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Teens’ Heart – Episode 29

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Chapter 29


Alexandra ‘s POV [Continues] I closed the car door and waved Steph goodbye as the car drove off.


Even though we had a cool chat there in the car, I still felt hurt by her words.


It made me understand that I can’t just let her know about the kiss.


I walked over to the door and pressed the doorbell button. Lili opened the door in no time.


“Alex dear.” She said, as she pulled me into a hug.


“Lili.” I said, letting out a fake smile.


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She stared at me.


“You look unhappy dear. What’s the matter?” Lili asked.


“Im fine. Today was kinda stressful.” I said.


She pulled me in.


“No dear. This isn’t about stress Alex. You gotta tell me what’s the matter ok.”


She said.




“Oh Lili. Im fineeeee. Ok?” I said, heading to my room with my bag now in my hand.


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“Alex.. How do you feel when you lie to me? Do you feel that im happy? I know something is wrong. So you gotta talk to me ok.” She said, insisting.


I turned to her.


“Okay. Fine. Lili.” I called.


“Yes dear” She answered with a smile as she got nearer.


“Do you think its okay if I dont be friends with someone who Steph isn’t friend with?” I asked her.


“Is it Jeremy?” She asked.


I wonder why she would think he’s the one.


“Not him. But he’s friend.” I said.


She stared at me.


“Chris is nice and cool Lili. But Steph haven’t seem to notice that. Im sure its cos she’s not in the same class with him. But Chris is cool and not in any way arrogant and rude.” I said.


“Have you tried to make her understand that?” She asked.


“Yeah but it seems she don’t like him at all and she’s as well judging him by Jeremy’s manners.” I said.


“Its okay dear.” She said, pulling me into a hug.


“You don’t have to be enemies with someone cos your friend is ememies with


him.” She said.




She withdrew and placed her hands on my shoulder.


“Yeah. All you have to do is, help the both of them become friends. And there would be love and happy friendship.” She said with a smile.


I smiled.


“Thanks Lili. You are such a wonderful woman. I love you.” I said and hugged her, and gave her a peck.


“Thanks for telling me this. im happy.” I said.


Lili ‘s POV


I smiled.


Feeling happy that I could tell my niece things that could help her build her friendship.


But there’s something I needed to tell her.


Ms Ashley.


She called at afternoon, pleading me to beg my dear niece to accept that her seat position be brought back to Jeremy’s front.


And I can’t do that without letting Alex know I was the one behind her seat position at Jeremy’s front.


I can’t tell how she’do feel to hear that.


I don’t want her getting disappointed in me. But Ms Ashley is getting fired if I don’t do this. “Lili?” Alex called.


“Yes dear.” I said, smiling.


Even though My heart beat raised now.


“It seems like you wanna tell me something. Do you?” She asked.


I smiled.


“Yes Alex.” I said. “What’s that?” She asked.


I closed my eyes.


Yeah, Lilian. You can say this. Try it. Just do it. I opened back my eyes and smiled at her.


“Its about your seat position in class.” I said.


I saw her face change.


“What about it?” She asked.


I cleared my throat.


“You see Alex. Ms Ashley called me..” I said


“You two communicate with each other?” She asked. I nodded. “Yes we do.”




“She’s pleading that you should accept for your seat position in class to be changed back to Jeremy’s front.” I said.


“Why should it?” She asked.


“Cos she’s gonna get fired if it doesn’t.” I said.



“She won’t get fired Lili. Oh, I just wanna go and take a shower. I’ll be out after that to eat.” She said.


I sighed.


“What did you you cook Lili?” She asked, smiling.


“Pasta, tomatoes and egg.” I said.


“Wow, sounds delicious.” She said, turned and walked away to her room.


I inhaled.


I pray Ashley don’t get fired cos of me.


Oh God!


Why did I start this at the first.




# Jeremy ‘s POV


“Oh bye Jeremy, Im so happy you are making it to school early now. Oh gracious God keep you this way now and always. Amen.”


Moni said as I rushed out of the house to my car and drove to school.


That brat was going to be back to my front today.


And I felt quite excited about it.


Or won’t she?


Oh c’mon. Ms Ashley would have to do something so she doesn’t get fired.


Who wanna get fired as a worker in Ellas.


I got to school and pulled to a stop. Got down and walked into the hallway to the class.


I was anticipating and expecting to see the snail back at my front and give her some mockery smile and smirk laughs but to my very shock and just inbelievably, I saw here there, Still sitting at her new seat position, and going through a whatever book.


What the heck!


What shit is this?


She looked up and seeing me, she went back to the book.


Chris wasn’t in. Just Molly.


Ms Ashley. How dare she!


I turned and headed to Ms Ashley’s office.


Im getting her fired!


#Alexandra’s POV


He walked out and I knew just exactly where he was heading to.


Ms Ashley’s office.


No. No way.


I stood up and rushed after him.


I caught up with him just before he could enter into her office and I pulled him.


He turned.


“Get your hands outta me!” He barked.


“What are you tryna do?” I asked, standing at the door and blocked his entering.


“To get that thing fired.” He said.


“Cos of what?” I asked.


“C9s your seat isn’t where it should. She isn’t doing her duty right!” He said.


“That’s a lie!” I said.


He scoffed.


“If you don’t gerraway from the door. Im gonna kick you out. Snail!” He said.


“No way.” I said.


“Then watch me.” He said and pushe me out of the way, even though I tried hard not to get pushed off but he was stronger. He stormed into her office and I followed.


Ms Ashley stood up, just immediately Jeremy stormed in.


“Jeremy.” She called in a scared tone.


“I gave you just yesterday, to do your duty so well but you couldn’t!” He barked at






“She is doing her duty as the class mistress!” I said.


“You are fired! Ms Ashley MacGeorge.” He said.


“She isn’t!” I retorted, standing in his front.


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