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Sequence 7




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In the end, it turned out to be a rather spectacular day.



Although they all insisted that the money should be shared equally, Mr. Williams stuck to his initial arrangement and took ten thousand cedis and gave fifteen thousand cedis to Shalom.


The Accountant of the hotel gave out four thousand cedis and transferred the balances into the accounts of Mr. Williams and Kofi Gyan.

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The elderly man parted with them with the promise to call on them later in the


week, and he chartered a taxi straight to the hospital to pay for the cost of treatment


for his granddaughter.


Kofi Gyan was elated!


For the first time in many years they had enough money to last for a few months! He could not stop praising Shalom and apologizing to him for his earlier treatment. They made some shopping for the house, and when they finally got home and Kofi Gyan vividly told the rest of the family what Shalom had done, they were all awed. Maame Fosuaa was also rather troubled.


“I’m not understanding any of this, really,” she said as she looked at her husband. “Evidently, he’s quite a gifted young man, irrespective of his disabilities. Someone must be looking for him really seriously. We need to make a formal report to the police to forestall any problems that might arise.”


“I agree with you, dear,” Agya Asare said. “I’ll let my boys come in first thing on Monday for the necessary action.”


“We have enough money to pay for your physiotherapy sessions again, father,” Adobea chipped in. “I’ll let Mr. Assifuah know and start on Monday.”

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“But Mr. Assifuah said there’s nothing wrong with your father, dear,” Maame Fosuaa said quickly. “He’s physically healed now, and all he has to do is get up and walk. The doctor says it is all psychological.”


“And that is what I don’t understand,” Adobea said, sounding agitated. “Father is a retired policeman, now paralyzed after a horrible accident. Surely, he is a brave man and falling five floors and injuring his back isn’t something strange that should affect him so much that even when he is well, he refuses to walk!” “That’s what the experts say, Adobea,” Kofi Gyan put in. “Father has an intense fear of falling and an intense fear of ghosts. Basophobia and phasmophobia combined. So, after falling from the fifth floor and injuring his spine, that fear is now heightened so much that he’s even afraid to stand up without leaning on somebody. So, he doesn’t need physiotherapy anymore.”


“Stop talking about me as if I’m not here, morons!” Agya Asare said furiously and turned his wheelchair around. “I don’t need anybody. I’ll be fine!”


Adobea sighed miserably as she stood up.

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She loved her father very much, and wished to see him back on his feet. He had been imprisoned in that wheelchair for far too long. She walked to the living-room where Shalom and Naomi were playing a game of ludo.


“Hi, guys, let me disturb you a bit,” she said with a smile. “Come with me, Shalom.”


He cocked his head to one side and looked at her.


“What do you want?” he asked.


Naomi giggled and stood up, pulling him along, and then they followed Adobea to her room.


“You’ll be sharing rooms with me for now,” Adobea said quickly. “We bought you a medium mattress, the one in the corner over there, see?” She was pointing to the mattress, and Shalom nodded.


“So, when you want to sleep, you come in here and sleep on my bed, okay?” she continued. “But, during the nights, I’ll put the mattress down at the foot of the bed and dress it with a bedsheet and pillow for you.”


“Alright, thank you,” he said and then took Naomi’s hand. “Let’s go continue the ludo.”


Adobea sighed, quite taken aback by the fact that his sudden preference for the company of the little girl was making her feel a little funny. What could possibly be wrong with her anyway? Obviously, in his trapped development, Naomi presented more fun because he could relate to her better in a way, age-wise. So, to all intents and purposes, Adobea should have felt relieved, but she was not, and that was quite troubling, to say the least.


Later on, she passed by the living-room again and saw both of them lying on the carpet and reading some books together. She paused and looked at him. “Shalom,” she said gently.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” he said, quite agitated and turned his head to look at her. “What at all do you want with me today?”


Grace, who was on her way to the kitchen, smiled broadly and shook her head, causing Adobea to smile.


“Listen, I’ll be going for a wedding ceremony in the afternoon,” Adobea said. “A friend of mine is getting married. Would you like to accompany me?”


He sat up and looked at her calmly.


“You’re not ashamed to be with me?” he asked calmly.


Adobea scowled, and then she walked quickly toward him.


“No, of course, not!” she said quickly. “Why do you say such a thing?” He shrugged, but his handsome face looked absolutely sad now.



“Some of the things I hear people say,” he said sadly. “They call me…bad names.” She knelt and smiled at him sweetly.


“Don’t mind what they say, Shalom,” she said gently. “I think you’re the cutest man I have ever seen.”


He smiled suddenly and it transformed him indeed into the cutest man she had ever seen.


“You think that?”


“I know that, Shalom,” she said. “So, would you come?” “Oh, yeah!” he said excitedly.


“Good,” she said and got to her feet. “I bought a tux for you, and some shoes too. I’ll just help Auntie Grace cook some soup, and then you’ll wear it and let me see if it will need a little alteration, okay?”


He nodded in a pretty animated way, and as Adobea followed Grace to the kitchen, she felt a sweet little bubble of excitement creeping through her veins. And when she went to the kitchen Grace looked at her quizzically.


“So, you finally decided to go to Amanda’s wedding,” she stated.


Adobea nodded.


“Yes, she’s been really going at me, says she won’t speak to me again if I don’t show up,” she answered. “I guess I have to show up.”


“Knowing full well that your ex-boyfriend Reuben will be there with that crazy rich Samantha girl he left you for?”


Adobea sighed miserably.


“Yes, Grace,” she said unhappily. “I don’t want it to seem like I’m still stuck ever since Reuben broke my heart.”


“Well, seems to me that you are, and you’re not thinking straight!” Grace said with a chuckle.


“And what do you mean exactly?”


Grace had poured a lot of flour into a pan and was climbing a chair to put it on top of the kitchen cabinet. The flour contained some weevils and she wanted to get rid of them.


She got back down and looked at Adobea gravely.


“Shalom, my dear, Shalom!” Grace said earnestly, her voice low. “Granted he’s quite cute, far cute than Reuben, yes. But he’s – excuse my language now – retarded! Gosh, Adobea! You show up with him and he’ll make a mess of himself, expose you to ridicule! Make Reuben think you’ve been so desperate that you’re now dating a moron!”



“Stop it, Grace!” Adobea said sharply. “I don’t care what people think, okay? I just want that young man to have some fun because it seems he’s been cheated out of life really badly. And I’m not ashamed to be seen with him! He’s a bit challenged, but he certainly isn’t retarded. You should’ve seen him tackling those complex physics questions, and in case you’ve forgotten, he’s just bailed out your husband’s career big time, and earned more money for us in one hour than the three of us have in the whole year!”


“Well, enough already!” Grace said crossly. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”


“You should be ashamed of yourself, Grace!” Adobea said and walked out of the


kitchen with disgust.




Adobea called the barber who had been styling her father’s hair to come over and trim Shalom’s hair. They were almost running late so she quickly washed down and got dressed, and then she told Shalom to bath, but he was reluctant because he had already taken a bath in the morning, and so she asked him to dress up. She went to the living-room to ask Grace to zip up her dress for her.


Her mother had closed the store to prepare for the half-night church service they


had that day. Naomi was still on the floor reading her story. Kofi Gyan was


organizing the drawings and other things he will need for the trip to the city, and


Agya Asare was watching television.


And then Shalom came in.


They all stopped what they were doing and looked at him.


Dressed in the tuxedo with his white shirt, necktie and black shoes, he looked so indescribably handsome and distinguished that they all stared at him.


“Awurade Nyankopon!” Grace whispered to herself.


“Ei, Shalom, you’re handsome papa!” Naomi shouted, jumped to her feet and began to clap in an excited manner.


Shalom smiled shyly, and it so much added to his allure that Adobea had to look away quickly with sudden discomfort.


Quite suddenly, it was difficult to view him as a little boy trapped inside an adult’s


body, and her heart was doing flips for the very first time after Reuben nearly


killed her when he went in for Samantha.


Finally, they left the house in a taxi.


For a moment, Adobea wanted to speak to him as she would a child and tell him it was a very important occasion to her and her friends so he should endeavour to be on his best behaviour, but for some strange reason she remained silent. The wedding grounds was a wonderful tent-like dome.



It was beautiful inside, and an usher showed them to a round table which took six people. The whole area was draped in white and gold with wonderful lighting and fine decorations.


Soon, they were joined by an older couple, and Adobea smiled secretly to herself when she saw how the older woman kept glancing at Shalom as he sat silently observing what was going on with awe and joy on his face.


Another couple soon joined them, and the programme passed like a breeze.


After the vows came the photoshoot session, and soon they retired to the garden to have the reception.


Adobea was glad that there was no sign of Reuben because he was also the good friend of the bride, Amanda. She was not quite surprised when she was invited to sit at the High Table, and just as he took her seat with Shalom beside her, Adobea suddenly heard a voice to her left that froze her to the very core!


It was Reuben’s voice.


“Adobea, hey, how’re you?” Reuben said.


Adobea turned toward him.


She had not seen him in a while.


He was not a large man. He was lithe and lean and of average height, but she had loved him to bits. Today, he was in a nice blue suit and white shirt, but she thought he looked a little bit smaller than she remembered him. He was spotting a nice beard and haircut, as dapper and charming as ever. He was with his rich girlfriend, Samantha.


She was a tall, thin graceful model with sharp curves and contours. Wearing a dazzling greenish designer outfit, she looked the epitome of class and beauty as she glanced at Adobea.


Adobea’s heart fluttered for a moment only, and then she sighed and turned toward Shalom. To her horror she found that she was more concerned about what Shalom might do than the sight of Reuben and Samantha, and that for once she did not feel that horrible dying feeling she always had when Reuben crossed her mind. Shalom was sitting quietly as he sipped his drink.


Adobea was so impressed with him; he was exhibiting none of his frantic and chaotic characters, and for that she was extremely confident.


After a while, she realized Samantha was speaking to her, and she turned around to listen.


Adobea wondered how they had come this far.


They had been such incredible best friends at school. Her, Samantha, Amanda and Brenda who was the maid of honour at the wedding.



How happy they had been at school and after school until Samantha had stolen Reuben from her. Adobea had been so disillusioned that she had found it hard coming back to their fold.


“Were you talking to me?” she asked coldly.


Samantha took a sip of champagne and then gently set the glass down.


“I was asking who your friend is,” Samantha said with a slight smile as she gestured at Shalom.


Without knowing what she was doing Adobea replied immediately. “My boyfriend.”


Shalom turned his head and looked at her suddenly with eyes that were suddenly warm and shy, giving her the full blast of his charm. There was a sudden cagey look on Reuben’s face.


He was smiling, but his eyes were suddenly hooded as he looked at Adobea, and then at Shalom.


“Wow, you didn’t waste much time, did you?” he asked, and Adobea turned on him with sudden shock.


Was that a note of jealousy she heard in his voice?


“Ah, he’s so handsome!” Amanda said, obviously listening to the conversation as she winked at Adobea meaningfully. “If he had come early I might have stolen him from you too.”


There was a giggle around the table.


“Does he know I was your boyfriend?” Reuben asked icily, and again Adobea glanced at him with shock. She remembered the tone of voice, and knew he was quite close to being petty and nasty, and this really surprised her.


“Adobea was your…girlfriend?” Shalom asked with raised eyebrows, and for a moment Adobea was very scared he was going to slip into one of his childish behaviours.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


“Oh, yes,” Reuben said with a derisive laugh. “We had some beautiful moments in bed too, until I fell in love with Samantha here.”


Samantha smiled demurely and put a hand around Reuben’s shoulders.


Shalom scowled and shook his head with confusion.


“Adobea was…your girlfriend, and you left her for that woman?” he asked.


“Yes, I told you, didn’t I, buddy?” Reuben said nastily.


“But…why?” Shalom asked with confusion. “Why would you leave Adobea for that thing?”


There was a shocked silence around the table, and Reuben scowled dangerously.


Samantha choked on her drink and set the glass down suddenly.


“What the do you mean by that statement?” Reuben asked angrily.


“Shalom, please, it is okay?” Adobea hissed desperately.


“No, it is not okay!” Shalom cried indignantly. “He left you and took her. You with your fine bobbies and legs and bigly boodankadunk…he left you for her? Look at how bony she is! Hey, mister, do you put your peeweewee into her vajayjay?”


“Are you mad?” Reuben roared and got to his feet.


Adobea was desperate now as she tried to calm down Shalom, but he would not be stopped now.


He pushed Adobea’s hands aside and looked at Reuben defiantly.


“Are you not afraid to put your peeweewee inside her vajayjay when she’s all bony like that? What if your peeweewee strikes one of her bones and get broken, huh?” As people burst into laughter around the High Table, Reuben sat down again with sudden horror. Samantha put her lips inside and for a wild moment it looked as if she was going to cry.


It was the best sight Adobea had ever seen, and it sent her heart beating with sudden happiness.


Shalom opened his mouth to speak again, and out of desperation Adobea suddenly put her arm around his neck, drew him forward, and put her lips on his. His lips opened almost timidly, and she kissed him slowly.


It was so beautiful that for a moment all she wanted to do was continue kissing him.


Could it be true, that for once she was kissing another man with Reuben glaring at her and she was enjoying it?


She sat back suddenly, and Shalom smiled at her with such an expression of an abashed young boy that she burst out laughing gently. And she knew that it was going to be alright now.


She knew she was finally free of the pain of Reuben.




Adobea had never had such fun.


It was her who was laughing and taking pictures with a happy Shalom everywhere, and it was Reuben and Samantha who left the gardens early this time around. All her friends were quite taken in by the gentle, handsome, carefree young man.

And by the time they got home, she was exceedingly happy that she went with






Shalom was too tired to do anything else when they got back.


He ate, took a shower and went to put down his mattress.


“No, I’m going for a half night so you can use my bed,” Adobea said quickly as she held the mattress. He looked at her with raised eyebrows.


“You ate my mouth today and now you want me to sleep on your bed,” he said quizzically. “Are you sure you’re not turning into a prostitute who wants to put your vajayjay on my peeweewee?”


She giggled and hugged him gently.


“You make me happy, Shalom,” she said as she stepped away. “No, I’m not planning on doing that. At least not yet, okay? And please, not all women who make love to you are prostitutes, okay? Many women do it out of love.”


He put his head to one side and looked at her.


“Are you saying you love me, Adobea?”


She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment.


“Go to bed, Shalom,” she said. “I’ll come back after midnight. Sure you don’t want to come with me?”


“Oh, no!” he said quickly. “Why should I go and shout the whole night and disturb God’s sleep? I won’t do that.”


Adobea smiled and shook her head.


By the time she came back from the bathroom, he was spread out on the bed na.ked, na.ked and asleep. She gasped and felt the warmth stealing across her as she looked at what a fine specimen of manhood he was.


She sighed heavily, picked up a spare bedsheet, and covered him with it. Adobea got dressed, and left the house around seven o’clock with her mother, Grace and Kofi Gyan.


Naomi was in bed, and Mr. Asare was watching television.


As was the case, Mr. Asare fell asleep in his wheelchair, and around midnight he was still asleep.


At half past midnight Shalom came awake.


He was hot and sweating so he went to the bathroom and just turned on the shower and drenched himself for a while. He had forgotten to take the towel Adobea had given him along, so he padded out na.ked and walked to the kitchen to get water to drink.


Shalom was reaching for the water when he slipped and slammed into the kitchen cabinet where, earlier on, Grace had balanced a full pan of weevil-infested white flour.



The pan came down full blast on the young man’s head, and he was plastered with a solid wall of white. He spluttered and got to his feet, and because his body was wet, he looked like a sheet of white from head to toe.


Gasping for breath, he tried to go back to the bathroom, but he was so disoriented that he took a right turn, instead of left, and this turn invariably brought him to the door of the living-room where Agya Asare had come awake suddenly, awakened by the sound of the falling pan from the kitchen.


Fact was, the lights in the living-room were off except for the dim lights from the screen of the television, and so when Agya Asare turned his head he saw this white apparition stumbling toward him like a zombie of sorts. And this man, who had such a morbid fear of ghosts, suddenly went weak all over.


“Yeiiiii!” he said, trembling horribly in his wheelchair. “Fosuaa! Fosuaa eeeeeei!” And then he remembered that everybody else was out of the house except him and his granddaughter and the stranger, and his fear escalated.


“Fosuaa eeeeee! Awurade Nyankopon gyeme ooooo! Aowwww! Awoooww! Osaman kanto!”


Shalom could barely see, and his mouth was filled with flour, and so he was walking gingerly and flailing his arms, and when he spoke the floor shot out of his mouth, and his words were distorted.


“Talamuu shigiigii atomuuuuu!” he said, trying to explain why he had flour all over him.


Agya Asare only saw a ghost that moved and spat smoke from his mouth.


He struggled into his wheelchair and began to scream.


“Shalooommmm! Naomiiiiiiiiii! Come out oooo! Aoooooow! Ewurade gyemeooooooo! Osaman ooooooo! Osaman kantooooooooo!”


Shalom head the screams and wiped flour from his eyes. He tried to calm down the screaming man.


“Old maaaansshhhh!” he wailed. “To muuunn shanaaaap!”


“In the name of Jesus! I will go to church oooo! Jesus save me ooooo! Osaman ooooo! Osaman kantoooooo!!”


The man’s fright suddenly hit Shalom, and he laughed, suddenly turning childish again as he began to deliberately scare the old man now. He laughed raucously and flapped his arms and made scary faces at old man!


“I will chew you todayyyyyy!” he drawled, laughing himself silly and forcing himself to roar. “I killiiiii youuuuuu todaysss! Chewwwww your meaaaaattt todayyyy!”


“Yeeeei, yeeeeiiiii! Osamn beku meooo!”


And then Shalom rushed at the old man!


Agya Asare bolted out of the wheelchair and began running from the house. Overcome with great enjoyment, Shalom gave him chase!


The screaming old man opened the main door and rushed outside.


His family had just gotten out of the taxi that brought them from the church, and the driver was urinating into the bushes nearby.


The moment he saw the apparition the taxi driver took to his heels! Grace also took one look and began to run.


Maame Fosuaa held out her arms and her screaming and weeping husband fell into her arms, shivering and still screaming.


Shalom leaned against an electricity pole and laughed so hard that he could not stand straight.


Recognizing his voice at last, Agya Asare stared at him with sudden horror.


“Aboabiba!” he screamed with frenzy.


Adobea sighed and looked down at the white Shalom with sudden gentle eyes. “Your father is a fool!” Shalom shouted. “He’s azaaa kaloo! He can walk and he’s been pretending all this while!”


“Your mother is the fool!” Agya Asare screamed. “Get that man out of my house this instant!”


“My darling,” Maame Fosuaa said with tears in her eyes. “I prayed for you so hard today. You’re walking again…God used that boy to make you walk again!” There was sudden laughter all around, and even the taxi driver laughed when he came back for his taxi. There was flour all over the house and in the kitchen when they eventually returned to the house and to Naomi who was in the hall wondering what was happening.


And later, as Adobea saw her father walking around freely now and still talking about what had happened, she came to the bedroom where Shalom had washed down and was sleeping again.


She climbed into the bed beside him and watched his face for a long time before falling asleep eventually.




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