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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 39

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Part 39




Hmmmm, Pastor turned and face me,


Ahhh, I won’t escape this too…..


To my saving grace, there was a knock on the door, it was Sister Hamet, my landlady also the owner of the best hospital in the area. Pastor simply went back to quietly speaking in tongues phase.


Sister Hamet examined Mrs. Accord and recommended she follow her straight away to the hospital.


Brother Accord didn’t allow his wife to walk. He lifted her up fully from the ground in one sweep. It was as if he was carrying paper.


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Sister Hamet led the couple to her ambulance waiting outside and off they went. Right within me I heaved a sigh of relief, one of my husband’s purported new wives had just left. The way Brother Accord and his wife had been making up, it is evident that they are both sorry and would do all it takes to mend the fences. There was another set of crying, this time it is from Bose. It was because she was finally being loved by the one person that had denied her the right love.


Her father had just given her the first hug she can remember since she was five years of age.


I could hear him telling her that he was proud that she passed her exams in secondary school and many more praises to the girl.


She was crying and laughing at the same time. For the first time since I had known her, her face was shining.



Hmmmm, I didn’t know that the words of appreciation from a parent can have so much effect on a child this much.


It’s easy to complain about a child’s errors but it takes real parenting to seek out the positive qualities in every child.


Bose knelt down to beg her father for forgiveness and mercy. He lifted her up again and told her “I have missed out on being a loving supportive father, don’t waste time apologizing, let’s go home, your mother needs to learn what I have learnt today”.

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We bade then farewell and it remains Pastor’s family and mine.


Hmm, I can’t escape the next set of revelations.


Well, I am the writer of this story, so please let me digress a little. Let me defend myself before I tell you what Pastor said about me.


I am not a bad wife o. At least I have seen other wives that are really very wicked.


I have not been wicked to this man.


Like every other woman, I nag. I am not the worse of nagging women, I just don’t like the fact that when I talk, my husband takes time before he gives me responses. I can repeat the same issue every day for the next one month till he does it. Not really nagging, it’s just that I prefer things done fast.


You still think I nag? Well whatever, think whatever you like!!!


That takes me to the second point, I hate it when I am always being corrected by my husband.


Haba, I’m not a fool now, didn’t scientist say women are smarter than men? Why must he always try to correct me. Many times, I know what I’m doing.


The third issue is that I don’t like it when I am correcting my husband and he is not changing. It can be very frustrating.


Why are you looking at me like that, I’m only saying the truth now!!!


Well if you think I’m being melodramatic, whatever !!!


The fourth thing my husband complains about is that my mouth can’t keep quiet.


This is one thing I don’t understand.


I am very good at keeping secrets but this man just wants to look for reasons to blame me.


Let me give you an instance, he told me he wanted to buy a land. That we shouldn’t tell anyone. I didn’t tell anyone.


I only told my family members, his family members and our neighbors. these people are close to us. Are they not supposed to be part of our secret? Can’t you see that this man is only looking for reasons to quarrel?



The one that beats me is that my husband won’t face his own issues. He would be complaining that my bra and pant aren’t same color or that they aren’t sexy. Abeg, is anyone going to see my na.kedness? Is he not my husband? Am I supposed to be dressing sexually for my own husband? Haven’t we seen ourselves na.ked? Why must I dress seductively inside my own house when I’m not a model? And that leads me to his last complain. Se.x! sex!! sex!!!.


Please help me ask him, is sex food? He was begging me to start giving him sex at least once every week. I was flabbergasted. four solid times a month. That is thirty-six times a year. Haba!!!


He kept saying a normal couple should have sex minimum of ten times a month, that will be one hundred and twenty times a year. Won’t my woman part catch fire? I have told him that he has a carnal mind and must learn to control himself.


I am a wife who is always available for sex every time I have my ovulation but he is always not ready. No wonder we can’t conceive!!!


Can you imagine, many of the points up there do not make any logical sense.


Should a man now get angry because of these very little issues?


Wait!!! Are you in anyway blaming me?


Hmmmm, I understand the men blaming me, birds of the same feather.


What about women? are you also pointing fingers at me?


Can you honestly blame a good woman like me?


Do you not know I changed my name to his name; I left my family for his own, I cook his food and always ready for sex once every month? And you can still accuse me of not doing enough?







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