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Teens’ Heart – Episode 13

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Chapter 13-15 Story by, Rejoice












Alexandra ‘s POV


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I winced as I felt his lips on mine.


What! What the heck!


What in the world is he doing?


I stared at him with shock.


He kept kissing me on, without minding the horror look on my face. I can’t believe this!


It was just too unbelievable.


I forced my lips off his and tried to push im away but at the process of doing that, I


lost balance and staggered backwards.


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I stopped breathing.


My pulse stopped.


I felt my cheek burning.


I was going to fall off this balcony and im gone forever.


To my mom..


I shut my eyes so tight…. Waiting for my death!


But then a hang grabbed me and pulled me back.




He pulled me into him.


I puffed as he held me tighter.


Why is he holding me so tight that I can hear his heartbeat?


And why did he save me when he should be happy I was gonna fall?


And why the hell did he kiss me?


“Why did you kiss me!?” I yelled, trying to pull away from him.


Im quite ungrateful right?


“I just saved your ass and you should be saying million thanks to me. Are you this arrogant huh!?” He yelled, still holding me tightly.


What! After kissing me?


“Let go off me.” I said giving him a fierce look.


“And if I don’t?” He stared at me.


I displayed my teeth and then looked at his hand.


He laughed.


“You gonna bite my hand?”


“Exactly. So let me go now.” I said.


“Nop.” He said, giving a smirk smile.


Is he this stubborn huh!


“At the count of five. One….Two….T




But he still held me tight, staring at me.


“…Five!” I went for his hand, but he released me just in time before I did.


“Okay fine, Don’t be a dog.” He said.


I gave him a five seconds angry glare before running out into the narrow hallway


and down to the long staircase.


Im a little scared but I went on.


“God! I can’t believe he kissed me.” I said as I touched my lips.


How do I explain this to Steph?


Why did he had to kiss me?


Is he this weird and crazy!


Do I look so cheap in his face?


And oh my God!, I almost fell off that horrific balcony if not for him.


Why is there even such a dangerous balcony in a school?


He kissed me. Oh he kissed me!


I feel like i’ve been used!


All this happening in just one day!


How can my first kiss be with such an arrogant bitch.


Oh my!


I can’t wait to wake up from this nightmare.




# Jeremy ‘s POV


I got my hands into my pockets as I stared at the back of the school through the Open balcony.


“That girl’s so weird. Showing me her teeth?” I said and laughed.


So funny!



“What’s her name anyway? and why did I feel that strange way when I kissed her? And why did I kiss her?” I asked myself, chuckling.


“And she almost fell off here. What would have happened to her?” “Arghhh!”


I scratched my neck.


don’t wanna think of it. So horrific.




#Alexandra’s POV


When I got back to the Literature classroom, I saw no student in, just the teacher on her desk going through her notes.


She looked up at me.


“Miss, I hope you’re alright?” She asked. “Yeah. I am. Im Alex.” I said.


“Im Ms Vivian.” She said and went back to her notes.


I walked to the seat I sat then to take my books and boom! I saw nothing like my books on it.


Nothing like a book either.


I scratched my head and around the classroom, I went searching for them.


“Alex, you’re searching for something?” I heard her ask.


I turned to her.


“Yeah I am. My poetry textbook and my Literature notebook.” I said. “Oh here they are.” She said, getting then out from her desk drawer.


Oh thank goodness!


Thought the devils might have thrown them away.


“Thanks Ms Vivian.” I said, taking me from her.


“You’re welcome but you should thank Chris Ray as well. He got the books before they could get them.” She said.


Chris Ray?


“Who’s Chris Ray Ms?” I asked.


“Oh, you don’t know him yet. He’s Jeremy’s bestie. The guy you had_” “I know him.” I cut her short.




Why’s that guy helping me?


“Alright Ms. I will do that. Thank you.” I said. “Hope he didn’t hurt you? Jeremy.” She asked.

Everyone knows him!


“No.” I said simply and walked out of the classroom.






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