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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 31

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Part 31




© Femi Oluyamoju








Mama Alicia never sleeps, always online. She is a rich widow but so strict that her children and grandchildren don’t visit her. See the chat below;


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Mama Alicia: ehn ehn, why send a post if you don’t plan to send the message.


Bro Jude: Lols bros let’s see the message na.


Head usher: which useless message is that. All these fake couples.


Bro Jude: shio, how the talk take enter your side na?


Mama Alicia: Aisha, why the rude post?


Head usher: I don’t fake and I don’t roll with fakes.


Bro Jude: This matter or another matter, why will you be taking panadol for another person’s headache.


Mama Alicia: Aisha, private chat me, you know you can tell me anything.


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Head usher: No need ma, we all know that you are an amebo.


Head usher: see the gist below


Head usher: forwarded chat message.


Mr. M: You are crazy, you are very foolish. Even my wife at home don’t talk to me anyhow.


Me : You are a goat, you are a monkey. God punish you and your wife.


Mr M: You are not my wife’s class, I even came to you thinking you were a woman, I regret parking out of my own house to live with a pig.


Me: only pigs sleep with pigs, when you were doing different sex styles with a pig, didn’t you cry like a goat. Useless hypocrite.


Mr M: Fake head usher, everyone who see you speaking in tongues won’t know you just finished swallowing semen with same mouth. Hell fire sombori


ME: I will expose you to the world. I will tell your wife, sister Joy, I will tell Pastor. I’m not ashamed. You think you can be using girls in the church and no one will know.


Mr M: CNN, you try to tell anyone, let’s see who is going to be suspended and disgraced from church. I am not a worker.


Me: You think I don’t know; you are dating Yemisi that 19 years old girl. Bose too or you think I didn’t see you in the hotel with Mrs. Accord. Or you don’t know I have your full information. See this useless man. Don’t try me. Mr M:


Me: I will finish you and expose you.


Mr M: If you dare, I will kill you I swear.


Me: hire killer, wife beater, girls chaser, fake Christian, womanizer. I am now very angry and you have tried me. You will see me in action. Deaconess: What am I reading here?


Bro Jude: Omg!!!!


Bro Accord: Which Mrs. Accord are you referring to?


Sister Accord left


Asst Pastor: which Bose is this please?


Head usher: how many Mrs. Accord is in church, how many Bose in evangelism?


Bunch of fools.


Head usher left


Bose evangelism left


Mama Alicia: I have always told Pastor, these girls are from mammy water kingdom..


Deaconess: The only sister Bose is assistant Pastor’s daughter. Ahhhh she has left the group


Bro Tim: What is happening this night?


Choir head: I don’t really understand what those posts means ooo


Bro Jude: let me decode what is happening for you.


Sister Joy’s husband sent a message to group. Sister Aisha got angry. Looks as if sister Joy sent a message to sister Aisha, head usher.


In anger, sister Aisha spilled the beans that sisters Joy’s husband has been sleeping with her, assistant Pastor’s daughter and the wife of Bro Accord. My husband left


Pastor Emma changed this group’s setting to allow only admins to send messages


to this group…








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