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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 50

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Part 50




As I came out of the toilet, I met my husband, with my phone, staring as if he saw a pregnant ghost.


I rushed to collect my phone. Lo and behold, Tony just sent a totally nud3 picture to my phone.


Normally I would have been excited about his chats, but this time around I was angry.


I might be enjoying catching up with the past but not to the extent of destroying my marriage.


My husband was looking at me, waiting for an explanation.


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I went on my kneels to beg him.


I have no external affair with any man, I have been trying to tell you about Tony for a while now, that I met him and he lives around us; I said mumbling all the words together.


All I heard from my husband was “This is a whore, and I’ve turned to the prey”. As soon as he vomited those very hurtful words, he stepped out of the house.


These words hurt me to the marrow. I cannot take it again. How can he say such words to me?



Has he ever caught me in adultery? Was he not the one that brought shame to the whole family? How can he say such dirty words to me?


I suddenly have this idea to pack my bags and leave the house. If my husband can call me a whore and call himself the prey, then it is over.


He had not noticed I am sick and I have been vomiting for days without any fever. I didn’t have anywhere to pack to so I thought of moving to Tony’s House. At least Tony trust me, we have been together from school days and we were truly friends. I picked my bag and gathered together some clothes and I ensured the clothes I picked were non revealing.


At this time, I had started my crying again.

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As I dragged my bags downstairs towards the door, my husband came in with Pastor and his wife.


Sister Joy!!! Pastor exclaimed.


Where are you going? why are you crying? why the bag? Pastor asked.


My husband rushed to my side to hold me. This fake action made me madder and angrier.


Please leave me alone, you this hypocrite. Behind, you call me names and when Pastor is around you want to treat me like a queen. I won’t be part of these lies; I screamed at him.


My husband was truly taken aback, he froze, confused and flabbergasted.


I don’t understand, how do you mean my love; He said.


This made me more infuriated and I replied him;


Ahhh, don’t act as if you don’t know what I am saying. All these while you have ignored me. You want to do as if you have not noticed, abi?


You have never caught me in adultery yet you called me a whore!!! I stood by you


when you were whoring upandan.


A whole me!!!!!


I am packing out of the house today; I am leaving you because I have discovered that you are an ungrateful man. I blurted out amidst tears. Pastor Mrs. came towards me and led me to sit.


My husband was still very confused as to the matter.


The more he looked innocent about the matter that more I got angry.


Pastor asked my husband, Brother Momoh, please I know you are a changed man. The power of God had a very vivid encounter with you and today you have become a true child of God. Please tell us, did you call your wife a whore?


My husband replied; It’s not long ago that I saw Jesus, that I was given a second chance. I cannot lie and would not lie. I never called her a whore.







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