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Sequence 36




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Beatrice took one look over her shoulder and saw the maddened face of Doctor Obeng in pursuit. She screamed with fear and as she began to go down the steps the doctor caught hold of her overcoat and began to pull her back.


She raised her arms so that the coat slipped over her arms and came off her body, and then she began to descend the steps. Doctor Obeng took a look at the silky gown in his hands and then he bellowed with rage.


“Come here, you witchy-witchy bobolo!” he screamed.


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“Leave me alone, Mike!” Beatrice screamed with horror as she fled down the steps with her hands held in front of her.


Doctor Obeng simply lunged himself into the air down the steps and smashed into her. She screamed again as the two of them fell down on the steps and rolled down with limbs intertwined now.


They smashed down at the foot of the steps and the doctor promptly grabbed the woman’s knees and began to force her thighs apart. Beatrice, weeping now, tried to keep her thighs pressed together as her hands beat against the man’s shoulders helplessly.



“Stop it, Mike, stop it!” she screamed. “You’re going to hurt me! Please, stop it!” “Big vagi-vagi!” Doctor Obeng screamed in an enraged voice. “Let me put my head inside to stop the fire of tatafu!”


Jack had now descended the steps and he stood over them shrieking and clapping his hands as the two struggled.


“Sayooo!” he shouted with evident mirth.




Doctor Obeng had managed to get the poor woman’s legs open now and with a grunt he lunged downward with his head and butted her inner core rather crudely. “Herh, Doctor Obeng, you fool!” Samuel shouted as he got to the foot of the steps. “Stop your foolishness! How can you put your big head into my mother?”

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He grabbed the doctor’s arm and began to pull him forcefully off his mother. Doctor Obeng struggled and grunted continuously with distress, apparently unwilling to leave his place of comfort, but Samuel eventually dragged him clear of Beatrice.


The elderly woman got to her feet and fled up the steps again straight to her room whilst still screaming and weeping. She slammed her door shut and locked it. Doctor Obeng was on his feet now and he raced blindly towards the huge French Windows that led from the back porch of the luxurious living room to the swimming pool area beyond.


Giggling and happy, Jack followed the man.


Samuel Larbi stood in the living room and watched them go with confused eyes. “What happened?” he whispered morosely. “Dearest Lord, what the hell happened? What’s wrong with them?”


Lucille, who was wearing a short, red and sexy lingerie, was standing on the steps looking at the na.ked Jack who was running after Doctor Obeng.


“From what I gathered – from Jack’s speech – it seems he used one of the serums meant for him to inject Doctor Obeng,” she said miserably. “Oh, Jack!” Samuel looked at her with belligerent fury and jealousy.


“You fu.cked him again, didn’t you?” he asked nastily and began to advance on her. “You fu.cking slut! You shameless whore!”


She looked at him with sheer misery.


“Don’t start that again, Sam!” she shouted down at him. “You want your device to sell so go ahead and look for it and leave me alone! I didn’t ask you to throw me at your brother!”


“Bitch!” Samuel screamed. “I just wanted you to help me get the damn secrets from him and you ended up shagging him!”



“I fell in love with him, Sam!” she shouted, and then she turned and fled as he bounded up the steps at her.


“You want a dick that much, huh?” he screamed with jealousy. “I’m going to screw your brains out, Luce, you fu.cking whore!”


He caught her arm and raised his hand to slap her but with a cry of fear she pushed him hard. Samuel lost his footing and fell down the steps again head over heels. Lucille fled straight to the master bedroom she shared with Jack, slammed it shut and locked it.


Samuel smashed his head hard against one of the supporting pillars of the staircase and moaned with acute pain.


And, in the pool area, Doctor began to take off his clothes and very soon was very na.ked as he looked around him with appreciating eyes. He began to walk around in a prancing style as his appendage dangled in front of him.


“Herh, Doctor Obeng, your hwea balls are longer than your peeweewee!” Jack shouted as he held his knees and laughed. “That’s very funny!”


“That’s because I’m quite old, young man,” Doctor Obeng said indignantly. “The scrotal sac tends to elongate as men grow. Just you wait! When you’re an old man your scrotal sac will elongate too!”


“It is really a sack now,” Jack said, unable to stop his laughter.


Doctor Obeng smiled and gyrated his hips fast to make his balls bounce comically. “See, my balls are doing the yayayah dance,” he said with his arms crooked as he moved his hips faster. “Yaya, yaya, yayayah!”


Jack sat on one of the deck chairs and watched Doctor Obeng doing the yayayah dance with his genital organ.


After some minutes the doctor was covered with sweat and his lips opened as he panted.


“Are you not tired?” Jack asked with a chuckle.


“I’m tired but I can’t stop making my pe.nis dance yayayah!” the doctor said, his voice almost close to tears. “Yaya, yaya, yayayah!”


Jack guffawed and slapped his thighs with great mirth. “You must stop, Doctor Obeng!” he shouted. “Please, stop!”


“I can’t stop!” Doctor Obeng shouted as he raised one of his legs and moved his waist faster.


“If you don’t stop, you’ll go mad,” Jack said.


“I know, I know, but I can’t stop my pe.nis and balls from dancing yayayah!” the doctor shouted. “Please, help me!”


Jack stood up and approached the doctor. He held him by the arms very hard.



“Alright, let me help you,” he said gently. “Stop moving now! Stop moving and keep still.”


Doctor Obeng stopped moving his upper trunk, but his waist still gyrated and his balls continued to bounce.


“You see that I’m still and yet my pe.nis is dancing the yayayah?” he asked tearfully.


“No, no, it is you who is still moving your waist!” Jack said.


“No, no, no, it is not me!” the doctor said in distress. “It is my pe.nis! It just likes dancing yayayah!”


Jack grabbed the doctor’s waist now.


“Okay, I’m holding your waist so stop moving your waist,” he said.


Still Doctor Obeng’s waist moved kpa, kpa, kpa, kpa and his male organ bounced up and down just like his balls.


“You see?” he wept. “Make it stop because I can’t stop it!”


“You mean no matter what I do your hwea balls still wouldn’t stop dancing the yayayah?” Jack asked with a scowl.


“That’s what I’m trying to tell you!” Doctor Obeng screamed. “I can’t stop it! It is like my pe.nis has now got a life of its own and has started to take up dancing!” “Hmm!” Jack said thoughtfully as he held his chin. “The dancing kote of Doctor Obeng!”


Doctor Obeng crooked his arms sideways and gyrated his hips faster and faster, and his genitals swung wilder and wilder.


“Yes, yes, the yayayah dancing kote of Doctor Obeng!” he wailed in anguish. “Please let it stop, please! Let it stop or I’ll go mad!”


“I think you’re mad already,” Jack said with a nod. “It is all psychological. But let me see what I can do.”


“Yes, please do something!” the doctor shouted.


“What we have right here is kote na hwea abodamfo,” Jack said with a giggle. “The mad pe.nis and balls! And this cannot be allowed to continue. This madness of a pe.nis and balls must stop! This nonsense must end!”


He swept his foot off the floor and slammed it with rather sickening force into the doctor’s groin.


“Yayuuuuuuuuu!” Doctor Obeng screamed with sheer pain and grabbed his genitals as he sank slowly to the floor. “Why did you kick my balls? Are you crazy?”


He lay on the floor with tears in his eyes as he looked at Jack with horror.



“Have they stopped dancing the yayayah?” Jack asked as he looked down at the hapless man.


Doctor Obeng was moaning as shafts of pain buffeted his body.


“You mad man!” he moaned in anguish.


“I’ll kick it again if it doesn’t stop that nonsense!” Jack said with his foot drawn back. “Has your pe.nis and your balls stopped dancing the yayayah?”


“Yes, yes, yes, I’ve stopped, I’ve stopped!” the doctor shouted with fear and held


out his right hand in supplication. “Please, Jack, stop! Don’t’ kick me again. My


pe.nis has stopped dancing yayayah!”


“Naniama!” Jack said with a satisfied gloat.








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