Overlook Love – Episode 6

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I asked Calvin if he was sure about what he had written and he confirmed that it was 100% well researched.


CALVIN: For Tyson to have told you to call me, he knows I am the best in collecting dirt and I do it fast. I live no stone or rock unturned. I don’t know how you are going to handle this. Look for a better way to talk to your friend or don’t get involved at all.


JADE: This needs divine intervention. I will go through it again and then consult before make a move. But what I don’t understand is can a “mother” be this mean? I used to think so highly of Raksha but not anymore.


CALVIN: Jade, this is a weird world we live in. I have done my work. Now it is up to you. And please keep my name off this mess, it wasn’t an official job.


JADE: Of course I won’t mention your name. Thank you so much.


Calvin left me with a lot of tension and fear and bile in my stomach. I sat in my office wondering what to do next. The only person who could advise me on what had been discovered was Tyson. And he was yet to transfer my commission to my account. I didn’t want to mix the two. I couldn’t work. My mind was on a coma mode. I needed a stiff drink before talking to anyone. Fifteen minutes after Calvin left, I saw Tyson enter his office alone. Travis wasn’t with him.


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He immediately called me to join him. I went with Calvin’s report so that he could read it for himself. I sat there like a queen watching as he made funny faces while reading it. At one point he hit the table with his fist and startled me. Once he was done. He yawned and looked at me blankly.


TYSON: Jade, why do you want to be involved in such a complicated matter? Live your life my dear. This won’t end up nicely and we both know it.


JADE: Look, I don’t have to get involved. Let’s sleep over it tonight and think of how to go about it.


TYSON: Don’t fix me in there. I hate complication, I hate drama and most of all I hate deceit. Give me your account number I transfer your commission and then leave me alone!


JADE: Please sir, help me help my friend.


TYSON: Jade, how will you start telling Tess all these things? Let’s break it down like small kids in lower primary school.



Raksha of whatever her name is, is not who Tess thinks she is.


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Tess boss, who she goes on weekend get away with every now and then, is


Ryan’s maternal uncle.



And that Raksha dated that same boss for many years before he dumped her



for Tess and now Raksha must be bitter and is using Ryan to get the money that could have been hers if she was still sleeping with that boss.


4.) Tess is not Raksha’s real daughter but her sister’s child who she stole at birth


after bribing a nurse to neglect her sister to bleed to death so that she can remain with Tess, because her sister slept with her husband and got pregnant.


5.) And that she had her husband killed because he was against her relationship with Tess boss.



6.) In short Tess is not Raksha’s daughter but her sister’s daughter with her husband. Dear Lord……what a mess!






Is this even understandable really? And how does this Raksha woman live with herself knowing that Tess in not her real daughter and to date she has never told her the truth. How can she live with herself with all the lies and pretense? Some people just need Jesus and all his disciples together.


JADE: On top of all that, Raksha lied to me that her husband was killed by his side chick’s husband. I am having labour pains over this. It is more complicated that Goldenberg scandal.


TYSON: Don’t talk about labour pains and you haven’t experienced it. Trust me, it is bad news.


JADE: And since when do men experience labour pains? You talk as if you have physically given birth.


TYSON: A loving man will have those pains together with his wife. The things I saw my wife do that day, I can’t imagine disrespecting her even for a second. She went through hell.


JADE: Don’t exaggerate things boss. Back to Tess, please show me the way forward


TYSON: I can’t Jade. I can’t my dear. What hurts me is that they will take all her cash and leave her dead broke. And you see, she is into the guy deeply and suing him to get the money back without a signed agreement will be tough.


JADE: Is Calvin trustworthy?


TYSON: He is good with his job, but he is a very dirty cop.


JADE: Meaning?



TYSON: If you allow him to save Tess, someone will have to die. He enjoys shooting bastards like Ryan. And he can even organize for Raksha to be beaten thoroughly. Don’t ask him to deal with this issue directly, you will never have peace.


JADE: I think I have heard enough. Kindly transfer my cash and let me go and rest in my office. This world is not my home.


TYSON: You are not seeing Travis this evening, are you? He is only here today, travelling back tomorrow.




TYSON: I thought you could give him company tonight.


JADE: Did he send you to tell me that?


TYSON: Not in so many words, but he was praising you a lot. Did you fu.ck the guy?


JADE: That is not in my appointment letter, to sleep with clients. I use my brains only.


TYSON: Travis is not just a mere client, he is THE CLIENT.


JADE: Thanks for your help sir, let me go clear a few pending things in my office.


We are not on the same page here. And I need my million…..


TYSON: I love you Jade.


JADE: As an employee I guess.


Tyson and I had a very cordial employer, employee relationship. There was nothing on the face of earth we couldn’t discuss. He knew that I had slept with Travis but I didn’t want it to be a topic. Furthermore, I didn’t do it because of the business, dry spell had hit me real hard and he was available to clean me up with passion. I went back to my small but executive office only to find five missed calls



from Travis. I called him back and he was already having bad thoughts that I was ignoring his calls coz I already had the money I needed. How crazy of him to think that way.


TRAVIS: When a girl gets rich they don’t pick calls.


JADE: I am not like that Travis. What is one million? 10m and above, then, I can have a slight change of attitude. What can I do for you, you miss me?


TRAVIS: I am living tomorrow morning. Is there more where that came from?


JADE: What, the car? (I laughed)


TRAVIS: No, you know what I am talking about.


JADE: That will depend on how much you are willing to pay. Last night was free service to welcome you to town, tonight I will charge you.


TRAVIS: Are you serious about this or you are in a joking mood.


JADE: Take it the way you want, but all the same I need to see you. There is something I want to discuss with you.


TRAVIS: We CAN’T get married tonight Jade, relax.


JADE: I know. My place 8pm, don’t be late and bring your cheque book.


TRAVIS: Oooh my, is it gold coated


JADE: No, it is gold itself.


I was excited. One, another game was on. Second, if he understood me well, he was going to at least buy me a gift or squeeze something in my pocket. Travis was a rich young man with no responsibilities. He had businesses all over the country and a few thousands thrown my side meant nothing to him. I had to milk him a little and get myself and I-phone. Thirdly, I needed to talk to him about Tess and what was happening. I knew he would give me some sound advice, unlike Tyson



who was telling me to back off coz the matter was complicated. Tess was still my friend, my only friend. She was brainwashed by her love for a man who wasn’t even in love with her but being used to steal from her. I was sure Raksha and Ryan were using that “bedroom” in his office for sex, only that Calvin didn’t pick on it, or he found it petty to mention in his report.


To me that was not petty. Yes, Tess wasn’t her biological daughter, but she was the only mother she knew. How could Raksha do that, I mean sleep with Ryan while she knew he was sleeping with Tess. The more I thought of it the more I felt sick in my flat stomach.


I tried to clear work faster so that I leave on time. I hated working after official office hours. Time flew and by 6pm I was home cooking dinner for Travis and me. At eight sharp, he was at my door step, with a bottle of Red Wine. He was a gentleman, unlike the ones who come empty handed with condoms in their pockets and only fare in the wallet. When you go to a single woman’s house, a bar of chocolate or wine is a must, not only once, all the time. For me buying a man a handkerchief or designer cologne was enough.


We ate and he praised my cooking. After dinner we sat down to drink and that’s when I filled him in on everything that was going onRead and enjoy more interesting stories fromnTopster stoeies app.He had seen Tess and Ryan so I didn’t have to describe them physically to him. He agreed that the matter was delicate and had to be handled with care because we didn’t know how much money Tess had dished out and how deeply she was into Ryan.


TRAVIS: Jade, something you need to know is that you can never know someone fully. You might think you know Tess well but you actually don’t know her at all. People only allow you to know them on the surface. If I tell you my dating experiences, you will collapse.Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button below.


JADE: I agree, but I can’t let this go on. Let her lose the guy and Raksha but not her money. For Christ’s sake, her daughter will need that cash in future.



TRAVIS: And who do you think you are to save this situation, Jesus? If she ditched your friendship for this guy, what makes you think she will believe you this time?


JADE: She doesn’t have to hear it from me. I can have someone call her unanimously and warn her not to trust Ryan.


TRAVIS: She will obviously know it is you using that someone else. Be careful Jade, be very careful. I wish she could fall in love with someone else and forget Ryan.


JADE: That won’t happen today. Please tell me something that we can do as soon as tomorrow.


TRAVIS: Don’t say we, say I. I am not part of this. Once I am go back, I will delete this story from my memory. I hate complicated issues and scandals that can end in people getting hurt or dying. I love living simple and with no disturbance, you feel me?


JADE: I feel you massively. I know what to do and I will do it right way. I am calling Tess right now.


TRAVIS: And tell her all that? It is almost 10 p.m. She is probably with that man or the daughter. If she kills herself; you will be arrested immediately as the last person who talked to her.


JADE: So what do I do?


Travis was right, what I had to tell Tess was better done face to face so that it couldn’t be traced back to me. And if she accused me of telling her those things, I would deny it to high heavens.


That night was out of this world, the previous night was just but a rehearsal compared to what Travis did to my body that night. Trust me, the act of making love was left to just a few good men. Travis knew the art and he performed it to the core of his bone marrow. Others just passed by to sweat and move on to the next available woman, very useless.



We parted ways the next morning as I went to work. He promised to send me something small once he was on his way. That last kiss was worth a million bucks. It was sensual and magnetic and true.


At work, I rang Tess. I was done consulting people on what to do. I had the information and I was to either destroy it or assume nothing happened and let my friend go down. She picked the call after the fourth ring and her voice was as cold as snow. I didn’t need her to be warm and over the moon coz I had called. I actually expected that coldness.


TESS: Hi Jade, what can I do for you?


JADE: Hi Tess. Can we meet this evening? There is something I need to show you.


TESS: Funny how we parted ways and immediately you got a man.


JADE: Can you stop bringing men into this conversation please!


TESS: What else is there if not introducing me to him, and did you tell him that a few days ago you had kissed another man who wasn’t your man?


JADE: And was he yours then? Stop being over obsessed with someone who hasn’t put a ring on your finger. I am surprised that you are still dwelling on that lousy kiss which was forcefully planted on my lips. Grow up Tess! And I mean it grow up. You are being used and all you think of is a stupid kiss. Drop the drama and listen to me.


TESS: Why are shouting?


JADE: Because there are big things happening that you can’t even see and there you are dwelling on one petty thing. Just shut the fu.ck up and listen to what I have to say.


At that moment I remembered Travis telling me not to talk to her on the phone. I cooled down before erupting like a volcano.



JADE: Look Tess you might hate me right now but later on you will celebrate me, or rather my effort to makes things right between us. We can’t lose our friendship coz a man. Trust me I won’t take much of your time. I just need to clear things.


TESS: I don’t hate you Jade, I don’t have the energy to do. What pissed me off is you kissing my man and later on hitting on him.


JADE: And that is what I want us to talk about, the kissing and the hitting. It will be up to you to decide who to trust, who to love and who to let go. Kindly come alone and with shock absorbers.


I was glad to hear that she didn’t hate me. I was going to bring her down to earth before throwing the bomb on her face. I was going to stand by her, only if she believed in me and agreed to seek my help in destroying Ryan first before turning on the heat to Raksha. I hoped and prayed that she hadn’t sent the 850K to Ryan.


Immediately I hang up, I received a text from her.








Damn! We were back on business, but I didn’t want to celebrate because I didn’t know how she would react after reading Calvin’s dossier.


I couldn’t wait for evening. I wanted to forward time with a remote control.


Travis had called and said how much he missed me. He promised to come back after two weeks to ‘marry me” and that was after he sent quite some good loot in my phone. Men like Calvin on came once in a Red Moon. Meanwhile Tyson was avoiding me like plague thinking I would ask me again on how to deal with Tess. I didn’t care now that I had an idea.


Finally it was time. I went to our usual join and sat at our usual corner. I ordered two tots of Smirnoff Vodka and I had not even licked the age of the glass when I saw Tess come in and behind her was RYAN. Had she gone mad?







I cursed so loudly, everyone in the club looked at me! But I was scared no more. It was time to deal with Ryan head on. He would know that mad women still roamed the face of the earth with no “MAD WOMAN” labels attached on them!!!







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