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Raped By Anonymous – Episode 19

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Episode 19



Loretta pov











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I was about to go out when I open the door and saw Helene at the doorsteps.


“Hey, you come back so soon. Why? Dalton is not around?” I said going through her bag.


But I froze when I saw that Helene was sobbing. I slowly raised up my head and look at her.


“Helene…what happened? Why are you crying?” I said The Innocent girl could not talk. I furrowed my brows.



“Did that idiot cheat on you?”


She suddenly hugged me.


“H-h….he is t-the o-one…” she said in between sobbing.


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I don’t understand.


“He is what? Helene talk to me” I patted her back.


“Dal…ton…raped…..he is…t..the…” Her voice trailed off as she burst into tears.


The realization was down at me.


“What?! Dalton is the one that raped you?!


“Uh…yesssss…” she was just crying.


I couldn’t help but pity her. What a fate!


So, they met again and still fall in love with each other.



What a destiny!


“Shh….” I shushed her.



“It..okay. Stop crying


She pulled back.









. Everything will be okay…”



“No…” she shook her head. “Everything is not fine. He raped me. He also kidnapped my daughter with the help of Stephan…I can’t let this go Scot free” she said still sobbing.


My eyes widened.


“So…you mean happiness is your daughter?”


She nodded.


“How did u know?”



“I was at their house hearing their *discussion with one elder man which I think is Dalton father. And to man the matter worst, Dalton is the one that* my father wanted me to get engaged with some years back”


I move back.


“This is serious. What a crude fate!”


“I….” she started crying again. “I can’t.. believe I laid with this same guy again”


I hugger her.


“Shh…stop crying dear”


“So, what next now?”


“I…don’t know. I don’t know, Loretta. I-I don’t know what to do”


“No matter what? you will forgive him…He is.. ”


She yanked herself away from me.


“No! *Forgiveness? It’s not in my mind right now. How can you ask me to forgive that kind of person? Never!” She brushed past me and ran inside.*


I sighed. I can’t go out anymore.


I was about to turn back when my phone started ringing.


I took it out and picked it.






“Guardian of angel?”


“Yes..where’s Helene?”









Dalton pov


Am doomed.


Helene is now angry at me. What will I do now? “Why can’t you tell her before?” My daddy said I look at him.


“Dad…am scared. I don’t know how to tell her. Dad, what should I do now?” He sighed.


“Go and see her”


My eyes widened.


“What? She will kill me, daddy” I stated


He shook his head.


“Go and see her first..whatever is it, face it first” My dad said “But what if she doesn’t want to see me or send me out?”


“Then I’ll go and see her. I mess this up and I’ll do my very best to make it right” Stephan said confidently


“Of course *you *should. I’ll go and see her father maybe he can help us coz son…you must marry her no matter* what” Dad did and walked out.



I was about* to seat down when I saw happiness behind Stephan.


“H-happiness..” I mumbled.


Stephan look back and saw her.


“H-hey..girl” he said nervously.


“What’s going on?” she said


“Huh? Em…nothing..” I lied.


“I called Helene and she told me that she’s coming but why is she not here since?” she said walking slowly with her hand behind her back.


“uh..s-she will…soon be here” Stephan muttered.


“Where’s grandpa?” she said


My eyes widened.


“H-how did you know?”


“I have been standing there since..” she pointed back to where she was standing.


So, she heard everything?


“You mean…?”


She nodded.


“You mean what? Who is Helene to you?” she asked frantically.




“Don’t you dare lie to me!” she demand.



I sighed then explained everything to her.


She nodded then turn back and was walking away.




She stood still.


“What?!” she said with broken voice.


“Won’t you say anything? Aren’t you angry at me?”


“What should I *do? My dad raped my mom…she found out the truth and got angry. She wasn’t even pick in* my calls. Should I be angry, sad or happy that I found my lost mother?” she face me.


“Dad, I have know since. I have learnt this truth since. But it beyond my power. Dad…this is an elder problem not mine. But truth to be *told..I am sad but am not angry at you. Whatever is it, you will always be my loving dad” She said* and ran to me.


I squat down in front of her and hugged her tight.


“I am sorry…baby. I am truly sorry”


“You don’t have to be sorry. It was mom who owns the apology.”


“Can we go together?”


She shook her head.


“No…go alone. All will be well” she said.











Lemma pov



I was nervous to knock at the door. I was at Aaron doorstep. I am scared. what if he doesn’t want me again?


I press the doorbell.


“Yes, who is it?” I hears a tiny and sexy voice.


My heart skipped. Who is that?


The door was open and it revealed a very beautiful girl.


“Yes…who are you?” she ask.


I checked her out and guess what?


She was wearing Aaron’s cloth. Her hair was blank and long. She also has cute dimples.


“Hey, hello?” She waved to my front.


I swallowed nothing.


“Em…I am looking for Aaron” She said


“Honey, who is that?” Aaron walked closer go us.


He was shocked to see me.


“Lemma?” he muttered


“Can I see you?” I said trying my best not to break down in front of them. Aaron pov



I was shocked and happy to see lemma. She came back for me.


I see the way she was looking at Debby. She thought she was my girlfriend.


I smiled inwardly.


“Say whatever you want to say here” I said put in some attitude.


She swallowed nothing and nodded.


Then she look at Debby.


“Who is she?” she said pointing at Debby.


“My girlfriend..” I said and hugged Debby waist.


Debby was confused but didn’t say anything.


“What? But what about me?” she said breaking down slowly.


“You left me…remember”


This is going to be fun.


Debby is my sister.








*Raped by Anonymous*

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