I walked down the hallway, to my locker and dropped my bag.


Grabbed my phone and walked to class.


No Andra.


That was annoying tho, so I just walked out of class even though Chris was in. I should be calling her snail right?


Yeah, but I can’t help it.. I just wanna go on with Andra.


I walked down and out the hallway then I saw Steph’s car.


It drove and pulled to a stop just close to my car.


I don’t know why but I instantly felt happy.


I turned and walked back to the class.


I walked up to Chris.


“Hey dude. What’s up?” I asked.


He just smiled, focused on his phone.


I sat down on my seat and drummed my fingers on my desk as I waited.


And then she walked in.. With my pullover in her hand.


I hissed.


She walked up to me.


“Your pullover.” She said, stretching it to me.


“Why did you bring it!” I said, feeling annoyed.


My plan has failed.


“Huh?” She asked, staring at me, confused.


Chris did too.


I inhaled.


“Now, they will know I really gave you my pullover. You shouldn’t have brought it or you could have just kept it in your locker.” I whispered.


She just stared at me.


“Why staring that way at me?” I asked.


“Cos you’re just unbelievable.” She said, turned and walked away, out of the class.


I hissed.


“Dude, thought you guys are friends now?” Chris asked.


“She’s so dumb and annoying!” I said.


Why couldn’t she just forget the damn thing.






Alexandra ‘s POV He’s always a devil!


Always arrogant and annoying. Jerk!


I threw the pullover into my bag and bang the locker close!


You’ll stay right there!


“Wow. That must be my J’s pullover..” I heard a voice behind me.


I turned and its Molly. She’s in all smiles.


Witches in movies will always smile when they are about to do something devilish.


“Lemme have the pullover.” She said, stretching out her hand.




“Why?” I asked.


“Huh? my boyfriend’s pullover and you fu.cking asking me why I should have it!?.” She barked.


“Yeah.” I said.


But she pushed me out from my locker with force. I never saw that coming.


“Fine.” She said and tried to open my locker open but It was locked.


She turned to me.


“Gimme the key.” She said.


I just turned and was about taking a steph when she dragged me back. I flung my hand away.


“Don’t tryna mess with me girl.” She said.


“Then you gotta respect yourself so no one mess with you.” I said.


She glared at me.


The bell rang for classes. We had Statistics..

I need to take my books.


She smiled, knowing very well im gonna open my locker to take my books.


“Molly..” I heard someone call.


We turned and its Jeremy.


“What’s happening here Andra?” He asked, coming to me.



“That question should be directed to your girlfriend.” I said with the anger boiling in me.


Molly ‘s POV


What nonsence?


He asked her that question when it should be me he should ask. And Andra?


And seriously he went to stand beside her. When it should be me!


“Molly, what’s up?” He asked.


I fumed.


This is just too annoying.


I turned and stormed away.


I’ll deal with this.


I’ll end this fu.cking friendship. This never gonna happen.




#Jeremy’s POV


I watched Molly walk away.


I know she’s annoyed, I’ll talk to her after.


I turned to Andra.


The way her lips were a bit agape made her look really cute. She stared at me like im kind of ghost.


“You always love staring at me. You wondering why am so cute huh?” I asked, smiling.


I like the way she roll her eyes when I say things. Just the way she just did now.


“Don’t think you’re so cute. I told you.” She said.


I like the way her lips were curving now. Where did you get such lips from girl?


I was tempted to ask her but I didn’t. “Do you like statistics?” I asked her. “Why do you wanna know?” She asked.


“Cos I hate it. You should come with me to somewhere cool to avoid the boring subject?” I asked.


She turned to her locker and opened it, Ignoring my question.


“So do you hate it?” I asked. “No!” She snapped.


“Fine.” I said,


“What’s going on with you and Molly?” I asked her.


“She needs your pullover. And here it is. Have it.” She said as she got out the pullover and stretched it to me, with her left hand.


She’s a leftie anyway.


“Keep it. Im sure you like it.” I said.


I just don’t want it again.


“I don’t. Have back your pullover. I cant have it after you did that at the hallway cos of it.” She said.


I rolled my eyes.


“Can you stop talking about it?” I said, getting quite angry.


“Take it.” She said.


“Im not gonna take it. Have it. Can’t you just fu.cking have the damn thing huh?” I yelled.


“I can’t!” She snapped…. Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons below…


“Is this friendship really gonna work this way? With you not accepting anything I say huh?” I barked.


“What damn friendship are you talking about huh?” She asked.


I inhaled, got my hands into my pockets.


“Let’s go somewhere cool.” I said.


I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.


“I can’t go to anywhere with you. Do you get it?” She said.


“Shouldn’t you be happy about it. Are you so arrogant and pretentious?” I said.


“Are you so proud huh?” She said, going for her books. She got them.


I smiled as an idea came in.


She closed back her locker and turned to walk out and I grabbed the two notes in her hand.


She glared angrily at me and at her books which were raised high up in the air now.


“Don’t be such a bitch and gimme those books.” She said.


“Are you gonna come with me or not?” I asked.


“Lemme have those books!” She yelled.


“C’mon you can go to class now without the books. Im sure you gonna learn quite great without them.” I said with a smirk smile.


I like the way her face is now.


Frowny and getting angrier.


Why does she look cute even when she frowns?


So cute.


“Lemme have my books now you devil!” She said, staring at me with evil eyes.


I smiled.


“Can’t you miss class just to be with such a cute guy as me huh?” I asked, making a smirky face.


Im sure that annoyed her more cos she shut her eyes tight and opened them and they became more fury. And her fist were clenched.


“You must be an asshole to think that im gonna do that!” She fumed.


My hand were kinda hurting me now tho.


I just wanna bring them down.


Ah! Why can’t she just accept to come with me.


What’s so special about Statistics anyways.


“For the last time, Gimme those books. ” She said.


I was going to bring it down soon.




My hand hurts fu.cking bad now.


“Are you coming with me or do you wanna miss your dear books?” I asked.


“You can fu.cking have them!” She said and tried to walk out but I pulled her back.


Brought down my hand and stretched the books to her.


“Here. Have it. You so annoying tho!” I said angrily.


She grabbed it and then walked away.


“Arghh, My hand almost fell off. Such punk!” I mumbled, stretching my hand.


Then I turned and walked down the hallway, and out towards the school garden.


Fuck Statistics.




#Molly’s POV


I eavedropped.


I saw everything.


When he took her books.


He held them so long and the brat’s face wasn’t good one bit.


I heard everything..


All the time he asked her to come with him?


To where?


But now he gave the brat her books and she walked back to class.


He can’t tell me to come with him and he wants that brat to?


What’s going on suddenly?


Whatever it is. I can’t just fu.cking bear it.


Now he is walking out towards the hallway.


Im gonna follow him.


And I did.




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