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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 14

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Part 14




© Femi Oluyamoju








As soon as I saw what my monster husband did; bringing out my bags again, I got angry.


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All these prayers that Pastor had been praying that I should be blind, deaf and dumb cannot work in this kind of marriage.


Maybe it can work with their partners but not with my home monster.


I’m not yet blind, I’m not yet dumb, yet he is already behaving like a chameleon here.


I decided to walk straight to him just to bare my mind. I will say what I want to say. Kipish


I will even report myself to Pastor. Let him know it is not me that is the problem but the wicked man who has packed my load out.



As I got close to him, I noticed that he wanted to speak so I allowed him to speak first then I will tell him my mind.


He said to me “you packed your load out of my house with your own hands, I didn’t force you, though your Pastor has forced me to allow you to move back into this house, I cannot and will not use my own hands to carry your load back into this house.”


Trying to keep his voice down, he continued in a very cold voice.

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“I have sworn that you will never come back into my house with your bags, so madam, you can pack your clothes from the bag into the house but your bags remain outside. They will never enter into my house” pointing his fingers at me and cursing audibly, he banged the door.


Well, there is no need to say all the speeches I had rehearsed for him.


I opened my bags, packed my stuff from the bag into the house. I left my bags outside has instructed by my tormentor.


He was not done; he was waiting for me by the staircase and he said,


“madam from now on, you are banished from the master’s bedroom, I can’t stay in the same room with my enemy, who knows, tomorrow you can decide to poison me, acid had been poured on somebody in this house before. You can decide to pour acid on me also.


“I can tolerate you in this house for six months more. The visitor’s room is available. Use it”.


I decided not to reply. I went to the visitor’s room to settle down.


He kept on going to the master’s bedroom to pack my remaining stuffs and dumped them at the door of the visitor’s room.


I promised myself to keep mute. If I talk now, Pastor’s wife will say I’ve spoken and thereby broken the 11th commandment.


I will not say anything today again; I will just report everything he has done to Pastor.


That night I cooked my own food in the kitchen and he did likewise.


Nobody talked to one another, not one single word was said to one another. I go my way, he goes his own way.


I think I’m liking this, don’t talk to me, I will not talk to you either.


Hold your lane, let me hold my lane, at least by this I won’t have high blood pressure or be slapped and be beaten by one monster husband.


That was how we slept. I woke up the next day to discover he had gone out.


I spent the whole day moving around the house waiting for evening to come.



Finally, in the evening I walked down to Pastor’s house and I met both husband and wife ready for me.


Pastor had purchased a new diary for me and my name had been written on it, now it is time to start my lecture.


Pastor’s wife took me to a room where she asked me to pick one out of three sport wears.


Ahhh this one is serious oh.


She saw the surprise on my face as I kept looking at the sport wear skeptically. Honestly in my heart I was thinking, are we are going to be taught on how to fight our husbands or defend ourselves?


I did not ask anybody the question, I know I will soon find out the answer.


She gave me privacy so as to change and when I came out of the room she led me to the back of the house where I met two men and three women busy jumping, skipping and running around the yard.


This one na serious marriage discipleship ooo, Am I seeing double…?


Hold on, the third man was not facing me, but I know that tee-shirt very well.


That’s the customized tee shirt I made specifically for my husband….


What! my husband???


In this place????




What is going on!!!!






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