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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 13

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Part 13




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At this point I know you are beginning to doubt me or think I am making these things up but I am not and I need to clear myself with you.


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If it is difficult for you reading my story to really believe that this man is a monster then what are the benefits of writing my life story in the first place.


Mr. Ige, my soon to be ex-husband is a very proud man. He always believes he is right. And when he is wrong, he will never apologize. Oh, don’t worry I will give you examples.



First, whenever he enters the bathroom, he will urinate on the toilet seat and will not clean it, imagine how many germs he leaves for the next user. If I use the other toilet because of that, he starts saying I am easily irritated.


Whenever we save funds for a particular project, he will suddenly wake up one day and start spending on things we don’t need and on his girlfriends. By the time I ask him to explain, he will turn it to a fight and won’t be able to reconcile the funds.


We had lost so much money because of this.


Se.xual sins? I can’t count. We left the previous church because he impregnated a girl in the choir, though he vehemently denied being responsible for the pregnancy and was also dating the choir mistress. A married woman for that matter. The girl aborted and confessed to her choir mistress who confronted my husband but another choir member saw the chat and exposed them all to the church. It was a very humiliating time; I will come to church and will be labeled the wife of the man sleeping with the whole choir members.


I brought my young cousin to live in our house and my husband started disturbing the girl for sex, he will leave me in the bedroom and sneak to her room to be touching the poor girl. The girl had to pack out and then told me. I confronted him but he denied.


Then I had a senior friend’s daughter who came to stay with us for three months, I was supposed to travel one day but didn’t go, I came back home and went to sleep. I woke up later to some sounds in the hall way to my bedroom, upon opening the door, I saw my husband and the girl in a hot bout of sex right there on the floor. They couldn’t make it to the bedroom so they were feasting themselves on the floor. I ran mad that day.

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I have stumbled severally on his chats with all kind of messages from different girls. I have even called some to stay clear but my monster husband will be defending them.


I can’t count how many condoms, I mean used condoms o, that I have picked in different corners of the house and in the car.


He detests my family members; he always complains anytime I see them or I go to family functions.


Then on top of all this, he has started giving me slaps. And he beat me the day I discovered a lady was pregnant for him.


That beating was the last straw that broke my camel’s back. It is in the same house that sister Hamet husband poured acid on her and beat her black and blue, that’s the same house this monster wants to start beating me inside.



I have endured all this. I have suffered in his hands and tried to make this work but he is not interested.


Now let me shock you, do you believe that with all this, he has never apologized to me before. He has never said I am sorry. Not for one second.


Can you allow your own sister to face all this? I just had to explain this so that you all stop seeing me has the devil or the woman who does not want to help her marriage.


I can’t count how many Pastors I have called to our house to solve issues.


Neighbors had stepped in. Friends had stepped in. I have even prayed and fasted.


Now you know why I am not moved by the stories of Pastor and his wife.


And now that they are gone with their tales by moonlight, my nemesis has caught up with me again.


I turned to meet my husband at the door with my luggage that he carried inside some few minutes ago in his hands bringing them out again haaaa










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