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Sequence 37




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Samuel Larbi moaned with pain as he held the metallic railing of the staircase and drew himself to his feet.


There was a huge contusion on his forehead where he had struck a sharp edge of the steps with. He grimaced and stood still for a while to let the dizzy spell pass, and then he looked through the glass French Windows just in time to see Jack kicking Doctor Obeng’s balls, and then Samuel moved weakly up the steps until he gained the landing again. He did not walk towards the master bedroom but took the other direction and hurried to his mother’s door.


Samuel knocked loudly and waited but there was absolutely no movement from beyond the door.


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“Mama!” Samuel shouted. “It is me! Open up!”


There was the rustle of material beyond the door and then Beatrice’s voice came, unsteady and scared.


“Sammy? I-is th-tha-that y-you?”


“Yes, Mama,” he said softly.


“Where’s Mike?” she asked fearfully.


“He’s fooling around the pool with Jack,” Samuel said.


The door opened a crack and then she peered out fearfully.


“Come in, come in,” she said urgently.


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Samuel entered his mother’s room and moved to the minibar to pour himself a straight whisky. He drank it down and then scooped ice into a napkin, bunched it up and pressed it to the contusion on his forehead.


“What happened?” Beatrice asked fearfully as she dropped into one of the deep armchairs. “What happened to Mike?”


“He got fu.cking careless!” Samuel said wrathfully. “According to Luce, Jack managed to inject the doctor with one of the two injections, and I’ll bet my last pesewa that it was the actual truth serum!”


“Oh, goodness!” Beatrice cried with horror. “What are we going to do? I guess he needs to inject the solution! Oh, this is bad!”


Samuel poured himself more drink.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


“That solution, according to the man himself, wasn’t really well-developed even if we can find it,” he said as he sat down again. “I wonder what kind of efficacious antidote it will be since he evidently injected it without the primer, or whatever the it was. Way I see it, the doctor is fu.cked, at least for the time being, and we’re on our own now!”


“Oh, but that’s bad!” Beatrice moaned in anguish. “We can’t do this without Mike! The Russians trust him and will deal with only him!”


“Well, he’s all but mad now!” Samuel cried angrily. “You saw what happened to him! There’s only one thing left now. We have to kidnap that Adobea girl and use her as bait to let Jack part with the device! It is the only way now!”


“But it is so soon, too soon following what you did to the Cyndi girl!” Beatrice shouted. “We need a better plan!”


“Mama! What plan again?” Samuel asked as he got to his feet and faced his mother angrily. “They’re buying the device for one billion dollars, Mama! One billion dollars! That’s money that does not need a better plan! Let me kidnap the girl; I promise I won’t hurt her. We use her as ransom and get the device from Jack, take our money and leave this accursed part of the world!”


Beatrice was wringing her hands nervously.


“Alright, good, but we have to help Mike first,” she said quickly. “He can’t go around like this! If the truth serum works on him, he’ll spill a lot of things to Jack! We need to help him, son. Let’s go to his room and see if we can find the vaccine for the drug!”


“Now you’re making sense!” Samuel said coldly. “Let’s go! But first, let me make a call!”


He unclipped his phone from his waistband and flipped through his contacts.


He made a call and put the phone to his ear. After a minute he spoke.


“Solo, green light,” he said menacingly. “Get the girl.”




“Your father was a good man,” Doctor Obeng said suddenly.


He was still lying on the floor grabbing his genitals which had stopped paining him a bit after Jack kicked him.


Jack Larbi was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool with his feet inside the water.


“Leave my father out of your yayayah, doc,” Jack said lazily.


“Isaac Larbi was a good man, but he shouldn’t have married that greedy Beatrice,” Doctor Obeng continued unfazed. “She was only interested in his money, that witch! After your father’s death, the Will was read and we realized that although Isaac left some buildings and cash for Beatrice, he left everything else to you, Jack! You owned everything else! Beatrice was so greedy. She wanted to have everything! And so, she called me. At first she wanted us to kill you!”


“Yei!” Jack said and looked at the Doctor. “Are you sure about what you’re telling me?”


“Yes, it is true!” Doctor Obeng said and giggled. “You injected my neck piaaawww with the raw truth serum. If I don’t get the vaccine I’ll speak the truth until all truth is finished from my head!” “Really,” Jack said, and his voice was cold now.


“Yes, yes, Jack Toronto!” Doctor Obeng said with a giggle. “As I was saying, at first, we wanted to murder you, but then we decided to reset your brain and make you into a senseless, underdeveloped fool so that we’ll take all your riches!” “And that is why you reset my brain and made me into an eight-year-old kid?” Jack asked, horrified.


“Exactly, exactly!” Doctor Obeng said and laughed. “Before I reset your brain, we realized we can’t get into the main vault where we know your father kept a lot of jewelleries and valuable gems! Only you knew the password to the vault, but you wouldn’t tell us. So, we solicited the help of Lucille, who is actually Samuel’s girlfriend, to help us. She managed to let you fall in love with her and plan your marriage. Everything was moving according to plan.” “And what was the plan?” Jack asked softly.


“Oh, to make you marry Lucille,” Doctor Obeng said with a broad smile. “I was then going to reset your brain to make you write a Will and hand over all your inheritance to her, and also show her the contents of the vault! But, just before your wedding, you caught Samuel making love to Lucille, and you were so hurt and furious that you ordered all of us out of your life! We had no choice then! I pricked



you with a tiny sleeping drug when I was saying goodbye to you, and then I took you to my lab and reset your fu.cking brain!”


As Jack watched the doctor tears slowly came to his eyes, and he nodded without speaking.


“You became like a fu.cking stupid eight-year-old boy with no memories,” the doctor said and smiled. “You used to have a huge beard and Rasta hair, so when we shaved you and took off your beard, you didn’t resemble anyone. Samuel then took you to Accra and left you with a prostitute although he wanted to kill you. We were then left alone to enjoy the riches even though we couldn’t get to the vault.” “And why didn’t you leave me there?” Jack asked painfully. “You had what you wanted, and I was happy with my Adobea. Why couldn’t you greedy people leave me alone?”


“Oh, because we were approached by some Russian underworld mafia gang!” Doctor Obeng said with a giggle. “They had learnt that your father was developing a very special energy source! A kind of battery that never ran low! A battery cell that was forever strong and powerful!”


“My goodness!” Jack Larbi whispered with horror. “The JL-CELL!” “Exactly, exactly!” Doctor Obeng said with a laugh. “That is such a masterful breakthrough in the field of raw energy, and whoever owns the blueprint to it would be filthy rich and powerful! The possibilities were unlimited! They promised to pay us one billion dollars if we can give them the first sample JL-CELL. We knew your father kept it inside the vault.”


“And you couldn’t get into the vault, so you needed me again,” Jack Larbi said and wiped tears from his eyes. “And so, when you saw me on the television, you came back for me and pretended to be my loving family again.”


“Just to get the cell, and then kill you,” Doctor Obeng said and laughed wildly. “You wicked souls!” Jack Larbi cried in anguish. “The JL-CELL was not developed by my father! I developed it myself! I perfected it all and I wanted my father to take it as his invention but he wouldn’t! He wanted to prove to the world that his son was a genius but I did not want all the attention of being famous. We were still debating it when he died suddenly! I didn’t even want to see it again after that! You greedy, horrible people!”


“Yes, we’re greedy, no doubt about that!” Doctor Obeng cried out and laughed. “There was a girl called Cyndi who was working at the restaurant Adobea works now. She came to inform us that you saw Adobea and went out with her. So, Samuel killed Cyndi by feeding her to the crocodiles yummy yummy yummy!” “What?” Jack whispered, aghast. “Oh, my dear goodness!”



“Yes, the crocodiles ate Cyndi like she was a chicken flavour spaghetti!” Doctor Obeng said and bleated with raucous laughter.


Jack was cold all over as he stared at the doctor with sheer horror. He knew that Adobea was in very serious danger.


“Oh, and do you know Beatrice likes roasted cockroaches and beetles?” Doctor Obeng was saying. “She picked up that unnatural taste when she was a call girl. Yes, she’s been a professional prostitute before. She also eats frogs and exotic snakes. You see how the truth is flowing out now? Today I’ll speak the truth until you tell me to shut up but I won’t shut up!”


Jack Larbi got to his feet and began to walk away hurriedly; he needed to find Adobea. The situation was more dangerous than any of them had imagined, and her life was suddenly in acute danger.


“Herh, where are you going to?” Doctor Obeng asked. “You should stay for some more truth. Lucille likes the way you hammer her. She fell in love with you. As for Samuel he likes it when women tie her with silk and step on his back with stiletto shoes whilst pissing on his face. He’s a big fool, I tell you, a pure grade sadist and masochist! Abele, abele…truth will die today!”


But Jack was already running!


“Don’t run, Jack, come back!” Doctor Obeng screamed in anguish. “I’m not done yet! Let me tell you about my sexual preferences! I like it when Akuapim women push vulture feathers with fiomfiom tips into my anus! The moment must be right, you know. Not just any woman but Akuapim woman. Or a Northerner, but she must be from Walewale. As for the Akuapim woman she can be from any Akuapem town but if she’s a Northerner she must definitely come from Walewale. And the feather must be a vulture feather thrashed sideways and left with a small pointed tip dipped into coconut oil. Ahhhhh! When you put it inside my anus my body melts like Dawadawa sardine…miiiaaasooo, feeling is yayayah! Abele, abele, truth will die today! Come back, Jack!”










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