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Oh! This My Husband – Episode 11

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Part 11




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I didn’t understand a word out of what my grandfather was saying. I felt okay, wonderful and I was curious to see the other side of the gate, there seems to be a magnet dragging me to the gate. I tried to push my grandfather aside and go towards the gate, but he pulled me back by my package on my back. That’s the first time I noticed I had a package.


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I don’t know how it happened but suddenly I was able to see the very heavy package on my back, it wasn’t a bag, it was a sack that was as big as a mini bus. Inside the sack were human beings, the first person I saw was my husband then my mother and many other people.


Suddenly I could not walk again because the load was too heavy for me, my grandfather was screaming with obvious fear, Ham (as he fondly calls me) if you go through the gate with this load, they will send you to the left side.


Ok please help me to remove the sack so I can go in, but he showed me the hooks on the sack. They were wired right into my skin, bones and heart. At this point it dawned on me that everyone in the sack were those I didn’t forgive for the hurt they had caused me.


I turned back from the gate and woke up in the hospital. The news about the acid had broken out, the press had taken hold of it and for days everyone that managed to get to me told me to sue my husband or to pay him back.

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I had visitors in the hospital who came with contacts for hired killers and hoodlums who can beat him up for me. My father was always by my side and he encouraged many of these discussions. He was never a serious Christian, he only goes to church as normal Sunday ritual.


There was only one voice that kept on saying something different, and that was Pastor Emmanuel. he kept telling me that my life was precious to God and that’s why God sent him to me at the right time so that I won’t die. He kept insisting that instead of being angry, I should be thankful.


He also started pleading with me not to hold any grudges because it will delay my healing process.


I couldn’t tell Pastor what I saw while I passed out, but his message was the only one that was consistent with the one I saw myself.

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My husband was arrested and charged to court but the twisted justice system didn’t find him guilty. I had to leave Nigeria for United Kingdom so as to do my face surgeries and it was during that time Pastor came with the news of my father’s death.


Oh, how I hated my husband, how I wish I could strangle him. But my vision was too real to forget. It took Pastor two years to break into my resolve to let go and find inner peace. It was then I opened up to Pastor and his wife. Finally, I accepted what Pastor had been saying.


She looked at Pastor to continue the free lecture and he took the hint.


At that point, we added her to our marital discipleship class. A personalized marriage class that helps to heal the hurt and bring marriages back together. His wife interjected, “Yes, it has helped many marriages, even marriages that everyone believes can never come back together again”. It is the same principles God gave my darling husband to win me back during my dark years.


And it has helped a lot of couples. With all three staring intensely at me, watching for my reaction, Pastor asked me,


Are you willing to submit 100% to the marital discipleship class?


Question of the century?


Ahhh this people think they can use their eyes and style to make me forgive that monster husband easily, when I am already planning on enjoying life outside marriage.


What reply would I give them…?


Looking at them with a very straight eyes I said NO SIR, I AM NOT JOINING.







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