Overlook Love – Episode 11

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I wasn’t sure if Tess was listening to us or not, but from the bedroom, she couldn’t know who it was not unless we shouted. I had to go in there and tell her who it was, but how was I to do that when Ryan was all over me like a tick on a fat cow. His kisses were so confusing and I didn’t want my attention to be divided from the real issue at hand. Money was on my mind, not some lip locking acts that would not bring any coin to my purse. I needed Travis only. He was the man I was sure would take me far. Not some desperate twat who was after softening my heart so that I don’t spill the beans.. I knew he had been sent by Raksha and I was ready for his antics. He wasn’t even ashamed that he had slept with Tess, Raksha and



probably many other women out there. And there he was thinking that I was some cheap bimbo! Bad news, I was above that. I was walking with a broken but patched heart. I had no time for rat and mouse games.


JADE: Let that be the last time you try to kiss me by force again, next time I won’t just slap you, I will break something very valuable to you. Mark my words!


RYAN: I am sorry, forgive me. I am so confused right now.

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JADE: Why are you here? I just spoke to Raksha on your phone. Does she know you are here?


RYAN: No, and that is why I left my phone so that she doesn’t call me.


JADE: Nice trick there, but I am not a fool. You should know that by now.


RYAN: Please let’s make a deal and forget all these things that are going on.


JADE: What do you have in mind?


RYAN: Can we sit down please?


JADE: Sure, but give me 5 minutes I dress up properly.


I was still in my PJ’s and I needed an excuse to go into the bedroom and up-date Tess who I knew was on edge by then. I took Ryan to the living room and told him to sit tight and not move a muscle. I also warned him not to touch any of my magazines or remote control. He was a guest not a lover.

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Tess was lying on the bed you’d think she was still in a hotel room. The kind of friend I always needed, free and understanding. She sat down and looked at me eagerly.


JADE: My dear, we are a big threat to the society.


TESS: You mean it’s a cop who has come?


JADE: No, it is yours truly, Ryan.


TESS: What? Is he on hard drugs? What does he want and how did he know your exact apartment?


JADE: It must be the care taker. I will deal with him later. I told him never to let anyone come to my doorstep without calling me first, especially if it was someone coming here for the first time.


TESS: May be he bribed him.


JADE: So, what do we do?


TESS: He can’t know I am here. Listen to him and get rid of him as fast as you can. They are now too much.


JADE: You are okay with me sitting with him alone?


TESS: What choice do I have, furthermore I don’t feel anything for him anymore, I am waiting to exhale. As of now it is just me and Kyla.


JADE: And me, don’t lock me out darling.


TESS: I can’t and I won’t. You are the only support system I have right now.


I changed very fast and went back to the living room, only to find Ryan walking around looking at the paintings on the wall. He was tall and very juicy, I wondered why he let himself be used by Raksha yet he had all the physique to stick to someone like Tess. Why was he wasting his good looks and running errands for someone who would not even settle with him for a minute……money, the source


of all evils. I called him name and he turned around giving me and electric smile that took my liver away. He had a way with my nervous system but I had to be strong.


RYAN: Nice paintings, you bought them or you are a painter too



JADE: Can you sit your ass down and tell me why you are here. I will be late for Church.


RYAN: Church? Are you the pastor?


JADE: Leave my house Ryan. I don’t have time for reply to your nonsense.


RYAN: Okay, I am sorry. Look Jade, I know you know already everything that is going on. Please if you are as human as I can see, don’t hurt Tess. She is innocent in all this. Just take the money and let this die an instant death.


JADE: So I take the money, let the movie die on my side as you two keep using her. You and Raksha are moronic. I will take the money, shut up but you have to promise me to leave Tess alone. You and Raksha can continue doing your thing.


RYAN: I will be out of both their lives. I don’t love either of them.


JADE: Really? So all this time you have been pretending to love Tess. Are you for real?


RYAN: Yes I am. The day I met both of you in the club, I already knew who she was, but it is you I fell in love with. I couldn’t let go of my mission and pursue you. Raksha planned it all. Please let’s kill this whole thing and run away together.


JADE: Nice try Ryan. Look, just get me the 3M I have asked for and leave me the hell alone. I won’t tell Tess. In fact we are not back to our normal friendship. I want all of you to LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE.


RYAN: So you don’t love me?


JADE: Are you out of your mind? Love is such an ambiguous word to use anyhow.


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RYAN: You are very crude Jade, but I get you. So it is a deal, I get you the money and you won’t tell Tess what you know



JADE: I won’t. I will even seal my lips with araldite if I need to. For your information, I met Tess to say goodbye. I will be moving to Nairobi soon, a new job, new life and new friends. To hell with you all.


RYAN: I will miss you.


JADE: Fuck off. Tick Tock. I need my money by tomorrow evening or else…..CNN news bulleting will be lit.


Ryan was dumbfounded; his ego went down to zero. He had pricked the wrong woman. I showed him I was not the type to be threatened and pushed around. Did he even know that I had 1 million, plus some coins in my account? I was a rich girl. I walked him to the door. Swear I had to control myself. Ryan was a snack, the kind of snacks that you only see on display as you pass by restaurants. One night with him and I would sing halleluyah to the moon and back. But no, if he had slept with Raksha then No! I couldn’t even do one night stand with him, but if it was Tess only……..story for another day.


I locked the door and went to my bedroom. Jesus! Tess was fast asleep. I slapped her ass and she grumbled like an old woman. I told her Ryan had left. She wasn’t interested in what I had to say. She was beat. I let her sleep till evening as I planned my week ahead. Three customers were coming to buy cars. In fact blackmailing Raksha is not what I really wanted, buy they had to pay for hurting my friend. Tess left my house that evening feeling empty. She looked sad and demoralized. I didn’t want to bombard her head with many things and what I had discussed with Ryan. I only told her that I had insisted on getting the money by next evening and I had lied to him that I was leaving Coast for good. Tess just said “Okay”. Something was not right. She was about to lose her “man”.


Next day at work I kept myself busy preparingthe cars that we were to sell to Travis and his buddies. We got two at our showroom and Tyson made a few calls and we got the last car. It was delivered late that afternoon. I worked on the documents and put them on Tyson’s table. He was so excited. He was glowing like a torch with new batteries.


TYSON: So you are ready for nights out and some little fun with Travis?


JADE: No sir, I am ready to sell cars and earn some commission.


TYSON: That is obvious, but there is always the side shows you know.


JADE: And as I told you before, it is none of your business. You feel me?


TYSON: I don’t feel you at all, but yes I am happy for you.


JADE: I love the guy and I hope he is the right Knight for me.


TYSON: Jesus! You are in love? That is weird.


JADE: I am a woman and my industrial area is still operational sir. Anything more you want to hear?


TYSON: Get out of my office you elf.


I left Tyson’s office and went back to mine. Found two missed calls from Ryan. I called him Back and he told me the cash was ready, and that I should tell him where to drop it, but I had to swear to both of them that Tess won’t ever know anything. I knew they had planned to get the cash back from Tess, one way or the other. They didn’t know what was coming to them, fools!


JADE: About the location, let me call you back. Both of you are coming?


RYAN: Yes, Raksha and I. You have a problem with that?


JADE: No, I am cool. In fact I expected that.


RYAN: Okay call me back as soon as now.


I immediately called Tess and updated her on the latest. She was ready. She wanted this thing over and done with. It was weighing her down and she needed to move on with her life. She wanted her life back. I was expecting customers and she was sure one of them was her rebound and future husband for better or for worse. I couldn’t deny her that, she deserved better. She had to gain something after losing Ryan and her “mother” or is it evil aunt.



TESS: We are doing it this evening. I can’t move it to another day or week or month Jade, it is today. You hear me?


JADE: Why are you shouting? My ear drums are not made of steel


TESS: Ooh, I am shouting? I didn’t realize. So where is the party?


JADE: My house will be the best place. I am shifting by end month so even if they come there looking for me, I will be gone.


TESS: And will you sleep with all that cash in your house? What if they send thugs to attack you?


JADE: You will drop me in a hotel. I will bank it tomorrow. And hey, it is 50/50. It is your mess I am using to get the money, I can’t eat alone.


TESS: I don’t need it Jade. I have enough. You will only give me back what Ryan owes me to date and that is 350K.


JADE: Girl, you are the best. Which business will we establish?


TESS: First things first. Call him and tell him the party is at your house, 7.30pm sharp. I will be hiding in your bedroom by the time they arrive. They should know people. I pity Ryan though. He has lost a gem.


JADE: That is for sure. He can stick with bronze, Gold will walk away.


I told Ryan the venue and he couldn’t be happier. I was afraid to tell Tyson what was going on. I knew he would be against it 200%. After work I went home straight, took a shower and prepared myself for show time. Tess came an hour later dressed to her teeth. If I were a man, I would have ripped those clothes off and do the needful, in short she looked freaky gorgeous. She was edgy and sweating in the hands. I ushered her into my bedroom and took to her a bottle of whisky and a glass, she needed it so badly.



I also took some in one gulp in solidarity with my sister. I put on a black mini skirt and a white vest. I was ready to blast those two, but of course after pocketing 3M. There is no way they were going to demand for the cash back even if they knew I had betrayed them. We had a lot on Raksha and Tess had a wild card on Ryan.


They were the weirdest time keepers ever. 7:30 exactly, Knock! Knock!


I welcomed both of them in, and offered them nothing to drink. My apartment wasn’t a bar. I expected them to be there for not more than 30 minutes. We sat in the living room and Raksha threw the black school bag containing the cash at me. I poured the contents on the couch and counted the 100K bunches 1,2…. till 30. I


put them back in the bag one by one…. and now what!!


RAKSHA: Now that you have what you wanted. We need your word.


JADE: You already got my word. I told Ryan my plans and Tess and I are done. What else do you want me to do, swear with 10 Bibles on my laps?


RYAN: This matter gets buried here. Don’t bother any of us and I don’t want you communicating with Tess anymore. We are a family you are the outsider.


JADE: I accept. Now, let me keep this loot before you shoot me and take it back with you. I have to be careful. I watch movies, you know!!


I stood up, picked up the bag and left. It was show time. Tess smiled at me and we hugged so tightly. We looked at each other straight in the eye and pecked on the lips. No harm at all. I went to the kitchen faster and picked up my favorite sharp knife. I held it behind my back as we majestically walked into the living room and BOOM! Mother and lover gasped in shock.


TESS: Hello mother and lover.


Ryan charged at me with rage and I quickly showed him the Kitchen knife. He moved back so fast. Coward!



JADE: You come near me and this knife goes straight into your stomach. Remember you are in my house and you came to rape me. Self-defense is not murder.


TESS: Mother, or should I say murderer. All these years, you kept your little secret from me. Then you pick this prick here to steal my money. I didn’t tell Jim to dump you! You sent me there and of course who better to date if not a spring chicken like me. You have lost a daughter if not a niece. You let my mother, who was your own sister to bleed to death just so my father doesn’t continue loving her. And who killed my dad again? You didn’t see this coming did you? And I am glad we are now on the same page. Take notes mama. Learn from the best.


RAKSHA: (shaking her head). This girl is using you Tess. She did all this to get money from our family.


TESS: Don’t even try to pin this on Jade. If not for her, I wouldn’t have known that I am sharing this fool with you and that all the cash Jim gives me was to be diverted to you. The tables have turned, and now I have your 3M. It is pay day Mama. I won’t disrespect you any further coz you raised me, but see what your selfishness has done to you. Don’t ever contact me. Skyla already hates you after she saw you kissing Ryan. I think we are done here.


JADE: I know you expected drama and tantrums and abuse, but you see we are professionals. We do clean jobs and walk away with our dignity intact. You try to pull something stupid on me and you will go to jail for the rest of your lives. I have sent the report on you to five different cops, so tore the line and keep off our affairs.


RYAN: Raksha let’s go they have won, for now.


JADE: Ooh Ryan, wait a minute.


I removed the cheque Tess had written for him and tore it right in front of everyone. I saw the transformation on his face. He wanted me dead. They hurried to the door and banged it behind them. Tess broke down and cried until I had to lay her down. We had the money but it couldn’t make her feel any better. She was



hurt. She had lost the woman who raised her and the man she loved. I let her sleep until 9pm then she left for her house.


She dropped me at a nearby hotel where I was to spend the night for fear of being attacked and robbed. Next day by 10am, money was in our accounts, 50/50. I didn’t care what Tess said….we had to divide it that way coz it was team effort. I


was happy for my girl. She had finally gotten rid of her setbacks and we had to look into the future with peace in our hearts.


Real men were coming to town and we were ready for new adventures, new love and true appreciation….. But wait a minute was Tess ready to leave Ryan….. And was Ryan truly in love with Tess as he preached? Overlooked love can be lethal





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