Overlook Love – Season 2 Episode 2

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I closed my eyes and assumed what was happening at that very moment. I swallowed a lump of saliva and composed myself. Tess is short, and the way she stood on her toes to reach Travis’ bare chest was out of the world, RED ALERT. She let go and sat on the bed exposing her humongous thighs. Travis took his shirt and left the room without saying a word. He looked pissed.


TESS: Why has he left?


JADE: Travis is shy and maybe he didn’t expect such a juicy hug from you.


TESS: First impression is important, I didn’t want him to think I am a stuck up person.


JADE: And so you thought rubbing your boobs on his bare chest is a good first impression.


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TESS: Did I rub or just placed them?


JADE: Stand up we go, Travis is ready.


TESS: Who is paying?


JADE: He will



TESS: I think that’s unfair. We too have money and can pay.


JADE: This is my friend and it is his treat. If you want to treat him then wait for him to ask you to, okay? Behave Tess, behave. Travis is just not any other man you meet on the streets and shag. He is a V8 class guy.


TESS: You really know how to put words the wrong way.


JADE: Suck it up baby girl. Go out there get a man and treat him well. Travis is out of bounds.

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TESS: Lord or mercy, you know one never gets a second chance to make a first impression, so I was just being me. Wild.


JADE: You are making it worse, can we go?


TESS: Yes madam.


I was talking seriously and she thought it was our normal jokes. I was going to watch her like a hawk. Travis was mine and mine alone. She made sure she was ahead of us on the stairs swinging her ass left and right. Travis pinched my arm and I didn’t know what for. Either he was intrigued or interested in what was in front of him. When we reached her car, she opened the front passenger’s doors and tried to usher Travis in. Bull crap


TRAVIS: I will sit behind. Jade can sit in front with you


TESS: You are our guest; we must give you VIP treatment.


JADE: Tess, you heard the guy. I will also sit behind with him.


TESS: That will make me look like a Taxi driver


JADE: Then let’s call a Taxi.


TESS: I am joking, you love birds can ride in the back.



We sat at the back and Travis held me so sweetly. I felt like a new born baby. I wasn’t looking forward to the clubbing; my mind was on what I had planned for him that night. I wanted to do for him things that he would never forget. I wanted myself to be fixated in my mind in such a way that he would think of me constantly. I believed in a future with him, even though he hadn’t realized that I was the woman for him.


We arrived at the club and it was already half full. We got a good spot at the corner and the party started. Travis as usual ordered a whole bottle of Jameson Whisky plus soda water. I asked for Coca Cola and you won’t believe what Tess said:


TESS: I think I will share Travis’ soda water.


JADE: Are you for real? How many of that soda are you going to order every now and then coz of sharing? Kindly order your own soda Tess.


TESS: It was a joke.


JADE: These jokes of yours are getting out of hand, limit them from now onwards.


I wonder what will happen when you get high.


TESS: Relax honey, I will be fine. I am just trying to create a good atmosphere for us all.


TRAVIS: Let’s party and enjoy, I am only out tonight, from tomorrow I will be so busy.


Our order came and Travis served us both before pouring for himself. Seeing him serve Tess almost tore one of my kidneys. I was so jealous and it was clouding my judgement. Tess was seated directly opposite us and she didn’t even care to close her legs. I Could see a white panty shining from beneath under. After a few minutes of drinking, Travis said he was going to buy a pack of cigarettes. I told him it was okay, he had not made two steps and Tess was already gossiping. I never knew that side of hers. Was it all hidden or she was just doing things to hurt my feelings after what happened with Ryan?



TESS: Jade, this guy is hot my dear. I don’t know how you resist kissing him. This is the Will Smith of Africa.


JADE: You want him?


TESS: Nooo! I am just admiring him. For real he is gorgeous. I can’t compare him to Ryan.


JADE: That’s true, Travis is Handsome, Kind, Composed and quite Intelligent not to mention super rich. That is why I am taking things slow, but eventually I know he will propose.


TESS: Good for you dear. I wish you the best.


JADE: Apart from Travis, have you spotted any one you’d wish to join us.


TESS: No, it’s not important. Your company is enough.


Travis came back and the party continued. I doubled my antennae booster. Tess was becoming a threat, all her conversation and observation she directed to Travis. She started talking of what happened with Ryan and how I am the one who helped her out of it. She talked of the things they did together, how she drove Ryan crazy in bed. I just listened like a fool. I was waiting for her to mention about the bribe so that I can hit her head with the whisky bottle. She didn’t


TRAVIS: You are lucky Jade helped you out of that mess. They could have milked your account dry.


TESS: Yes I know, but what they didn’t know is that, small money means nothing to me. I lose 1 million I get two more……I roll, I don’t fold.


Butch, she was high and showing off to Travis. She wanted Travis to see that they both belonged in the same class. There I was with only 2.5M and no car,not even a bicycle. Poor Jade. I was watching her very closely. I just hoped that Travis was not falling for her antics. I realized that she was still bitter that I investigated Ryan leading o their separation.



TRAVIS: Just move on and invest well. Your success will speak for you.


TESS: I think you should give me some business tips, Jade told me you have super IQ when it comes to investing.


TRAVIS: That’s true. Think of what you want to do and I will guide you accordingly.


TESS: Good. What time are we leaving this place?


TRAVIS: Morning


TESS: Are you serious? I am already too high to sit.


JADE: It is only 1 a.m. Tess, go dance and clear you head a little.


Shock on my lungs, she stood up and forcefully pulled Travis out of his chair to join her on the dance floor. I lost appetite for drinking, dancing or any other thing related to clubbing. Tess was out to ruin my mood, if not my relationship with Travis. I looked at them on the floor, it was not a scene any jealous woman would want to look at twice, Tess was twerking and Travis stood there looking at her ass like it was a piece of porcelain. I felt a piercing pain in my heart. What was she trying to pull? Did she think that Travis was cheap like her? He was only doing that because he didn’t want her to feel bored. They came back and she was panting like she had just done a marathon race. She was a total stranger to me at that moment.


TESS: Jade go and dance it is fun. Loosen up girl.


JADE: Loosen up ass. I think we should go home now.


TRAVIS: Why? it is too early, you ladies ain’t working tomorrow, yah?


JADE: But we can’t leave here in the morning, are you the DJ?


TRAVIS: I am still drinking, you ladies can go. I will find my way home Jade.



TESS: I agree, Jade I will drop you then go home.


TRAVIS: You can drive?


TESS: Ooh yes, I drive better when high, don’t worry I won’t kill your babe.


I told Travis not to stay in the club for long coz I had something good planned. He said he would be at my place within an hour. On the way Tess was full of praise for Travis. It was Travis this, Travis that. I never replied to her, I was too pissed to say anything. I never knew she had such stupidity hidden somewhere in her brain. We reached my apartment I got out of the car and banged the door. I didn’t even tell her bye. I was burning with rage.


Once inside, I took a quick shower and prepared myself for Travis. It was almost 3 a.m. and he had not come. At half past three I tried to call him but his phone was off.


Immediately, a bad feeling hit me like a thunderbolt! Where was Travis and why was his phone off. I rang Tess to check is she had reached home. Her phone was off too. Damn!! Had she gone back to the club to be with Travis? Were those two together? My heart started bleeding inside, I couldn’t breathe, I was having a heart attack in my own bed. Was I being paranoid? Nooooo! He couldn’t do that to me, not Travis. No! I cried….I was alone, sad, horny and disappointed. I blacked out


and when I woke up it was 6am and Travis was not next to me. I dressed up fast and left for Tess’ apartment.Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button below.









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