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Teens’ Heart – Episode 11

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Chapter 11 & 12


. Story by, Rejoice






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Alexandra ‘s POV


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“Let go off me!” I yelled as he kept dragging me through the hallway to God knows where!


And the grip was too tight.. It felt as if my wrist is gonna fall off.


“Don’you hear me!?” I yelled again.


“Just shut up, you little snail. You deserve everything im gonna do to you, punk!” He said.


I deserve everything he’s gonna do to me?


“How the hell do you meet someone the first time in your class and you pick a fight with her same day!” I asked with so much annoyance.


He ignored me and kept dragging me until we were out of the hallway and turned towards a staircase.


He dragged me along, climbing the staircase.


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“You’ve got to tell me where you are taking me to!” I yelled.


He ignored, dragging me and I almost hit my feet on the stair block.


“Jeremy!” I yelled.


The staircase was just too long that I felt we were gonna keep climbing forever.


My legs felt my legs wobbling.


He kept dragging me.


And I can’t pull away cos his grip is so tight.


“You know what, you really so arrogant!” I yelled.


“Shut the fu.ck up!” He said.


Thank goodness, we finally climbed the last step and then we turned to a narrow hallway.


The hallway is a bit dark and echoes each of our step and whatever noise we made.


It was quiet and scary here and I prayed for my dear life.


Im dead sure we are on the last storey.


“Let me go off me.” I said, feeling really scared now.


“Not yet.” He said with a frown.


“Where are we and why the hell did you bring me here?” I asked.


He dragged me on till we were out of the little hallway and then found ourselves out on a not so large balcony with no rail or bar attached at its floor edge.


Just an open balcony and looking down, I could see how small the cars and flowers in the school ground now seem.


We were actually on the last storey and its the sixth storey.


Here looked like death!


My heart raised. Jeremy still held me and when I tried to pull away, He held me


even tighter.


So I let go.


He smiled… Its a mockery smile tho.


“You said im sick huh? Im filled with sickness right?” He said.


I ignored, staring at him with anger and fear as well.


He grinned, “Do you see how far the ground is from here..Look over?” He asked.


I ignored, though I saw it.


I was praying deep down in my heart for a saviour.


“As a sick person that I am, Im gonna take you to the edge of this floor and let go off you to fall all down, so I can see if actually you gonna die or just break your hands. Your nose.. your legs or your mouth.” He said with a wicked smile. “Do you have the heart to do that?” I asked.


“Ofcourse. Im gonna do that right now.” He said and then grabbed my waist.


My waist?


Why my waist?


We faced each other.


“You’re scared? Well, this is how sick people act. Weird.” He said and stepped forward, causing me to move backwards. He continued this step, slowly and slowly.


I got scared. We were so close to the edge of the floor and with just one push, I’ll


be going down to my death!


Oh my God!


Lili, where are you?


Stephanie, I need you.


Mom please come….


Tears were already gathering in my eyes.


How did I ever try to be in Ellas.. and why did I try talking back to a devil! I was almost at the edge.. So close to my death.


I stared at Jeremy with opened mouth.


He had a determined frown.


“Jeremy stop..” I said coldy.


He did.


“Are you gonna cry and beg me not to do it?” He asked with a grimaced.


“Don’t do this.” I said.


“Beg me. I wanna see you crying.” He said and began the slow step again.


I shut my eyes.


“Jeremy stop! Stop it!!!” I yelled out so loud.


He stopped, followed by a laugh.


“No one’s gonna hear you. So just save your fu.cking life by begging me and crying.” He said.


I know I couldn’t do it..


I can’t beg him..


I’ve got to do something.. Anything.


I got an idea.


I don’t know how the idea seem but I did it anyway.


I gripped hold of him.. Tightened my grip aound him.


“If I eventually fall off, You fall with me too. We fall together and die. Im never gonna let you push me from here without you going down with me.” I said, holding him so tight with my heart beating so loud and fast.


I thought of my mom…


She must be in heaven, waiting to recieve me.


I miss her so much and wouldn’t it be better to go and be with her? This life is filled with wicked and dangerous people. People like Jeremy..


People like my dad.


I held him tight, not wanting to get pulled off from him.


Though I expected to be pushed off but he didn’t and Im wondering why. Why isn’t he moving?


And he haven’t talked since I held him.



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