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Must Read: Secrets – Episode 17

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Episode 17




6:20 pm, Thomas Street




“Why are you now helping me?


Why did you reach out to me


after shooting my friends? This is all a set-up, right?” Chucks asked with his right hand resting on his gun.


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“It is not a set-up. I am in trouble. I need to let someone in on what I know before they take me out. Last week I was sent to kill a man at a nightclub, when I found him,


he was already dead. Someone


else killed him. The problem


now is that my employers think I did and sold the information I was to take from him to another person. I did not, I swear I did not. I am being framed up like your friends were,” Leroy desperately explained. “Do you know who is framing you up?”.


“I am not certain; the videos have a lot of powerful people who are mad at the moment. However, I would say former president Billy and his daughter.”. “Why do you think they are the ones?” Chucks asked, eager to


make sure he was telling him


the truth. Leroy looked around


and asked, “Isn’t that Peugeot following us?”.

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Chucks and his men in the Chevrolet, turned to look at the Peugeot. Stanley who was driving Peugeot had moved to the back seat with Eve to calm her down. One of the guards assigned to


them was driving the Peugeot. He had driven closer to the Chevrolet so the helmsman


could see who were in the Chevrolet with Chucks. At the back seat Eve and Stanley lay


on the seat Kissing, (they were


actually meant to be just lying




Chucks, Leroy, his private


detective and one of his aids, all had their hands on their guns, ready to open fire at the


Peugeot. The guard driving


the Peugeot had been in such


situation before and so knew


what to do. He drove past the


Chevrolet casually, as


though he had no interest in


those who were in it. “Turn into the next street and pull up. I want to know if the Peugeot will turn back,” Chucks instructed his driver.


In the Peugeot , Stanley was raving mad for their having missed the chance to follow Chucks and the man who shot him and his wife.


“You drove too close to them. It was wrong, you should not have made them realize they


were being followed!”


Chucks barked. “I asked the driver to get closer. I wanted know who else was in the Chevrolet,” the guards’ helmsman explained.


Turning to the driver he


instructed, “Pull into the that


street and get us a taxi.”.


“What are you doing?” Eve and Stanley asked almost simultaneously. “I saw the street they went into. I want us to go after them with a different car.”


The idea impressed Eve and Stanley and so they covered their faces with caps and shawls in readiness to step out of the Peugeot. A few minutes later, the guard who drove them returned with a taxi and they all made their way into it.



Back inside the Chevrolet, Chucks and Leroy had assumed they were actually not being followed and so continued their conversations on the spot where they had parked their vehicle.


“Give me a name who can help me get closer to former president Billy,” Chucks demanded.


Leroy stalled a bit, racking his mind for a name.


“I think Annabel Maxwell can help you get to him. But you


must never be seen coming to


Billy. His men will shoot at you


point blank. You and your


friends are criminals as far as


he is concerned. Try getting in


touch with Steve and Bimpe and you will find out what he has done to them,” Leroy said.


Chucks was visibly ruffled.


“What did he do to them?” he


asked. “Mr. Billy and the


governors in the videos are


making their own X-rated


sexual content materials against those whom they think made the videos and against them and they are sending them to their relatives.” Chucks lowered his head in thought. Some blocks away, a yellow cab pulled up; Eve, Stanley and the others


were in it watching the




“What was the information the


man who was killed at the


nightclub had. You were meant


to kill him and take it from him, so what was it?” Chucks asked eager to get as much


information from Leroy as


possible. “It was about the


videos. The man had called a


few powerful men and women


in the videos and made them


offers to sell his information to them. He was going to reveal who was behind the videos, who edited it, how much those who bugged Mayo’s fun house were paid.



He even claimed to know the Americans who are currently bidding to buy the videos. The guy had so much information.”.


“Where are the original videos now? Who has them?” “Everyone thinks Eve and Stanley do and I think so too.” Chucks was surprised to hear that. “Why do you think so?” he asked.


Leroy drew closer and lowered his voice as if he didn’t want the others in the Chevrolet to hear him and said,


“There is a military trained


underground team, hired by the governors and Billy to find the videos. The last time they came close to finding the videos, someone moved them


from their location and mailed them to Eve and Stanley. From that day till now, the videos have simply disappeared. I was


sent to kill your friends because someone doesn’t want the videos found. Don’t believe the shit that Stanley and Eve made the video, something else is going on here.”


Chucks was glad that Leroy was helping him get a grasp of the things he didn’t know. “How about Mayo, on whose side is he?”.


“Nobody, he may be the most dangerous man in all of this mess. Let me shock you,


Mayo knew Stanley and Eve


were going to be killed long


before I carried out the hit, and yet he didn’t tell them.” “What?!


I don’t believe you Leroy!


This one is the most dangerous thing you have said so far. Mayo won’t do a thing like that!”


Leroy smiled and continued, “My last instruction was given to me a week before your friends’ wedding and it took place right inside Emilia’s bedroom. Mayo was in Emilia’s bed…sorry he was on top of her when Emilia gave me the last order to kill Eve and Stanley.” .


Chucks put his hands on his head in disbelief and shed a tear. “I swear by God; I


will kill Mayo this night!” he shouted.


“Please don’t bother wasting


your time trying to kill Mayo. He is a hard man to kill. Obviously you don’t know who he is.


There is a policeman I want you to go after instead. His name is Martin. He knows a lot, he was the one who gave Emilia and a certain Mr. Baribote the information that Eve and Stanley were still alive after the shooting. He was the one who was



also used to break me free before I could be moved to a military hospital. When you are done questioning him, you must make sure you kill him. If you make the mistake of letting


him live, he will wipe your family out.”


Leroy opened his bag and gave Chucks a picture of Martin.


Glancing at his watch, he said,


“We have been here for too


long, it is not good. Please drive me away from here.”


Few seconds after the Chevrolet drove off, the yellow cab in which Eve and the


others were in followed them.




7:00 pm, Maxwell’s Private






Bimpe and Maxwell were lying on the bed and breathing


heavily after a steamy round of


sex. “My husband has been nice to me. I don’t want him hurt Maxwell. The marriage can crash; the videos may spread, but I don’t want him to come to harm. Please don’t hurt him,”


Bimpe pleaded as she took


Maxwell’s hand and began to


move it over her na.ked body.”


“What if he decides to come


after either you or me?


What should we do them?”.


“If he decides to do that, then I will take care of him myself,” Bimpe replied. . “Okay, if that will make you happy,” Maxwell said and stood up to use the bathroom.


In the bathroom he called the


guards’ helmsman said, “I want Mr. Femi, Bimpe’s husband, silenced in a few days time. Make it look like an accident.” While Maxwell was on the phone with the guard’s


helmsman, Bimpe was on the


bed making a call to Mayo,


“Mayo, my husband is in


danger. Maxwell wants him


dead. I want you to fake his


death and make him disappear.


Femi has done me no wrong, I


am the one at fault.”




8:30 pm, Salome’s Inn.




The detective working for Clara and Stella was with the two of them in a room at the inn.


“Since one of you is hoarding


her body from my touch, I am


going to need much more cash


to get you more information,”


the detective said.


“You don’t need more money to get us shit, if it’s sex you want, I can give it to you till you pass out. Please what have you found so far?”


Clara asked. The detective who


was obviously happy to hear


the offer for more sex began,


“Let’s start with this, this person is Emilia,” the detective pushed a picture to Stella and Clara.


“We know this woman and her


name is not Emilia. She was a


regular visitor at Mayo’s fun


house,” Stella said, looking surprised.


“She is the devil’s concubine; she never gets satisfied with sex. Her name is Amina and not Emilia,” Clara quipped, looking equally surprised. “Whatever aliases she has, at least now you know who Emilia is. The text message you got may have come from Bimpe. She is neck deep in this case and is working desperately to wriggle out of it. According


to my source, she may be one of the few people in the parties who knew the sex


orgies were being recorded.


Another person may be Steve,


we think he may be the person


who shot a man at a nightclub a week ago. The man whom we



believe he killed was also in the videos. We are yet to figure out the reason Steve killed him or had someone kill him.” The


detective paused and looked at Stella and Clara to know if they were happy with his findings and then continued, “We believe it will be easier to find out who made the videos and who shot your friends on the night of their wedding, if we focus on Bimpe, Steve, Mayo and Emilia.


There is something about those four…”


“Don’t waste your time wondering what’s it detective, they are most likely having


orgies together,” Stella cut in.


“No, whatever it is has nothing


to do with your group’s well-


documented orgies, these guys are into criminal activities.


Aren’t you aware of that?”


“What do you mean by criminal activities?..


These guys are our friends and they have legitimate businesses,” Clara said, defending her friends.


“When you say friends, do you also include Emilia?”.


“Well, the rest are my friends with her exception. I don’t even know much about her except that she has the scratchiest bottom amongst the female humanoid breed. She can have sex for twenty-four hours without


getting satisfied,” Clara added.


“Are you aware that Steve once


worked as a hit man in Italy?”.


Clara and Sella looked at each


other in disbelief.


“Are you aware that Bimpe is a drug Baron and manages a prostitution cult in Malaysia? Her job is a cover up.”.


“Jesus! The Malaysian money!!” Clara and Stella shouted. “What is Malaysian


money?” the detective asked.


“Bimpe gets huge money


transfers from Malaysia very


often,” Stella responded.


“Now you can see what I




Emilia has all the qualities you can find in the devil. For years she worked as a prostitute in America, her insatiable craving for sex may be as a result of her past



life. I believe Mr. Baribote paid her to make the videos. She may have enlisted the help of Steve and Bimpe in the process. Somehow


it seems Mayo was fooled about the videos. He just found out that his fun house was rigged with cameras. He is almost living in Emilia’s house right now. However, he meets with


someone at different hotels very often these days. We don’t know who, but we think he is investigating Emilia without her knowledge. He gives Emilia the sex she wants and works behind her back to bring her down. Mayo is a snake; he is an occult lord.


Let me shock you ladies, are you aware that his fun house is a sex temple and that all the orgies you have there are a form of worship?”


The two ladies recoiled in


shock. Tears ran down Stella’s


face and she began to mumble


prayers under her breath.


“The last time I slept with him at Eden Crest Suit, he said he was an usher for hell, called to usher men to hell. When he said that, I saw his face contort and shift to the look of a beast. Believe me I had not seen anything like it before,” Stella said, sobbing very hard. Clara who was sitting on the bed with her legs wide open to entertain the detective closed them and for once in a long time mumbled prayers to God. Stella on her part was


almost starting a night vigil. The detective sat back and allowed the two terrified


ladies a moment to confess their sins


and pray.






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