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Sequence 33




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Cyndi carefully counted the wad of twenty-cedi notes Lucille had given her with bright greedy eyes. She smiled as she looked up.


“Seven hundred and fifty cedis,” she whispered. “That is not enough. The information I have is more than that.”


“Well, that’s all that I have in my bag,” Lucille said impatiently. “And I’ll decide whether your information is worth more. If it does, I’ll give you more.”


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Cyndi looked at Lucille with hard eyes as her mind raced furiously.


“You can keep your info and give me back my money too, if you like,” Lucille said coldly.


Cyndi quickly tucked the money into her bag and then began to speak.


Lucille listened with mounting horror as the waitress spoke. Her heart pounded with deep rage, jealousy and fear as her suspicions escalated rather sharply.



“And he left…with this new waitress?” Lucille finally asked when Cyndi finished speaking. “And you say her name is Adobea?”


“Seems you know her,” Cyndi said craftily as her sly eyes roamed Lucille’s face.


“No, I don’t!” Lucille snapped furiously, unable to hide her agitation.


“I can see she’s competition,” Cyndi whispered. “And I secretly took several pictures of her!”

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“Let me see the photos!” Lucille shouted nastily.


Cyndi wagged a mischievous forefinger at her.


“No, milady, no!” Cyndi said nastily. “You wanna see her pictures you gotta pay more!”


“Damn you, you harlot!” Lucille screamed and almost punched the other girl in the face.


“Money, girlfriend, money!” Cyndi said in a disdainful voice. “You get me more money, I show you pictures.”


“I told you I gave you all I have on me!” Lucille screamed in exasperation. “But you have money in your account and can always transfer a bit to me, can’t you?”


“Yes, you whore!” Lucille screeched and took out her phone. “I’ll always give you more, I promise on my honour! Show me who this mystery woman is!”


Cyndi navigated to her Gallery folder and selected it. A minute later, she turned and showed Lucille the beautiful face of Adobea Asare!


Lucille gasped audibly and almost fell down. She clutched her heart and held the door of the car tightly as her vision clouded! Pain exploded unrelentlessly through her.


It was her!


Adobea Asare!


Trembling and scared, Lucille took out her phone and called Samuel.


“What the do you want, you bloody whore?” Samuel growled furiously, and from the drawl in his voice Lucille knew that he was still drunk.


He had taken to the bottle ever since he heard her making love to Jackie and although Lucille felt a bout of pity for him and a little guilty at his suffering, she had absolutely no regret making love to Jack.


She had believed herself to be in love with Samuel but he had always been


vindictive and abusive, both physically and verbally. But Jackie had touched a soft


spot in Lucille’s heart that no man had ever touched, and she just could not stand


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But now the danger was real!



This Adobea girl was once more on the scene and Lucille just could not take the pain currently racking and messing her up.


“There’s trouble, Sam!” Lucille cried in anguish. “That girl, the Adobea girl! She has come to town! She’s with Jackie right now!”


“Fuck!” Samuel whispered, aghast, and his voice was very cold now. “Take your time! Tell me what happened!”


Lucille tried to sound coherent but she was so agitated that she jabbered, and Samuel had to shout on her several times to calm down and tell him what she knew.


When she was finally done, he spoke carefully to her.


“Is the phone on speaker?”


“No,” Lucille answered.


“Good,” Samuel said. “Is the Cyndi girl still with you?” “Yes, Sam.”


“She’s a danger,” Samuel said coldly. “No one should know she spoke to you about Adobea. Of course, she and Adobea both have to die. Give the phone to her.” Lucille forced a smile and handed her phone to Cyndi.


“Jack’s brother wants to speak to you.”


“Why?” Cyndi asked, her eyes twinkling with expectation.


“More money, I guess,” Lucille said.


Cyndi smiled greedily and took the phone.


“Hello,” she said. “I’m Cyndi.”


“Great job, Cyndi,” Samuel said in a warm voice. “We’re so grateful to you, dear. I have ten thousand cedis to give you. I heard you’re on your way to Accra but if you can wait for a couple of days and do a small assignment for me just monitoring my brother’s moves with this Adobea girl, I’ll give you ten thousand Ghana cedis.” “Oh, yes, I can do that!” Cyndi said excitedly.


“Good girl,” Samuel said. “You’re such a darling. Look, I have three thousand advance for you. After you complete it I’ll give you the remaining seven. So, please, come with Lucille right now to the house and let’s go over the business deal.”


“Oh, thank you, thank you!” Cyndi cried excitedly. “Yes, I’ll come with her immediately!”


She handed the phone to Lucille who put it to her ears.


“Hello, Sam,” she said.


“Bring her,” Samuel said curtly. “She’s dead already. And after that, Adobea.” “Yes, Adobea!” Lucille said savagely. “She deserves it, that bitch!”




Adobea was lost in the folds of his arms.


His kisses seared her to the core of her soul. Her arms tightened around his neck as she kissed him back desperately and longingly. She felt the desire ripping her apart as his hands tightened around her.


And then, quite suddenly, his hands dropped lower and he clasped her buttocks fiercely and then gently rubbed them, and suddenly Adobea received a jolt of the unreal!


Jack Larbi was a complete gentleman and would not grab a strange woman he was kissing like that! Shalom, however, had always grabbed her like that when kissing her!


Now his kiss was fiercer and more passionate, almost child-like in his intense excitement and then his lips blazed across her throat and his right hand came up to fondle her breast deliciously.


“Jack?” she whispered breathlessly against his ear.


He stiffened suddenly in her arms and then he suddenly held her shoulders and almost fiercely pushed her away from him. He stared into her face with wide, hurt eyes.


“Herh, Adobea, Adobea, what’s wrong with you, huh?” he asked in a hurt voice. “Why did you call me Jack, huh? Are you not the one who told me Reuben was the only man you knew? So, why are you calling me Jack when I’m kissing you and my body is doing me glumligi? You have another boyfriend, don’t you, Adobea? Look at your head like snail buttocks!”


He was so hurt, just like Shalom!


Suddenly, his voice was not so cultured and modulated anymore!


He was just like…Shalom?


“Jack?” she whispered in alarm now as she looked at him with something approaching fear. “Are you…are you okay?”


“No, I’m mad, Adobea, I’m mad!” he said petulantly. “You’re still calling me Jack, abi? Who’s he, huh? I’m kissing you and holding your boodankadunks and you’re there calling me Jack! Jack your father! Jack your mother! You’re hurting me, Adobea!”


Adobea shook her head numbly as she just stared at him for a moment absolutely nonplussed! What was happening? Had Jack once again relapsed into Shalom somehow?


“No, no, Shalom, no!” she whispered desperately. “Don’t do this to me! Jack is your name too, remember? Your real name is Jack Larbi! You told me yourself!”



“Ahhh, Adobea, I told you when, huh?” he asked, still sounding hurt. “Me that can’t remember who I am? It is my brother who sent me to the ashawo committee and she put my peeweewee in her mouth and her vajayjay. Ahaaaa, now I get it! You’re trying to punish me because of Bajoe and Calima, right? But those atopa fuchors were not my fault, Adobea! Please, forgive me!”


“Shalom!” she shouted at him as tears stung her eyes. “I’ll never do anything to get back at you! I love you! I love you so, Shalom!”


And then he smiled, that huge, goofy, small-boy-happy smile that always melted her heart, and she knew with a horrified feeling that suddenly he had relapsed into that boy again.


“You love me, Adobea?” he asked shyly.


“Oh, more than I love breath, Shalom!” she whispered as tears fell down her cheeks.


“Herh, Adobea, kafei buulu ye jer!” he said goofily. “How can you love me more than breath? Wodaadaa me keke! Let me strangle you right now and if you can’t breathe let’s see if you won’t scratch my eyes to leave you to breathe!”


He burst into raucous laughter then and Adobea stared at him with horror!


Oh, dear Lord, don’t let this happen, Lord! Please, don’t let him go back to how he was, even though I love him so much and want to retain him but dear, sweet, sweet Lord, don’t let this happen to Shalom! I don’t want this for him!


He held out his arms suddenly and looked down at himself.


“Heeerrrh, Adobea!” he said with great happiness. “Where did these fine clothes come from? And where have you brought me? Heeerh, look at the pool! Heerrrh, do you see that? The lake and the sea coloured differently? God is so wonderful, isn’t He?”


Adobea nodded several times, and then a sweet smile crossed his face as he stepped toward her and wiped the tears from her cheeks.


“Adobea, don’t cry, don’t cry!” he said gently. “You know I can’t stand your tears! But where are we? Why are we here? When I came back from Hwea-Ding-Dong and we found love, I don’t remember anything again! Is that cabin for us? Eiiii, Adobea! Are we on honeymoon?”


He turned and began walking rapidly towards the cabin.


“No, no, Shalom, please wait!” Adobea cried as she ran after him.


She was totally lost and out of depths with this!


How could she help him?



Had his previous self been triggered because of her presence and because she had kissed him? Was she now a danger to him, a danger that would trigger a relapse if he ever got well?


He broke into a run and mounted the steps to the front door of the cabin and tried the door, but it was locked. He giggled and moved to an artificial flower to the left of the porch. Shalom pushed the heavy pot to one side and knelt, and then he lifted a secret latch, reached in, and took out a key! So, he still remembered where the key was!


It meant he still retained a piece of Jack Larbi!


He rushed to the door, inserted the key and opened it!


Adobea rushed in and came to a complete stop!


It was the most beautiful room she had ever seen!


The thick Venetian rug on the floor was woolly and beautifully-designed! The leather sofas and armchairs were of the finest quality! The curtains, the electrical fittings, the lightings, paintings and everything else spoke of incredible wealth. Shalom moved to the bar and opened the fridge and then he pouted.


“Aww, Adobea, the fridge is off, aaaba!” he said petulantly, and then he switched it on. “Now I can’t drink iced water!”


He went around switching things on with unconscious familiarity as she stood in the centre of the room staring at him. Soon the cool breeze of the aircon began to blow around the cabin.


He moved towards her again and stood staring down at her face.


“Adobea Asare, you fine paaaapa!” he said in his big drawling voice. “Ahhh, woman wey e fine like dis? Look at your figure like Obomofudensua bass guitar, your face like heaven, and your sweet boodankadunks like Effiakuma abbatoir! All for me?”


She nodded gently as tears once more came to her eyes.


“All for you, my Shalom,” she whispered. “The only man I’ll ever love!”


“Ahaaa, yes, I remember!” he said and clapped his hands then did a sweet little jig. “Even your stinking anus koraa is for me! Abakade! Shalawele! You make my body do me grooorrrr like glumligi!”


And then he swept her into his arms, grabbed her buttocks and began kissing her with sweet abandon. Adobea responded, much against her will and the dictates of her senses.


Their desire escalated and they sunk gently on the side sofa nearest them.


She was lost as wave after wave of desire ripped through her body.



She shuddered when his hand brushed across her silky thighs and gently passed across her core, feeling her incredible wetness as he gently caressed her through the silky surface of her white panties.


“Oh, Shalom!” she whispered fiercely, lustfully, lovingly. “Love me, darling, my love, my breath! Make love to me!”


She kissed him desperately as her hand brushed across the front of his trousers and felt his engorged erection. She shuddered as his hands came up to cup her breasts and gently excited her nipples.


As their passion raged without control, she helped him take off his T-shirt and her hands passed across the glorious carpet of thick soft hair on his chest.


His lips blazed across her lips, down her throat and then his gentle tongue circled her right nipple sweetly and tenderly as his hands slipped under the sodden panties and gently flicked over her soul, causing a shiver to explode through her.


He raised his head and looked down at her lovingly, and then he raised his head…and froze!


He saw the huge, framed painting of him and his father standing side by side with their arms across each other’s shoulders!


A look of sheer pain crossed his face, driving away his passion.


“Pappy?” he whispered in a trembling voice and then he looked down suddenly at Adobea. “Jesus! Who are you? What are you doing here? What are you doing with me, girl?”


He moved off her body with sheer horror on his face.


“Oh, God!” he whispered as he suddenly clasped his hands to the sides of his head and screamed as shaft after shaft of pain shot through his head. “Oh, Lord! I’m in pain! Stop it, please stop it, please!”


And then Jack Larbi crashed to the floor grasping his head and writhing with unbearable pain exploding through his head!


“Shalom!” Adobea shouted in anguish as she knelt beside him and tried to hold him, but he began to scream with agony, still grasping his head. Scream after scream after scream!


And the woman who loved him wept because she could feel his torture, and there was nothing she could do to help him!


She could only hate those who had done such a heinous thing to such a fine young man whose only sin was that his wealthy father had married a greedy, selfish woman!


She held her man tightly as he wept like a baby in her arms when the screams stopped but his pain raged on!









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